Choosing the Best Turmeric Supplement

hey everyone dr. Jeremy wolf with

luckyvitamin if you're interested in

adding turmeric to your routine you may

be overwhelmed by the amount of products

on the market first let's start with the


what is turmeric a closed herbal

relative of ginger the turmeric plant is

native to India Asia and Central America

in India it has been used as a spice and

medicinal herb for over thousands of

years turmeric active constituents are

known as Creek humanoids the most

important of which is curcumin which is

responsible for its fiery yellow hue and

many of its potential health benefits

curcumin may help reduce inflammation

and can be useful for treating pain or

skin irritation studies also show that

curcumin may support joint health lower

your risk for heart disease improve

memory and aid in weight control among

other benefits there's also a lot of

research currently being done on

turmeric potential benefits for certain

forms of cancer and even

neurodegenerative diseases like

Alzheimer's turmeric supplements are

available in a variety of forms

including pills capsules gummies tonics

and powders because curcumin itself is

very poorly absorbed and rapidly broken

down by the body it must be combined

with other ingredients to be effective

several forms of turmeric have been made

to help improve absorption a step that

lesser quality supplements fail to take

look for turmeric supplements combined

with piperine and extract a black pepper

or proprietary formulas such as Mareva

or BCM 95 which in research have

actually been shown to increase

absorption and potency turmeric is also

fat soluble which means that taking with

a fatty meal may also help increase its

effectiveness as always speak with your

health care provider before you start

taking any new supplements to find the

form and doses that's best for you these

are just a couple of reasons of

you should add turmeric to your daily

routine have a great day and spread the