TOP 5: Best Budget Laptop 2020

choosing a budget laptop can be

difficult there are lots to choose from

though they aren't all created equal in

this video we're going to break down the

best budget laptops on the market today

we'll be taking a look at laptops in

every budget range so regardless of

whether you've got a few bucks to spare

and want the best value or are looking

for the best of the best

we'll have an option for you so if

you're interested in finding out which

budget laptop is best suited to you keep

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first on the list is the Asus VEVO book

flip 14-hour pick for a great budget 2

in 1 laptop if you love the

functionality of a 2 in 1 laptop but

you're working within a budget it can be

hard to find the right model the Asus

VEVO book flip 14 is a great solution

that has a lot to offer for a price

under 330 dollars it's well suited for

those who don't need a lot of power in a

laptop and simply want a solid performer

that can take care of light tasks with

some casual entertainment at the end of

the day the Flip 14 runs on an Intel

Celeron CPU and 4 gigabytes of RAM plus

64 gigabytes of storage the 14 inch Nano

Edge Full HD display outputs 1920 by

1080 resolution with very thin bezels

that offer a great viewing experience

nearly edge-to-edge it's also touch

enabled making it easy to navigate

browsers menus and programs that's a

plus for a laptop at this price range

the flip 14 can net about 8 hours of

battery life before it needs a recharge

which is a good amount to get you

through a work or school day a drawback

of the flip 14 is it's very small 64

gigabytes of storage if maintaining your

budget is a must but you don't mind

losing the

one form-factor the Acer Aspire 5 slim

laptop might be better suited to you

with double the storage capacity the

asus vivo book flip 14 is a two-in-one

designed with convenience and

practicality in mind offering a nice set

of internals and a good display for a

very attractive price tag as far as

budget level 2 and ones go this one is a

solid contender next up is the Acer

Aspire 5 slim laptop our pick for a

great budget laptop for students

students shopping for a laptop on a

budget will want a laptop that is

lightweight portable and well performing

without breaking the bank

the Acer Aspire 5 slim laptop is one

such model that offers a nice set of

internals at an accessible price under

350 dollars with a lot of nice features

packed into a very thin case design the

Acer Aspire 5 slim is powered by an AMD

Rison dual-core CPU and 4 gigabytes of

memory plus 128 gigabytes of SSD storage

this is a very nice set of components

for a laptop at this price range

the 15.6 inch IPS display offers great

brightness at full HD resolution and

it's powered by an AMD radeon vega 3

graphics chip for some extra horsepower

when it comes to light gaming movies and

other tasks it's a premium feel laptop

at a budget price and that's reinforced

by the inclusion of a beautiful backlit

keyboard true harmony speakers and an

attractive aluminum design battery life

is a bit underwhelming at just seven

hours which means you'll have to keep an

eye on how much juice you have left

before requiring a recharge the Acer

Aspire a 15 might be better suited to

you if battery life is a must

which we'll touch on later in this video

the aspire 5 slim is still well suited

for students who want a reliable

lightweight and easy to use laptop for

their schoolwork

however the inclusion of an AMD rise in

CPU and Radeon graphics chip give this

particular budget laptop an edge when it

comes to playtime and entertainment as

well making it a pretty attractive


next up is the del G 315 our choice for

the best budget gaming laptop gaming on

a budget requires a bit of due diligence

to make sure you're getting a good

machine the del G 315 is living proof

that you don't need a super expensive

laptop to game on priced under $700 it's

more than capable of great gaming thanks

to a power focused set of components

packed into a very attractive laptop

design with a good screen to match the

g3 15 will attract many gamers due to

the Intel i5 quad-core CPU eight

gigabytes of RAM and 256 gigabytes

endpoint tube based SSD drive which is

faster than conventional solid-state

drives when it comes to gaming the g3 15

is ready thanks to the nvidia geforce

gtx 1050 TI card running the show this

powers the visuals represented on the

laptops 15.6 inch IPS backlit display

with a resolution of 1920 by 1080 this

delivers solid performance for all kinds

of gaming without breaking the bank

gaming laptops aren't known for long

battery lives but the g3 15 nevertheless

manages to get a respectable five and a

half hours from a single charge with

brightness turned all the way up for

general multimedia use though heavier

gaming sessions might require you to be

plugged in it's very capable for

lightweight everyday tasks it also comes

with everything one needs for

connectivity including an SD card reader

USB 3.1 3.0 and 2.0 ports and an HDMI

port the g3 15s display doesn't offer

the best color accuracy or vibrance on

the market which is a slight trade-off

in return for some very sharp visual

quality still it stretches its hardware

quite far in return for a modest price

tag it may be budget level but it's

surprisingly robust when it comes to


tackling most modern games at mid to

high settings without hampering game

performance which is good news for game


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for a link to it next is the acer aspire

a 15-hour pick for the best overall

budget laptop if you're looking for the

most well rounded laptop that is

possible to get on a budget you're going

to have to examine the fine details

thankfully the Acer Aspire a 15 has a

lot going for it priced under 350

dollars it strikes a balance between

design hardware components and display

to offer up a great all-day performer

that is well suited for many different

kinds of tasks the e 15 is powered by an

a3 Intel CPU 6 gigabytes of RAM and a

one terabyte hard drive it also includes

a traditional 8 X DVD drive for those

with physical media the 15.6 inch

display features narrow bezels on the


for a nice edge to edge viewing at full

HD 1080p and it's packed into a very

thin lightweight case weighing just over

five pounds one of the best features of

the Acer Aspire a 15 is the battery life

nothing about thirteen and a half hours

of operation depending on use this is

incredibly good for making it throughout

the day without worried and still having

enough juice left for some playtime in

the evening along with battery life the

e 15 sports true harmony speakers USB C

ports and powerful Wi-Fi technology like

the Dell g3 fifteen color vibrance is

not this laptop strong suit which might

be disappointing for those who want

vibrant color that leaps off the screen

this is a laptop built with balance in

mind and it's a great all-day performer

that you can easily take with you

without having to pack a battery charger

thanks to that incredible 13 plus hour

battery life this makes it very

versatile when it comes to work and play

with an attractive price tag to match

finally we have the Acer Chromebook 5:14

our pick for the best budget Chromebook

if you'd rather forego a windows-based

laptop in favor of a budget level

Chromebook features will be very

important Chromebook lovers who value

Portability and ease of use alongside

nice hardware will appreciate the Acer

Chromebook 5:14 priced under $400 it's a

mix of lovely design aesthetics a good

touchscreen and hardware that can take

advantage of the Chrome OS this

Chromebook is powered by an Intel

Celeron CPU 4 gigabytes of RAM and 64

gigabytes of storage the 14 inch full HD

1080p display is IPS based for excellent

backlit brightness and a vibrant picture

it's also touch enabled giving it an

extra layer of interactivity via stylus

or finger touch the best thing about the

display are the ultra narrow bezels

which offer nearly 100% edge to edge

viewing this is especially great for

multimedia like TV and movies the

backlit keyboard is a lovely touch it's

part of a larger design motif that

features an attractive aluminum body

that is both durable

and lightweight taking this Chromebook

up to a mere three pounds battery life

is similarly excellent leveraging Chrome

OS to squeeze around 12 hours from a

single charge making it great for

on-the-go tasks without worrying about

packing a charging cable this is a

modest Chromebook as far as hardware is

concerned and isn't appropriate for

gaming or other heavy tasks such as the

Dell g3 15

it's a Chromebook meant for those who

want to handle daily tasks such as

browsing email and even some movie and

TV watching it doesn't need a lot of

power to do its job and what it offers

in return is ease-of-use Portability and

a very good screen for an assortment of

different tasks all right guys that is

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