Which Video Game Is The Best Value For Money?

right ash what the video gamer has the

best value for money see the most value

for money it's kind of it takes me back

because the game that I would consider

to have the most value for money as a

kid was Diablo 2 that was my first sort

of like real foray into the PC gaming

world and I absolutely loved it I mean

he got he dark fantasy there he can go

online with your friends the value for

money for me was only ten pounds because

I bought it secondhand off of a mate so

therefore I've got a lot of bang for my

buck but this kind of leads into a

second story which is for my mum the

cost was much higher not only did she

lose her precious son for all of those

hours doing that silly little game that

she thought but I also managed to rack

up because this was back in the day we

had dial-up internet speed where you

didn't pay a flat monthly fee you paid

per usage in one month I managed to rack

up a 120 something pound bill and as a

fourteen-year-old kid that was quite a

strong buy astronomically high and so

the long short of this is is that I

honestly had to go and get a job to pay

her back after this so Diablo 2 managed

to get me into the world of work so the

value for money is is it taught me the

value of money

alright Christopher Nolan i'ma lay out

some rules so for this I started

thinking of you know if you if you set a

retail price it's 60 well it's like 50

60 pounds in the UK it changes a bit and

but I was like how much bang for your

buck can you get because sometimes you

get a triple-a again when you burn

through it and like an afternoon and

you're done and but I I'm still trying

to think about how much when you compare

all those games that you can get for

full price how much you know

replayability and general oomph you get

from a certain thing so I'm gonna go

with The Witcher 3 a game that I've got

about 600 hours in and I still don't

feel like I've seen all of and because I

just think that the way that a CD PR

took their honest up car skews original

books and literally just flashed out our

entire world of stuff to see and do

I've just never got tired of it and

another part of that is complete

subjectivity I just I love The Witcher

mythos I love the way that magic works

in that universe and I want to talk to

every single character and I want to try

and I didn't realize that there's geeks

in that game little little sort of

running around little giesemann and so

if you feel entitled goose game when you

go back into that game there's a little

goose running around and I just chased

him for about ten minutes as well it's a

really good thing to do if you're a fan

of the switch game and but even then

like you know the amount of detail

that's in there it's the thing that

keeps me there and to this day I still

have unfinished wanted contracts and

monster contracts and things like that

and to go out and do because I just

never got tired of it I even but was

gonna buy it on the switch just to sort

of play it in between the times that I'm

playing it that's how much I want to be

in The Witcher 3 world I'm gonna gel to

say other than that I absolutely adore

The Witcher 3 well I could start off by

going the big ones like the sky rooms

and the fallouts or I could be like the

free-to-play ones like you know those

fortnight games or you know I could say

pub G's thousand hours but I'm going to

go with is gears 5 now before I get

stopped their gifts fight for me cost a

couple of pounds because you know we

have a magic person called Phil Spencer

and he decided to go game pass

everything Microsoft puts out first

party is now gonna be on game pass so I

just get gives 5 forgot that 129 hours

there 80 of them in horde I've got a

problem help me just just keep air

they're just the perfect you know play

the story play in different ways go

through the multiplayer we've got some

news like two and two nashi you want

some shotguns you want those shotguns

that everyone hates in that game splat

in your face dead or just play horde

just play hold for hours and hours on

end but what the real point of this is

game paths is the best ferry for motor

because game pass is so damn cheap

combined IV xbox live game game gold got

their micron their resin equal forks

you've got to play that a hundred times

out of welds on their out of wilds range

- I've just been yes it's just like Phil

Spencer is the best value for money in

video game it's not Don Mattrick but

yeah Gears five like you would feel like

such an idiot if you would actually pay


I see I see gears five on the shelf with

like 50 pounds done right what are you

doing who's buying this I was gonna buy

it they would have got that 50 pounds to

me I thought a special edition of gears

for free but no come a book gears for

and then they put on game pass and I was

so annoyed so now you just wait for

everything to go on game fast yeah

forgive me 50 quid and you can have game

pass me a kiss fives good look I really

racked my brain on this one cuz I wanted

to choose something different I don't

always talk about but I can't get away

from the objective truth and that's

because the answer is Red Dead


- I've mentioned it on a future basis

and a few videos you might have seen

some of them I love this bloody thing

and I would spend all of my waking hours

in this world if I if I could if I

didn't have a job in that

responsibilities if I didn't have to pay

the bills I would spend it all playing

poker in Red Dead 2 because that's what

I've been doing when I played through it

originally I didn't rush through the

game I spent like what 70 hours in it

but you want to get through the story

I'm going through it again now and I

just want to you know embrace these

characters and I want to spend time with

them I've spent so much time just in the

camp talking to people like I said

playing poker playing dominoes it's just

even though I could get those

experiences elsewhere when it's set

against the backdrop of this gorgeous

open-world Rockstar created and these

characters that I genuinely love I think

that you could it's not time wasted even

though that it's just busy work and it's

kind of meaningless it feels rewarding

to do like I'm there having a game of

poker and I'm just you know chilling out

with Lenny and it feels it feels good in

a mix the eventual you know fracture of

the camp feel even more impactful I just

think there's so much to do in this game

and it's all feels sort of meaningful

and meditative and you just get a good

feeling from just going out to hunt

going out to do the story missions

exploring you know finding treasures in

in any of the games if it was an easy

soft game I would think that was just

sort of pointless boring busy work and

I'd want to get to the meat of it but

everything a Red Dead Redemption - is

the meat of it and in my opinion like

if you're in the mood for that sort of

slow paced game there is nothing better

than it and you can just spend so much

time you know enjoying it and returning

to it cuz I think that it is because

there's so much going on in the

characters the Sony characters and

there's so many things you miss I think

that even on multiple playthroughs

you'll find something new and you'll

find something you know that you've

missed before I'll make you love it even

more and it's just it's just really good

in it yeah Ben Roy you can think I can

think of things like the you know

inevitability of death the fact that I'm

growing old the fact that when I get

back to camp Lenny will be there with a

hot mug of stew waiting to play some

poker with me I think it'd have to be an

open-world RPG in reality it's gonna be

something like like Skyrim or Oblivion

of things that I've spent the most time

in of my life

so therefore best value for money in the

way that I've spent the least money for

the most time like even if it was like

60 70 quid when it comes out it's like

the amount of time that has been

garnered from that is well worth it

which are as well and Mass Effect and is

in Salonika in a fight a million times

but the one that I'm going to talk about

today is the one that is quite literally

the best value for money because it's

free and that is Jurassic Park builder

which is yes it got changed in 2015 to

Jurassic Park no Jurassic world the game

and but it's like basically is a

freemium for it yes freemium mobile game

where you just build Jurassic Park

enclosures with the dinosaurs in and

it's it's like it's just basically a

world build one like Simpsons topped out

or anything like that where it obviously

makes you pay loads of money to build

like things and buy gems and find amber

and then grow your Park and all of the

people from the films talk to you and

like ho what's going on here go find

some stuff and but basically I figured

out a way to glitch it so that I didn't

have to pay anything that is the best

value for money because it was free to

download didn't cost me anything and I

figured out there was a it was like

broken it was like 2012 and I had this

game when it first came out and it was a

thing where if I like locked my phone at

a certain point it did something in

crash I'm going to reopened it it's gone

forward 24 hours like all of my things

that we finished so didn't have

wait for the the things to finish

building so I had the biggest best most

beautiful bounteous Jurassic Park

building builded world and it cost me

another penny have rather but yeah I

basically I started I started putting

money in for the like the stuff that

they charge for like the the big coin

things rather than the actual cash stuff

because there's only certain things that

a lot behind a paywall but I didn't

spend much and I did have the best

dinosaurs and it was a beautiful park

and then I abandoned it and never looked

at it again because I thought what's the

point in this I've just keep cheating

the game to get all the stuff and then

I'd go and see my dinosaurs and listen

to the really bad side effects and be

like oh this is wonderful I'm having a

great time but I'm doing it a while and

it's changed now so I can't use my

glitch so it's a good value for money

anymore you thought you played God you

know if you didn't you didn't know what

you had now you just ain't selling it

you're selling it you're selling it

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