Best Vacuum Cleaners in 2020 [Top 5 Picks]

hello guys in today's video we're gonna

check out the best vacuum cleaners in

2020 I made this list based on my

personal opinion and I try to list them

based on their price quality durability

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found in this video at number five it's

the Bissell 95 95 a clean view every

house needs a vacuum cleaner and if you

want to get a great one at a budget

price I recommend you take a look at the

Bissell 95 95 a clean view this

affordable vacuum cleaner delivers

tongue Savona for its price and has

great features and powerful performance

that'll make cleaning around the house

extremely easy it has a bagless upright

design with an easy to empty dirt tank a

great filtration system and some handy

accessories in its package to make

everything easier than it already is

without further ado let's take a closer

look the Bissell 95 95 a clean view is

designed to be extremely easy to

maneuver and will deliver you tons of

performance and ease of use with it I

should say that this device weighs about

15 pounds in total and has a bumper in

the front part to protect your furniture

from scratches in case of bumps to lift

and carry the vacuum you'll have to grab

it by the handle that's located on the

right of the dirt tank and it insures

you plenty of grapes and it can be

angled easily to reach under furniture

the Bissell 95 95 a clean view is

equipped with the one pass technology

that delivers immense performance and

it's promising and while it doesn't

clean everything in one pass like it

would suggest it requires fewer passes

than a normal vacuum cleaner this

technology comes as a result of the 12

amp motor and the rotating floor nozzle

that do a perfect job combined the

nozzle has doubled the number of rows of

long bristles from your normal

run-of-the-mill vacuum cleaner and you

can adjust the height of them in five

different levels allowing you to clean

your floor's properly where the hardwood

floors or high plush carpets the suction

and power level cannot be adjusted

however with its immense suction pet

hair and carpet performance combined

with its intuitive bagless

upright design that's maneuverable the

vessel of 9595 a clean view is a bargain

at that price at number four it's the

Dyson cinetic big bull next up we have

an amazing vacuum cleaner coming up from

the British tech giant Dyson the cinetic

big bull this amazing vacuum cleaner

delivers tons of power amazing handle

for maneuverability maintenance-free

performance no filter but an immense

filtering performance and besides its

weight and price it definitely has no

weak points and it's the best vacuum

cleaner for those that have pets hanging

around the house so let's take a closer

look this one right here is a corded

vacuum cleaner and most of us are

annoyed with them however while we could

live without it it isn't that much of an

issue in my opinion and it's more of a

first-world problem that won't make much

of a change however to minimize this

problem the company has given the vacuum

cleaner of ball shape that get up

whenever it falls thanks to its

substantial base that's a little heavier

than I thought it has a low center of

gravity that forces the vacuum back into

an upright position all the time and

controlling this vacuum cleaner is not

physically tasking and with its cord

length of ten point seven five meters it

does the job I also like the handle of

the Dyson cinetic pitbull which delivers

360 degree movement thanks to its

articulation that delivers an accurate

and effortless vacuuming experience in

the package of the Dyson cinetic big

ball you'll receive a combination tool

for narrow spaces a musclehead floor

tool that will be handy for hardwood and

a stair tool which as its name implies

is perfect for stairs it also has a sine

attic cyclone technology that uses some

cones to spin air and separate dust

particles and allergens from the waste

making things much more efficient and

healthier for you overall it delivers a

perfect maintenance-free performance

especially for pet owners if you can

afford its premium price you'll rejoice

with this useful machine top of the

class Dyson has delivered again

at number three it's the Mila electro

plus as the best value product for today

we have the MENA electro plus which is a

compact canister model that delivers

amazing performance and power to your

cleaning process on top of its super

powerful suction prowess this beast has

an excellent eight GPA air clean filter

that removes all the dust and allergens

from the air has plenty of adjustability

of its brush and it's made out of the

best materials resulting in a super

quality tool that'll be around your

house for a lifetime the Miele Electric

plus is a very aesthetically pleasing

caster vacuum cleaner

that's made out of the best materials

moving on it has a dial on the user

interface that are six options for

suction power with clear instructions

for different surfaces you may choose to

vacuum such as curtains upholstery

carpets of different plush and hardwood

however my favorite feature was the

quiet mode which is also a power saving

mode moving on the cord length of this

vacuum cleaner is about 21 feet which is

a bit short for my taste however it's

pretty manageable and with its Auto

wined retracting feature it's pretty

good overall inside the device you'll

find a 3.5 liter dustbag Joule

filtration system and the engine of the

machine the filtration system consists

of a motor protection filter and an

exhaust filter the one that prolongs the

life of the motor and the other an hppa

air clean one that keeps the particles

and allergens out of the air

respectively the overall cleaning

performance of the Miele electro plus is

pretty much excellent in every surface

but you have to know its settings and

play around with them to find the best

options for each surface for example you

have the option to swap the electro

brush cleaner with the park a brush for

hardwood floors which is perfect for

efficiency in those surfaces however the

electro brush is one of the most

powerful tools I've ever seen delivering

a superb suction performance and it also

has an automatic shutoff rotation

feature for the brush this allows you

not to cause damage to your more fragile

rugs or kilims for the maneuverability

power and function that the Miele

electro plus offers it's the definite

best canister vacuum cleaner in the

market at number two it's the hoover

linx cordless next up i have a useful

and convenient wireless unit coming

through the hoover linx

which is also one of the most affordable

on the market especially for a cordless

model this stick vacuum is one of the

best in the market and has made quite a

name for itself delivering great

performance and cordless compact

performance for affordable prices

delivering the most value for your

hard-earned dollar the hoover linx

cordless in terms of design is an

upright vacuum that's pretty compact and

lightweight overall that looks like a

stick and most of the users consider it

a stick vacuum for that reason it's not

long or bigger than your regular broom

however it has plenty of mite inner to

clean all your rooms thanks to its

cordless nature it needs to be recharged

after it runs out of battery and to make

things easier for you in its body you'll

find the removable lithium ion battery

that's charged automatically in terms of

features this thing has a lot a my

favorite one is the interchangeable and

swappable battery meaning that if you

invest in a spare battery you can go

through the more tasking vacuum jobs

without the waste the Windtunnel

technology is very powerful overall and

it manages to suck three times more dust

and dirt than your run-of-the-mill

vacuum cleaner the power brush also

delivers great performance for carpets

and the automatic height adjustment

makes things way easier I was also very

impressed with the wide vacuuming path

and edge vacuuming brittle that delivers

a superb cleaning experience for every

corner and larger spaces at the same

time without any problem I should

mention that the wrong time of the 18

volt battery is about 15 minutes and

takes about three hours to recharge

meaning that it's good enough for small

apartments definitely a very useful

device for the price and at number one

it's the shark navigator lift-away on

top of the list we have the definite

best vacuum cleaner in the market

without any doubt the shark navigator

lift-away professional this device

brings a lot for the price that it asks

for starters it's a proper two-in-one

meaning that it works in both upright

and caster mode to get to hard-to-reach


easily on top of that it also has the a

chi PA filter the traps about 99.9% of

all the allergens and it's one of the

best for people with allergies and with

this amazing performance for both

hardwood and carpets it's my favorite

vacuum cleaner as well this is the last

vacuum you'll need for your house since

it can be configured into three

different cleaning modes to provide a

proper cleaning experience

different areas around your house for

example the first position can be

utilized for bare floors such as

hardwood and the second position will be

excellent for carpets and rugs in the

latter position the rotating motorized

floor brush will deliver a proper

performance for dirt debris and pet hair

in carpets

moving on a green light will illuminate

to indicate that the brush is active and

with just a push of a button you can

remove the canister to vacuum

hard-to-reach places such as stairs or

upholstery which is the best function of

this vacuum cleaner in my opinion the

hose on the handle delivers plenty of

flexibility and maneuverability to get

to harder to reach places and one of my

favorite features are the shark

navigator lift-away is that it has a

large capacity dust cup that can hold

2.2 dry quarts double that of its

predecessors overall the device will

allow you to clean properly around your

house in multiple functions and thanks

to its lightweight body you can get the

best experience in all its cleaning

modes in terms of performance and

cleaning prowess the shark navigator

lift-away is an amazing tool that has

amazing suction power and was efficient

in both hardwood and carpets it

delivered great results with various

testing with different kinds of dirt and

debris the biggest advantage of this

product is the value for its price and

in that category there is no better

vacuum cleaner in the market top of the

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