The World’s Worst Translator - Alternatino

[both speaking Spanish]

- El Jefe will see you now. Come with me.

El Jefe.

I got the money. You got the weapons?

- If you want to talk to him, you talk to me.

- Oh, you're the translator?

- No, you are the translator.

- Okay. I got the money.


<i> Ay, perdón.</i>

- I didn't hear you. You coughed.

- No, I didn't. I didn't cough, you coughed.

- Stop saying that I coughed.

- You coughed when you spoke to El Jefe.

- Ah, translator, what are you talking about?

- Can I, uh, try talking to him alone?

- Yes, I will go.

- What? No, no!

Hey, I meant us!

- Yes, come here.

<i> [tense music]</i>

<i> ♪ ♪</i>

- Wait, I thought you wanted to talk to me alone.

- Yeah, exactly.

- Then come here.

- No...

Look, um, do you have the...

How do you say, uh...

- The weapons?

- Weapons!

- Weapons!

Yes, weapons, but what is<i> las armas.</i>

- You are the worst [bleep] translator.

- No, [bleep] you. I'm not a translator!

- Not [bleep] him, [bleep] you!

Jefe, Jefe.

- Whoa, whoa, wait. - No, no, I'm on your side.

Relax, okay? Jefe...

- Whoa, whoa, whoa. Are you telling him to kill me?

- No,<i> mata al Americano</i> is a word--

It's a Guatemalan rice dish, okay?

- Okay, see, that does sound like

you're telling him to shoot me.

- No, no, that's how you cook it.

That's how--bam, bam, bam.

- Okay, he shoots me, I shoot you.

- Wait, do you mean you or him?

- You! - Ah.

<i> [intense music]</i>

<i> ♪ ♪</i>

[bird cooing]

- Hoo-hoo.


- I'm sorry.

He's the worst [bleep] translator. 56 00:03:41,621 --> 00:00:00,000 - Oh.