#1 Selling Travel Trailer in the USA - 2019 Forest River Cherokee 274DBH

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I am featuring a camper for today it's a

Forest River Cherokee is a 2019 to 74

DBH now this thing is absolutely loaded

I'm excited to show it to you we just

pulled it in the showroom this is what

the new product looks like for Cherokee

and Cherokee by the way is the

top-selling travel trailer in the United

States so and there's a reason for that

and I'll kind of hit on many of the big

reasons during this video but really you

got a look at the pictures you got to

even come in and visualize how cool

these Cherokees are so the Cherokees are

a timber constructed camper the really

over built in many ways compared to the

competition the studs in the walls are

12 inch on center where the competition

uses 16 on center so in the camper of

this size you've got six

more studs on every wall lengthwise than

what you do in the competition so it

allows for a little bit better build

also in the floor joists they're a

little bit closer together than the

competition which I allows for another

stud down there in the floor which is

very important but also the appeal they

look really good you notice the metal

here is all painted metal and that's not

your typical metal you find on a travel

trailer built like this this metal they

actually uses a little bit thicker and

if I get close enough to it here it's a

little bit rugged almost like a like a

bed liner material that's gonna allow to

if something would come up maybe a rock

will come up it's gonna allow it to

bounce off a lot easier than your

typical metal side trailer and being

pane in metal it's gonna look good for

years and years to come a lot of

companies are using big decals and the

trouble with decals is as the Sun hits

them over the years the decals start to

basically just a big sticker they'll

start to fade on you I've seen them

crack and I've even seen them start to

fall off so that's that's no fun and it

really affects the appearance of your

camper also this particular Cherokee is

a hundred percent power equipment so

from the stabilizing Jack's in the four

corners to the tongue jack up on the

front to the awning everything on here

is power so there's no manual labor when

you get to your campsite you simply just

push a few buttons and it's set up which

I really like and I appreciate because

you're going camping to go camping not

to work a good storage up front here

that goes almost through the other side

and it even goes up underneath the bed

area also the cherokees comes standard

with this more ride entry step this is a

step that we've seen typically on more

expensive travel trailers and they can

make it standard on this Cherokee

without making it making the trailer

itself more extensive also Cherokees

very innovative they're the only company

I know that allows for the deluxe mini

camp kitchen this is space that's

underneath the kitchen sink that's

typically space you can't even access

from the inside and what they've

engineered here is this mini kitchen

which comes standard with a icemaker and

you've got water right here both hot and

cold for that to fill that up a dorm

style refrigerator two burner gas stove

top here and a little wash basin so

that's really nice

in handy you know if you were cooking

outside or have your beverages outside

and how many times you run out of ice

while you're camping it's nice to have

all that stuff right there in a spot

that's typically just void space anyways

two axles under here these are radial

tires on these wheels which are the best

type of tire you can put on a trailer

typically they put cheaper tires which

would be a bias ply tire these being

radial tires they're going to ride and

last a lot longer you have outside

speakers that'll play off the radio from

the inside and you also have a

television hookup and the appropriate

power for that two entry doors on this

the second entry door I really like

because it goes right into the bathroom

and you might think well that's kind of

weird but really it's really smart if

you have kids or guests over at your

camper it's nice just to shoot them

right through this door instead of

having them go through the main door and

then track all the way through your

camper which may be a little messy in

there so it's just nice yeah I can use

my bathroom right through the back door

also standard on the Cherokee models

another reason why it's the number one

seller is this travel rack this is a

200-pound travel rack it actually folds

down it's also the spare tire mount

great for bicycles great for a generator

I've seen customers put totes of I'm not

quite sure what they have in them but

great for extra storage outside this

Cherokee also comes prepped with a rear

observation or backup camera depending

which one you would want to put in there

and that'll allow for when you're

backing up or even just driving down the

road to see what's going on around you

nice blue LED lights underneath the

awning that really adds for a good

ambience at night and also they chose

blue because the white light typically

tracks bugs we're blue not so much all

right let's check out the inside

all right we'll just kind of start in

the back and work our way forward so

I'll show you the bathroom first it's

right through this door we kind of saw a

little bit out of it from the outside it

comes with a shower here foot flush

stool which is really nice have you ever

had a hand flush stolen RV the trouble

with the hand flush is every time you

flush it your arm and hand kind of gets

wet and it might not just be water so

it's nice just to do it with the foot

even has a sink in here and of course

has the medicine cabinet it's kind of

the little things this medicine cabinet

is actually at an angle so when you're

looking at it you can see my face in

there and maybe you're you're at the

sink here washing your hands you're

actually looking directly at yourself

compared where I've seen the medicine

cabinet just hung on this wall or this

wall and you got to kind of turn your

head to see what what you look like if

you want to see that I guess double over

double bunk beds so this has two bunk

beds they're double the size of a normal

bunk bed they come complete with the

teddy bear finish muck mattress which is

a nice thick mattress it's super soft

and comfortable and it's also hyper

allergenic so if the people sleeping on

here have sensitive scans made the kids

this is going to be perfect for them and

here's the bottom bunk

now both books here have windows and

also LED lighting USB charging ports for

the devices maybe the kids have iPads

and also your regular normal household

outlets so they'll be able to charge

other devices a little ladder to get up

into that I'm gonna turn here and talk

about the table this is a u dinette and

we've seen this a lot over the years

right it's kind of become popular what

Cherokee has done is they made their u

dinette bigger which is really quite

intriguing so they've made this u

dinette bigger and allows you to fit not

just three people around it but up to

five people maybe six if you have

smaller kids so also folds down to a bed

for better sleeping Michael twig this

camper is not the one for ten thousand

eight you can jump on our website and

see that so that's brand new camper for

ten thousand eight Keystone Summerland

Springdale many all right so we have a

a couch here that's also gonna come down

for a extra bed and also has beverage

holders right there okay check out the

entertainment system here it comes for a

spot to hang your television and again

the appropriate hookups there this does

have an antenna up on the roof to be

able to pull in those free television

stations here in Ohio we pull in the

local news stations PBS as well comes in

through that alright fury on radio this

is gonna play your music inside and

outside it's also has an HDMI port so if

you have like a fire stick or a Roku you

can plug that in and that can be

connected to your television then and

also has a USB charging device and a

headphone jack in an aux port for your

connecting to your phone they're not

through bluetooth coming down here it

has the fury on fireplace this is gonna

double as the space heater so on a

chilly morning you don't have to use

your propane you can just use the

campgrounds electricity and that's going

to really take the chill out of there

and it also looks super cool alright

backing up here into the kitchen what I

really like about the kitchen is it has

a nice residential style feel to it from

the glass inserts to the cabinet work

there to the stainless steel appliances

the range hood even the subway tile

backsplash there really is a stylish the

countertops as well are really nice

typically what we find is the cheap

Formica type countertops with the little

thing around the edge here that always

likes to fall off these are a nice

pressed one-piece countertop which

allows them to then put the sunk down

stainless steel sink in as you can see

here it's a farm style sink which is the

Big Basin sink so you can get your big

pots and stuff in here and wash dishes

where typically the manufacturers they

do a split sink in the sizes are so

small you can't even get a skillet in

there to wash so it's well thought out

the people that design this kitchen you

can tell they've actually used a kitchen

in a camper this has the fury on oven

which is the new oven it has a light in

it what I really like it has a glass

door so you can see what you're cooking

without having to open up the door too

see what you're cooking and little heat

out three burner top gas range

all right next to that is the

refrigerator yeah blue LED lights Larry

thanks for asking they're really cool

really cool accent lights leave them on

all night just allow for a little bit

better scene all right so freezer up top

here this is your RV refrigerator and

refrigerator down below being an RV

refrigerator when you're pulling this

down the road your food whether it's in

the freezer is gonna stay frozen and

milk in the fridge is gonna stay cool so

right next to that check this out so a

lot of people like this has a pantry

with a solid door you know multiple

shelves the storage here really quite

the pantry it's bigger than your

refrigerator give you an idea how big it

is so you can really fit a lot in there

for storage all right I think this

covers the camper really well ducted air

conditioning ducted heat down to the

floor I was like to show that so the

heat vents are in the floor a lot of

times companies will just stuck their

heat through the cabinet work that's

just telling me that there's not enough

room in the floor to actually put heat

ducts so that's nice that this floor is

nice and sturdy but he decks on the


all right Glory's asking for the price

so let's get to that so this stock

number here is 104 or one a two four

eight to 2019 Keystone or 2019 Forest

River Cherokee 270 for DBH manufacturer

states we should sell this for thirty

two thousand two hundred twenty-five

dollars now we are the best price online

in order to do that we have it on sale

for twenty two thousand one hundred

dollars but wait there is more we did

just mark down a couple of these I think

there's only two left

either 2019 equipped just like this I

just looked before I started this video

priced for only twenty thousand six

hundred dollars so it's it's quite a

savings that sale again ends April 30th

2019 so give us a call and that's only

while those two are in stock this is the

number one selling cherokee floorplan

number one selling travel trailer in

America and really a good place to do

business s so come on out and see us I

we can be reached online Paul Cheri RVs

com there you'll find all our

information you can all

call in at nine three seven seven seven

eight 5250 the phone's busy just try our

website it's been quite busy around here

so thanks for watching everyone enjoy

the rest of your day let's get out and

go camping the weekends coming up and

enjoy some time with family