Don't buy an anti-virus in 2020 - do THIS instead!

stop paying for an anti-virus for your

windows 10

computer seriously stop it now if you're

thinking whoa

who would be crazy enough to connect to

the internet today without an anti-virus

you would be absolutely right but what

you might not realize is that windows 10

actually has an anti-virus built right


the operating system so basically we've

just been paying for an anti-virus

because that's what we've done every

single year

but not anymore so you might have some

questions like is windows 10

anti-virus really any good is it really

free or is there a couple of catches we

need to be aware of

let's discuss all that and then i'll

show you how to set yours up

and yes it is absolutely free let's do


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so just like you over the years i've

been paying for some really great

anti-virus software from companies like

kaspersky and norton

of course they come at a price but

realistically that isn't so bad

especially when you think about

all those features they keep adding on

into their programs

however if you have a household full of

computers and each

one of those needs an anti-virus license


they don't use any of these features


things do start to add up now that my

license is about to expire i decided to

do a little bit of research to see what

else is going on out there

and that's when i discovered the

microsoft defender anti-virus

now yes that name isn't new that's been

around for quite a while

and let's be honest when it first came

out it was actually

a horrible horrible

but things changed fast forward to the

may 2020 update for windows 10

and now the microsoft defender is

actually built in to windows 10

as part of the windows security tools

but is microsoft defender anti-virus any


will it really protect your system or is

it one of those freebies that you kind

of a little bit on the fence about

well that was my question so i went to

and that essentially is an institution

that runs constant

test on antivirus and gives them a


this report was done in june of 2020 so

it's obviously very up to date at the

time of recording this

as you can see it scored a good six out

of six

for being one of the top products i will

have a link to this report in the


in case you want to go check it out the

thing that is worth noticing is that

sometimes it does do a false positive

in other words it flags legitimate

software as being an issue

of course you can override that within

the program but hey it's just worth

taking a note of that

okay so six out of six that's done good

let's go and show you

how to enable and what you actually get

with windows defender

right within your windows go to your

search and then start typing

windows security and there you'll see it

pop up

open up the screen right when that comes

up you'll see it's made up of a whole

bunch of applications all falling under

windows security

on the left hand side virus and threat

protection is the one we're interested

in and here is your windows defenders


now if you currently have an anti-virus

installed on your computer

you will not see these options as your

anti-virus is responsible for managing

your system

however once you uninstall your current

anti-virus well

then the windows defender will then take

its place and start defending your


so what options are we interested in

here as you can see

you've got the quick scan the deep scan

as you normally would with any


virus and threat protection settings

click on manage

and here you just want to make sure all

these things are on real time cloud

delivery protection automatic sample

temper protection i just have all these

things on oh this is the important bit

controlled folder access you want to

click on managed

and we want to make sure that this is on

this is your anti

ransomware protection you know those

viruses on malware they get onto your

machine encrypt your drive and they

charge you a whole bunch of bitcoin

in order to get access back to your own

computer well once you have this on it

will just make sure that those selected


are actually protected and those malware

can do nothing to you

now you may be asking how often do the

virus database

gets updated the signatures well they

get updated quite regularly they get

updated automatically

but of course if you want to you can

click on check for updates

just to force the latest updates to

happen right

as we've come accustomed with every

other anti-virus and since we're here we

might as well discuss

the great firewall that you actually get

with your windows security

and a firewall essentially what it does

it looks at your traffic coming

into your network out of your network to

your computer away from your computer

and it makes decisions whether it's

allowed in or

not allowed in you get this on some of

the more advanced anti-virus programs

but you get it here as part of windows


and as we go out there on the web we're

browsing websites we're downloading

files we're going to get

additional protection by enabling the

app and browser control

every time we hit a site that's been

reported as dodgy or as

phishing scams or we try to download a

zip file or an exe file that's full of


this will protect us doesn't even allow

us to download it to our computer

and gives us all those beautiful

beautiful warnings amazing stuff

from windows security all built in and

there we go another windows 10 tips for

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