How to Treat Dry Cracked Heels with Seattle Foot Doctor Larry Huppin

Hi, I want to talk today about cracked and dry skin on the heels of the feet, often in

this area, but you really can get this on any portion of your foot. The dry cracked

skin has a name. It's officially called skin fissures. It's just basically caused by a

lack of moisture although sometimes it's also caused by a fungal infection. If it doesn't

get better with the recommendations I'm giving you today, then make sure to see a podiatrist

and get that checked out.

When we try to treat dried, cracked skin on the heel or elsewhere on the foot, your primary

goal is to super moisturize that area. The way to do it is first take a bath or a shower,

or soak your feet for about 10 minutes, and then you want to put a moisturizer on it and

you want a very strong moisturizer. First, if you want to try over the counter treatment,

go to our website, click on Self-Care and then find cracked, dry skin, and you can find

our recommended moisturizers there.

If that doesn't work, then I'm going to give you some recommendations on prescription items.

So once you put that cream on, again, after soaking your feet or taking a bath or shower,

then you need to cover it with something waterproof. The easiest thing is to get a silicone sock,

again, go to the website and on that same page where the moisturizer is, you can find

the sock that has a silicone layer in it that helps hold the moisture in.

In lieu of that, you can actually just take Saran Wrap and wrap it around your heel, around

the foot this direction and then just put an old sock over the top of it. Leave that

on overnight. Do that every night for about two weeks. In between you can take a pumice

stone and sand off any of that dry skin that starts to sluff off. After a couple of weeks,

you should see that it's almost like a baby's bottom down there. It becomes very, very smooth.

Again, if that doesn't work, there are much stronger prescription medications. And so

if that doesn't work after a week or so, please make an appointment to come and see us. We

can easily take care of this problem. Don't live with that problem, an easy one to take

care of.