7 Best Lower Back Pain Relief Treatments - Ask Doctor Jo

Hey everybody it's Doctor Jo, and today I'm going to show you the top seven ways

to relieve low back pain. I'm going to show you some lying down, sitting in a

chair, and even standing up. so let's get started.

So let's start with lying down, but before we get started, if you haven't

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let's lie down. so the first exercise is going to be a pelvic tilt. with the

pelvic tilts, it's not a big movement but you're really working all the muscles in

your trunk and in your core to activate them together and to contract together.

this is a great way to help relieve back pain. so with a pelvic tilt, when you're

lying down with your knees propped up is what you want to do. you usually have a

little curve in your back there. what you want to do is get rid of that curve. so

you're flattening out that back. this is sometimes hard to get and until you get

it and then it's easy to do, but I tell people sometimes if you're having a hard

time figuring out how to rotate that pelvis doing that pelvic tilt, and

flatten out that back, slide your hands into that curve and then push down into

it because you want to use the muscles back here. not squeezing here to get it

down, but those back muscles pushing down just to get that pelvic rotated. so get

that rotation and hold it for about three to five seconds and then relax. so

as you see it's not a big movement, but it's really recruiting all those muscles

there. so just hold three to five seconds relax and do about ten of those. it

doesn't have to be a lot, but it's really effective and that's really going to

help that low back pain. once you do that, then you're gonna go into a bridge.

bridging is another one where it's working all of those muscles, but you

need to do it correctly and you need to do a slow controlled movement. so I

usually tell people do one segment of a time, at a time, of your spine. so not just

going up and down like this, which is a bridge, but using each segment of

you're back to control it and go up. so it's really you can do it smoothly you

don't have to do segment segment segment, but you want to roll up and roll down.

and so coming up and you just want to get about level you don't have to arch

all the way up because then that's going to hurt your back a little bit, and then

nice and slow coming back down. so again just starting off with about

ten of these. you don't have to do a whole lot if you're having some low back

pain it might be a little uncomfortable to start with, but once you get those

muscles moving it should actually feel pretty good after you do three or four.

so if you can get to ten that's great, if you can't do like two sets of five .so

now we're gonna do sitting in a chair. so another way to relieve low back pain

when you're sitting is to use a cushion. the folks at Dr. Backk sent me their

orthopedic seat cushion, and it's really great to use a cushion when you're

sitting especially if you're sitting for long periods. and that could be at your

chair at work, it could be sitting in a car for long periods, if you happen to be

wheelchair-bound using a cushion in your wheelchair is really important, and you

can even take them on flights if you know you're going to be on a plane for a

really long time. what's great about this specific orthopedic cushion is you can

see here it's got little contours, and this is the front of the cushion, the

hole goes in the back, and I'll talk about that in a second. but the reason

this is good here is because that's where your legs go. and when you're

sitting for a long period a lot of pressure gets on the bottom of the legs

there and sometimes if there's too much pressure you can have numbness in your

legs, you can have that pins a needle tingling feeling, and with these contours

here that helps take that pressure off of it. so it's really really nice there.

the back with the opening here is really good because if you have tailbone issues

or coccyx issues, maybe you've had a fracture or it's really badly bruised, if

you've had that you know it's really uncomfortable to sit in any chair, and so

with this opening that takes pressure off that spot so it makes it really

comfortable. it's also great for sciatica or women who are pregnant because again,

with this opening here that takes a lot of pressure off the low back and so that

takes away that pain, and it takes away all just that tension and hurt in there.

so that's really nice. I'm just going to sit on it real quick and show you what

I'm talking about. the hole going in the back here, and then you can see the

little contour so this is really nice. it's comfortable you can see probably

that as soon as I sit in it, I sit up a little bit higher. I get in that neutral

position, and it's just really really comfortable. so I like that a lot. the

next treatment is the way to relieve pain is to do a piriformis stretch. and

so the piriformis is kind of in that butt area. so when you're sitting for a

long time, or you just have low back pain in general, stretching out that muscle is

a really good thing to do. so an easy way to do it when you're sitting is just

cross your leg over into a figure for piriformis position, the figure four

and keep your back straight. then you're just gonna lean forward. just this much I

can feel a stretch is right here is where I feel that stretch in that

piriformis. and the reason that's important is a lot of times when you

have that low back pain, that sciatic nerve runs under that piriformis so if

it's tight, you're gonna have a lot of that pain. since this is a stretch you

want to hold that stretch for 30 seconds and then you're gonna do that three

times on each side. I like to alternate sides because then it just gives the

other side a little bit of a break, but make sure you keep your back straight. if

you're curling over like that, I'm not really getting much of a stretch because

it's taking the tension off. if I keep my back straight and lean forward just

right there I'm getting a lot of stretch, but remember with the stretching it

shouldn't be painful. there should just be a lot of tension and maybe slightly

uncomfortable. 30 seconds 3 on each side. another way to help relieve low back

pain when you're sitting in a chair is just to do a trunk rotation. just

stretching out those low back muscles. it's really easy to do while you're

sitting if you have some chair that you can hold on to, just turn and give

yourself a little pull, stretching those back muscles into the rotation.

so you can just relax that upper one if you want to. if there's an armrest you

can put it there, you don't have to pull you can just kind of go back like this.

hold this one for about five to ten seconds, it doesn't have to be a full

thirty second stretch and then rotate back the other way. so this one you

probably want to do you know the five or ten seconds about five times on each

side. just a nice rotation and then rotation, that helps really loosen up

those low back and mid-back muscles. so if you'd like to purchase the doctor

back orthopedic cushion, make sure you click on the link up here. so now let's

do some stuff standing up. the next way to help relieve low back pain is a

hamstring stretch. you can stretch your hamstrings a whole lot of ways, but I

like a standing hamstring stretch because it's easy to do. you can do it

anywhere and you don't need equipment to do it, so a really easy way to stretch

your hamstring since they're attached to the hips the pelvis there and it affects

the low back, is just prop your leg out and keep your back straight. this is

another one just like the other stretch, you don't want to curl down. you want to

keep your back straight and just bend at your hips. so I'm just going forward like

this, I'm already getting a hamstring stretch there. if I were to curl my back

I can go further, but I'm just barely getting a stretch there. so if you keep

your back straight and just lean at your hips, you're gonna feel those hamstrings

stretching. so again this one's a stretch where you want to hold it for 30 seconds

and do that 3 times on each side. I like to alternate like I said before cause then

you just give the other side a little bit of a break. if you have something a

little higher like a stool or a chair and you have good balance, you can prop

it up on something, but again then you have to have something to do the stretch,

so I think this is just as effective as long as you keep that back straight and

bend forward at your hips. so again 30 seconds 3 on each side. so the last way

to help relieve low back pain is kind of gonna be a combination move. this is

gonna stretch out your IT band and this is also going to stretch out your QL or

your quadratus lumborum, and that's in the low back area so both

of these really affect the low back and it can cause pain if they're tight. so I

call this the ballerina move. I don't know what it's really called, but what

you want to do is you're gonna take this foot and put it back behind you. so it

can be this way we're going to stretch both sides, but the side you put back

behind you is the same side where you want to take the arm and bring it above

you. as you do that, you want to take the opposite arm and then kind of push it

this way, so almost like a ballerina. you're coming over to the stretch here

and you should feel the stretch all the way through down into the IT band if

you're doing it right. sometimes for this leg here that's going back behind

different placements a little further back a little bit closer together, foot

down, foot up, that makes a difference for people, but it's different for everyone.

so if you're just doing this way and you're not feeling a big stretch, try

moving your foot a little bit and then stretching again. so again this is the

thirty second stretch you want to hold it for 30 seconds and then do three on

each side. so again up and over down and through and then just push that hip

outwards to get that nice stretch in there. so there you have it those were

your top seven ways to relieve low back pain. if you're interested in purchasing

Dr. Back's orthopedic seat cushion, make sure you

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here. and remember be safe, have fun, and I hope you feel better soon.