Screens Review: The Best VNC Client Around

what is up guys this is max square and

in this video we're going to be taking a

look at an app called screens but before

we get started I'd like to give a shout

out to adelphia for giving me a free

copy of this app to review so screens is

basically a VNC client that allows you

to connect to your computer from an

iPhone or another Mac device the screens

app for iOS is $19.99 all the Mac App is

$29.99 now if you don't want to jump

into this then you can download a free

trial if you head over to the website

I'll put a link down in the description

to check it out now get into the details

of which app does what but for right now

I'm going to show you a basic demo of

logging into my computer from my iPhone

so now I have not Item my computer yet

so I'm going to go to discovered and add

bb-8 because that is my computer name

and I'm going to type in my username and

password and you'll see a pop up in my

saved screens tab so that means when I

come back and say Yap I don't have to

add the computer again I can just tap on

the screen and it'll log me in now you

can see that I'm actually viewing my

screen on my computer and I can swipe up

turn off my orientation lock and now

view it in landscape mode you have tons

of controls from the iOS app and I was

really impressed when I first opened it

to see that you could actually do that

much from your iPhone so you can zoom

into different parts of screen and drag

it around to move around of course and

to click something you just do a tap and

then for something like a right-click

you would just zoom into whatever you

want to click on and then just press and

hold now you do also have a toolbar at

the bottom of the screen and you can see

I have options like escape tab shift

control option and command and as I

scroll to the left you'll see the other

options that I have

this menu is also customizable so you

can rearrange which icons show we're not

to the left you have the option to bring

up the keyboard and to the right of that

you have the option to bring up your

share menu so this can close your

screens connection you can switch it to

observe mode so if you're sharing a

screen with a friend you won't

accidentally take control over their

computer you can just switch it to

observe mode you can go to trackpad mode

which is basically as you would imagine

just a trackpad you can just move it

around on the screen and you can take a

screenshot and what my favorite option

here is is you can send and receive a

clipboard so if you have something on

your computer that was copied you can't

find it on your phone you can log in

copy it and it'll send it to your iPhone

if you select get clipboard then vice

versa if you have something on your

iPhone you might send to your Mac you

can send the clipboard and it'll receive

it on your Mac so I'm not going to get

into stuff like the settings or the

menus so we can have time to view the

Mac app as well so the way that screens

works is that you install a client for

your computer and this will work for Mac

and PC so you just install a free

screens client and once you do that your

iOS device can talk to your computer

then if you want to control another

computer from your Mac you will have to

purchase the $30 Mac app version so once

you have it installed you'll see that I

have the screens icon in the menu bar I

can click on that and it'll show me my

recent computers that I've logged into

and all the computers that are on my

network not just in the screens network

but also just nearby on the same Wi-Fi

network so if we go out to take a look

at the Preferences you'll see that we

have the option to show the dock icon

and hide the screens icon in the menu

bar but I like to keep it in the menu

bar and hide it from the dock so that's

not in the way in my dog but I can

quickly access it one

so you have some other options to sync

your settings over iCloud or Dropbox or

just using local storage as you can see

there and I just use iCloud it's the

easiest way to do stuff between your iOS

devices then you also have some options

to customize your connection settings

passwords for other computers and some

keyboard shortcuts so one of my favorite

things as you all know is the design of

an app and I really have enjoyed using

the app on both Mac and iOS versions I

love the blur transparency and

typography on the iOS app and I'll have

a small and easy to use the screens app

for mac is now I've used tons of

different VNC clients over the years and

this by far is definitely my favorite

and while it is a little pricey I use it

almost every day in case I forget

something I can log back into my

computer to quickly grab a file check

something and send it back to my iPhone

overall I would give this app a 5 square

rating now I know this is kind of a

different video but I hope you all enjoy

the review thank you so much for

watching and I will see you in the next