Get Rid of Your Dry Cracked Heels - Dermatologist Tips For Treatment

so you have dry cracked heels

and you wonder what in the world can be

done about it you tried the egg to

scrape it off you've tried all sorts of

lotions and it

just keeps seeing to build back up again

well there are some things that you can

do to help those dry cracked heels


number one wear closed closed-toed shoes

with socks as often as you can even when

you're at home

because if you're wearing the flip-flops

if you're wearing the sandals these

sorts of things

then your feet are exposed to the

external environment

and the more they're exposed to the

external environment they're more

they're coming into contact with things

that could dry them out

or irritate them or fill in the blank

but if you have a nice sock on and a

shoe on

then you're going to be able to help

keep some of the moisture

close to your heels and help them not to

be so dry and cracked

so even when you're at home i would

recommend the socks and the slippers

now using a daily moisturizer is

pivotal i personally like the daily

moisturizers that have

salicylic acid in them there's lots of

them out there

the one i tend to recommend the most is

something called cerave

sa and they make that in a cream now

we'll put a little picture off to the

side so you know what it looks like and

you can get it over the counter

so the reason i like salicylic acid is

one it's available

pretty easily over the counter two if

you're just applying it to an isolated

area like your feet

it's super safe and what it does is it

it just

breaks down the skin gently and slowly

over time

and when you get to the area where your

skin isn't dry and cracked anymore

that's when we switch to other treatment

methods now there's other types of acid

as well that work great

there's glycolic acids there's lactic

acids there's

these are great too so if you have your

favorite product

already that has one of these acids in

it and it's appropriate for your feet

go ahead and try it if you need to try

something that i've suggested

try the survey essay see how it goes the

thing with the survey sa is to be

consistent with it

i'd like you to put it on twice a day

and then put your

sock immediately over it so that the

medicine doesn't stick to the floor of

the carpet and not to your heels

so do it twice a day put your sock on

and then it's going to take a period of

months before

your heels aren't as dry and cracked


when they're not as dry and cracked

anymore i would still recommend

using some salicylic acid product at

least a couple of times a week

but you can probably then switch to just

a great moisturizer

and cerave makes a cream which is again

over the counter

not expensive and great to use

so when your heels aren't dry and

cracked use this

regular cerave cream twice a day

put your socks on on top of it a couple

times a week

use the survey sa to keep those dry

cracked heels from building up

now there's other things that you should

do as well make sure you have

good fitting shoes as you don't want

excess rubbing and friction

please make sure that your diet is

appropriate so lots of fruits lots of

veggies lots of water

all of those sorts of things don't be

chronically dehydrated

chronically never having a vegetable

it's not good for the body it's not good

for the soul

it's not good for the dogs all right and


please if you need to see a


if they are not able to get under

control or

if you've never had dry cracked built up

heels and

all of a sudden you start developing

them and you don't really know why

that you should see a dermatologist to

make sure nothing else is going on if

you've had dry cracked heels your whole

life and you've been struggling with it

try these tips if they don't work your

local dermatologist is here to help

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