Top 5 Best " Value For Money" Phones for 2020 !

hey wassup guys choosing the best phone

is not always the best choice if your

budget is limited you can still get

everything you need at an affordable


there are many affordable smart phones

and value for money flagships that has

launched in the end of 2019 that you

must consider to buy in 2020 that is why

we have made a selection of

value-for-money devices that you must

consider to buy in 2020 let's start the

video redmi note 8 pro redmi note it pro

is a mid-range are sold for less than

220 dollars in the global market but it

still provides high-end performance

thanks to another gaming centric mobile

platform the Helio g9 TT by mediatek

thanks to the chipset xiaomi brought a

high-end hardware side on a very

affordable phone the only advantage is

the energy consumption but there is a

huge 4000 final image of battery which

solves the problem but the only problem

is the energy consumption but there is a

huge 4000 final image of battery which

solves the problem redmi note a pro is

also one of the first 64 m PK phones to

hit the market in the end of 2019 so

this is the best flagship killer phone

that you can buy so this is the best

flagship killer phone that you can buy

in 2020 links are given in the

description you can buy this phone from

their oppa you know two can be purchased

for less than $400 yet it brings a

high-end camera department with optical

image stabilization and bright focal

aperture as well as a premium design

with a shark fin for pop camera it even

sports are gaming centric snapdragon 730

g chipset which is not at the same level

as a snapdragon 800 series but it is one

of the best Qualcomm chip set that is

launched in 2019 o Perino to also boost

or very narrow bezels around the display

and pretty nice 4000 mAh of battery this

is a complete package which gives you

amazing smartphone experience things are

given in description you can check the

price sale and buy it from there

Asus rogue phone - we can define the

issue stroke phone to the most

incredible gaming smartphone in the


okay it is not an affordable smartphone

but we still believe it offers a high

value for money since it Boost unique

features for gamers

you can attach external accessories use

a triggers and a lot of interesting

features that will enhance your gaming

experience and you will obviously get

the most incredible hardware department

and an advanced cooling system for your

long gaming sessions a social rock phone

- comes with a huge 6000 M H of battery

and an excellent display with 120 Hertz

refresh ratio the features the hardware

and amazing camera it offers for the

price it is coming with this is just a

value for money package 1 + 71 plus

officially unveiled the oneplus 70 on

September 27 2009 teen it is the

value-for-money variant of the 70 series

and just like the mi 9 true it is

powered by the amazing snapdragon 855 +

mobile platform it is launched in the

indian market first and then it is

launched in the other countries with a

price tag of $600

among the other key features there is an

amazing display with a 90 Hertz refresh

ratio as well as android 10 out of the

box this is the first phone to get

Android 10 out of the box and it is also

having ufs 3.0 internal storage which

will boost the performance of the phone

the company adopted a new design for the

cameras a round shaped module including

three sensors with optical image

stabilization and optical zoom support

this is a complete package which has got

great set of cameras amazing build

quality with incredibly amazing display

experience by the spoon from the link

given in the description Xiaomi mi 9

true Xiaomi unveiled the mimics alpha

the first phone with a wraparound

display which is currently one of the

most expensive smartphone ever but

alongside the mimics alpha the company

also announced me 9 pro an advanced

variant of mi 9 with an incredibly high

value for money it will cost you around

$500 in its base variant but it will

offer you top tire hardware department

composed of Snapdragon 820 fibers

chipset and up to 12 GB of RAM

the rest of the specs are borrowed from

the mi9 with a few improvements such as

battery capacity which passes from 3300

to 4000 mAh and this phone also comes

with a 44 watt fast charging technology

which is the fastest fast urging

technology from Xiaomi so this phone is

a complete value-for-money package no

phone can beat this price and the

hardware it provides so this is the best

phone that you must buy in 2020 which is

a flagship phone at affordable price

so these are the top five phones which

is complete value for many package that

you must consider to buy in 2020 if you

have any other phone in your mind please

comment in the comment section and do

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for watching take care bye bye