What Graphics Card to Buy - Early 2020

it's holiday season and we're getting

this probably won't welcome to 20 points

well you know what forget it

I don't even care I'm still gonna talk

about graphics card shopping me you

still got Christmas money right good

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like our other buyers guides all of our

candidates need to be available new the

used market is just too volatile to make

specific recommendations although I will

say that if you're savvy used hardware

is a great option for value seekers so

we're looking at the regular retail

price or the typical sale price for

items that seem to be always on promo

and while we will have recommendations

for specific cards linked in the video

description below don't feel like you

can't branch out if a faster card has a

bigger discount for whatever reason now

unique to our GPU buyer's guide is that

we will not be looking at anything below

$100 we have shown time and time again

that these cards are a terrible value

for gaming so either save up a little

bit longer or just go full

bargain-basement and pick up something

like this if you just need an output for

a secondary monitor oh yeah guys get sub

so you don't miss our upcoming video on

cheap graphics cards off wish calm this

time we're gonna buy a bunch of them and

just see what we get at the lower end of

the 100 to 150 dollar range you can

expect Radeon rx 500 series cards to

drop in price as the newer rx 5500

Series nudges them off of store shelves

I'd say keep an eye on them for deals

but that's kind of a foggy future

forecast so the recommendation for today

is the GTX 1650 super it's on the

pricier side but for roughly the same

cost as the GTX 1650 you pick up the

excellent tearing end bank encoder which

for me anyway is the killer app for

Nvidia right now and totally worth that

little bit extra moving up to 200 to 250

bucks the choice is pretty clear the

Radeon rx 5500 XT just doesn't have what

it takes to compete at this price

bracket with its performance being

mostly comparable to the GTX 1650 super

from the previous one so I guess that

means the gtx 1660 super wins by default

we actually found in our testing that

the faster GD r 6 on the new super card

really helps it push closer to its TI

counterpart while it's also equipped

with the chirring n bank encoder for

recording gameplay and

unlike its older Radeon competition at

three hundred to three hundred and fifty


Anthony and I were kinda split on the

one hand the r-tx twenty sixty provides

full r-tx

and DL SS support along with that

cheering n bank encoder I've gushed so

much about but on the other hand the AMD

Radeon rx 5700 is a better performer for

the price out of the box with extra

performance that can be unlocked with a

BIOS upgrade or soft power play tables

mod so with that in mind we're gonna go

with a dual recommendation of either

card for different use cases want the

best possible performance and not afraid

to tinker grabbin rx 5700 you're gonna

love it want good performance and a more

robust feature set get the RT X 2060

you're not going to be disappointed with

either card unless of course you are in

which case I am currently accepting

complaints via these special handling

instructions field on order set LT t

store calm as we hit the 400 to 450

dollar mark were once again faced with a

no-contest decision team green seems to

be taking the stance that well if you've

got four hundred and fifty dollars you

must also have another hundred dollars

and they have nothing but tweaked out

2060s in this range which already

weren't competitive with the performance

of the non xt 5700 so I guess that means

the RX 5700 XT wins by default unless

you do have another hundred bucks at

five hundred to five hundred and fifty

dollars the RT X 2070 super comes into

play and does it hard with performance

that's more in line with the RT X 2080

then it's 27 T cousin this card wins

more often than it loses against the RX

5700 XT while maintaining the Nvidia

exclusive features RT X minecraft anyone

as well as the hardware encoder that has

made Turing so attractive to streamers

in the 600 to 650 category you can still

find an RT x 2080 non-super if you

really want to

it'll be about as fast as a GTX 1080 Ti

but with all that RT X goodness but for

how much you're paying over the 27 t

super we just don't think it makes sense

save your pennies not that I'd strongly

recommend getting the r-tx 2080 Super

either at the 700 to 750 dollar range I

mean it's not that it's a bad card it's

just that you're not getting that much

more for your money unless you really

need that extra kick from the faster

memory for 1440p or 4k gaming so I'll

leave the value prop for this one up to

you guys because I mean at least you

could make worse choices here like

picking up a Radeon 7 the rest of the

lineup so far RTX 28 ET i territory

abruptly starts a good 200 dollars

higher with nothing in the price gap in

between these GPUs cost as much as an

entire decent gaming system and they've

got no competition to speak of so if

you're looking for the best of the best

you've only got one choice and you

better be ready to pay now you could

make an argument for a duel RTX 2070

super setup but scaling is unreliable

and SLI support is only getting rarer in

games these days the only reason I'm

even mentioning it is because of

invidious new experimental checkerboard

rendering method that scales with almost

any title with reduced micro stuttering

the big key word there though is

experimental and it not only requires a

hacky way of enabling it but it may not

work on every title yet either so until

CFR is stable the single 2080 Ti is the

sole recommendation we can make at the


well okay I guess there's the Titan but

if you're spending that kind of money

you already knew exactly what you wanted

anyway and hopefully now so does

everyone else regardless of budget 2019

wasn't as much of a banner year for GPUs

as it was for CPUs but AMD's renewed

competition with na'vi pushed pricing

down for the masses so everyone can

enjoy higher performance than they

otherwise could have afforded here's

hoping for more of the same and maybe a

few twists and turns for 2020 which of

course by the time you're watching this

it probably already is but won't give

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to pair your new GPU with maybe go check

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