"The Toe Bro" Reveals His Secret to Treat Dry Feet and Cracked Heels

I have an Instagram sensation that Oh

bro Johnny he told me Nesta before the

job applaud because he's go places we've

never gone before before the show the

tow bro scoured our audience for the

driest and most cracked heels with our

foot cam there it is the foot cam

looking looking and guess what we found

we found these feet whose feet are these

feet come on now I know who it is if you

all tell me I'll tell you this this

Janel Jenny oh my dear

so how your heels feelin right now we're

really dry doctor very dry little itchy

is it anybody want to kick with those

feet right now we have turned you like

like look at them I'll just just look at

them just take a look well I think the

whole second well they are a little dry

but maybe we should turn the person

turned you in Avery come on up here


I would put your shoes back on you get a

good kick into him now so what did the

feet feel like to you I'm sorry he says

quiet because they just sorry so what

did you guys feel like you what Balaji

about well sometime well she complains

all the time and because I love feet

like I have like a little miniature foot

fetish not not like a creepy one but I

just like a cute this one so you know

two or three days after she come from

the from the nail salon getting a

pedicure it's like baby what happened

she like I don't know I forgot to pull

ocean on I'm like but you just got him

done also but they do feel like the arms

the horse out of velcro worst trouble

don't bro come on over here

why is that we get cracks on our feet

this is I guess this is normal skin yeah

there's two reasons why number one think

of skin as an elastic band so when you

have a nice fresh elastic band you know

the skins properly moisturize it can

stretch no problem that's what we want

skin to do but if you have skin that's

dry that you're not moisturizing

properly when you put some tension on it

wooo-oooo it can snap that's the big

issue so we have to make sure this skin

is properly moisturized

the second reason is pressure

it's pressure that's causing that skin

to expand and if it's dry it's just

gonna crack would you come to the right

place because toe bro has a hack break

about over guys ever you might will join

us you see that that lasted bands

snapping troublesome

she might be that to you snap on you

alright so have a seat here what can

Janelle everyone else do who want to get

rid of their their cracked heels the big

thing that we can do we can actually

make a little homemade foot soap to help

soften some of that hard can't feed in

there yeah so what we're doing is just a

cup of vinegar a cup of mouthwash and

warm water

mouthwash mouthwash so this is gonna

help soften the skin and we're gonna do

that for around 15 minutes and then

after that the pumice stone get the work

hey come on mister foot fetish let's go

come on now not the creepy kind of foot

fetish the good kind of foot fetish so

what I really want you to do after those

heels are nice and soft you're gonna

grab that foot like you like it there

you go get that pumice stone to the dry

skin thing come on your big guy put some

but what you want to do is not too hard

not too hard you don't want to damage

the skin part of this you should

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