Toddler Toy Must-Haves (Mostly Amazon Products!) | Susan Yara

gosh I see ya hi guys welcome back to my

channel this topic is a very highly

requested topic I'm gonna tell you some

of my favorite toys for my toddler

Nakash alright so first I just want to

point out these have been the toys that

me Kosh has been loving I have a feeling

just because I've seen other kids

playing with his toys or I go to other

people's homes and I see a lot of these

toys in their homes so I have a feeling

a lot of these toys are just popular in

general but it doesn't mean that your

kid is going to absolutely love them I

just wanted to share you know what

Nakash has been loving and what I've

been loving to see him play with and

everything and kind of our experience

with the toys I have chosen a lot of

these toys because I've seen him play

with them since he was you know anywhere

between like 9 or 10 months all the way

till now so that's why I'm gonna share

these toys with you because these really

have been like his favorites and his go

twos the first toys I'm gonna show you

are from a company called haip we have a

ton of toys from them and they tend to

be really good just really well-made

toys that Nakash really loves I've

noticed that these are toys that he's

been playing with consistently and I

have a feeling they're gonna lost him

longer than like the average you know

toy that you buy that just eventually

breaks I feel like these are really

sturdy a really good example is this

you'll notice that a lot of their toys

are wooden I think without like just

researching it I think that is what

they're known for is really nice wooden

toys you find them in like Montessori

schools they just kind of take it back

to like almost like the basics so that

your kid can learn while they're playing

with the toys so this one is a great

example of that it makes a lot of noise

inside of it it's got all of these

different shapes that have rattles

inside of them so you can just you can

empty out so they get to learn when

they're playing with these toys and

you'll notice that this has all of the

shape so that you can actually it's like

a puzzle piece right you like put the

shape in and you can teach your child

how to do that these toys open up for

creativity and imagination and that's

why I like them I think that is like the

whole focus it's like learning

creativity and imagination I did not

make that up no I made that up I don't

know if that's their tagline but that's

kind of what I think the theme is of all

of their toys

I like about this one in particular is

we got this Forney Kosh when he was

probably like six or seven months old

when we got this and he did not know

what to do with it

but it's a toy that he's kind of played

with over time he used to get frustrated

and his first thing that he would do is

he would put the toy like the shapes and

like that and then he'd get frustrated

cuz he couldn't take them out and he he

would obsess over this thing and so I'd

always have to come over and show him

that you moved that and then you get the

toys you get the little shapes out and

now he's to the point where he's putting

the shape in where it goes and he knows

how to empty it and it's really just

kind of amazing to see that progression

because he's he was so obsessed with it

and so focused on it that he learned he

like was determined to learn how to use

this toy and now he's got it down so it

took him almost a year to do it but he's

got it and it's it's it's really

interesting to see that happen they have

other really cool toy as this one so

you'll notice like they have the

different colors and then there's the

xylophone so you can take this out and

they can play with it on on its own if

they want or you can put the ball in the

correct color and then you can take this

and go tada

and it makes music and it's so much fun

in it you know you'll just notice what

the heap toys there's always more than

one thing happening and I love that

another example is this one he loves it

because he you know I wouldn't say

there's much learning that happens with

this one he just loves to rail on it

like just go crazy if you look on it

closely there are all these marks on it

from him just slamming this thing and

it's like yeah you know kids have a lot

of energy and he loves to go to town

there's also this really big toy you

know it's it's not age appropriate for

Nakash right now but I didn't care I

bought it for him when he turned a year

old I bought it cuz I had one of these

when I was little and I remembered

seeing them and like my dumb a doctor's

office and in the library at school and

stuff they're like these wooden pieces

that have little wire colorful wire

squiggles all over them and then little

wooden beads around him and you just

move them up and down but you know what

I found that he is super interested in

it and he gets better at using it every

single day so even though he'll probably

be better at it when he's 2 or 3 years

old it's still really cool to see him

playing with it and kind of growing with

it and learning

so I like that one for him too and last

are these little these are actually more

of like a choo-choo train if you see

this and they've got little magnets on

the ends and he loves these there's also

like little mirrors and there's a little

like magnifying glass on one of them he

loves these because he's just obsessed

with cars essentially so I think even

though it's a train it follows him to

the category of car for him because he's

obsessed with cars which moves me to the

next toys and those are toy cars he is

obsessed you know I haven't pushed this

on me gosh but he is a very

stereotypical boy he loves cars and I

mean like all cars he loves real cars

he's obsessed with my car he was

obsessed with my husband's car

he loves to like he even mimics the

sound of it like the vroom broom he

loves it he gets so excited he loves to

just like act like he's driving our car

if we put him into the driver's side

seat he just loves it he really really

does he's obsessed with cars and that

even comes down to his toys he

absolutely loves cars

so these like pillowy soft ones are the

kind of cars that you like pull back and

then they go on their own so this is

what we started him with and he still

loves them we got these for him when he

was definitely an infant still and that

was more to like get his attention and

stuff and he would do it for him and he

really loved him still does you know

we've got lots of different kinds of

cars these come in a whole set they're

magnetic he loves to even use these ones

because they have magnets too and he

just rolled someone round all over the

place he creates like big trains

essentially with all of his magnetic

cars and he loves these we got these for

him as a gift when he was a year old and

he still plays with these and does the

broom broom sound he loves him

we even have big work truck kind of cars

and stuff this was a gift for him my

mother-in-law bought it for him and it's

cute cuz it does things like and it

talks to him and it was like a little

light can like a flashlight right here

he loves this one he goes broom broom

with it too I mean you guys he loves his

cars the one that I don't have with me

right now because we just tossed it and

that's only because it got really

annoying so we bought him this cheaper

remote-control car and he will play with

that thing forever like it doesn't stop

he will keep playing with it keep


they keep playing with it but it got to

the point where we had to throw it away

because you know we our living room is

on the second story of our house and he

started tossing it over the side or like

using the remote control to see it fly

off so one of the things he was like

obsessed with this was like putting it

on top of a table and then making it

front fly off of the table and then

putting it off of like the side of bar

railing and then making it fly off of

the railing and so it was something that

he kept doing so eventually of course

this toy broke and then that became

annoying to have it just sitting there I

was trying to like save it so I could

show it to you guys just having it sit

there and every time he'd see it he'd be

like I want to play with it I want to

play with it so I mean he wouldn't say

it but he'd be like oh oh you know he's

that kind of a thing so he's obsessed

with this remote control car we're

probably gonna get him a new one but

we're taking a little break from it just

a little break from right now because

that's like an obsession so he's got

this like Spiderman motorcycle that he

can ride it's plastic it's not a real

motorcycle and then he's got like a

firetruck type little car that he can

ride a firetruck that he can ride it's

also plastic they're both small so I

love having these around because he

really just enjoys riding on them every

single day I love seeing that he's like

super satisfied with himself now that he

knows he can ride them perfectly even

like well grab one and then take the

other one like drag it with him while

he's riding like his motorcycle like

he's that good now he went from like

falling off of it all the time and

crying - like now riding it and like

feeling comfortable to drag something

else around with him I've also found

that like when we have other kids over

it's really cute for him to have both of

them because inevitably I can't always

like comes over and like jumps on one of

them and he luckily gets to get on the

other one and he's he likes both of them

equally so he doesn't get upset about it

or jealous I don't know if it's just

like his demeanor or if it just helps

that there's - and so he gets to like

ride one and they become like this

motorcycle gang it's really cute it's

really cute they like right around our

living room together and it's just so

funny and cute the next toy is by far

any cautions favorite toy and you'll see

why it's Mega Bloks we got him this set

that essentially is like little Train

Set when he first got these these were a

Christmas gift for him he didn't fully

know how to use them and didn't

understand like you know you couldn't

put certain blocks on other you know

like not all of them fit together and so

that used to be a great source of

frustration to him but he has gone

so good at these things he plays with

these every day for a long time like

these will hold his attention for so

long they're by far his favorite I don't

think it's gonna change at all I think

they're gonna still be some of his


he loves connecting them he loves you

know making them move around and making

a car sound with them these are you know

these are his favorite toy if you guys

follow me on Instagram you've seen me

talk about these I've seen him really

grow with these and he gets better and

better he makes them really tall there's

like endless configurations with them

and the more blocks you get the more

they can do with it it's just amazing

it's it's crazy to see how much he's

grown with these mega blocks and how

much he still loves them these are by

far his favorite no doubt about it the

next toy it doesn't fit in my lap it's

this little Little Tikes rocking horse I

think this could be any rocking horse I

think kids just like this Nakash gets on

this thing every single day he loves to

just you know sit on it and then write

it back and forth and show us how cool

he is he likes to try to stand on it and

be a little like daredevil I want to say

he's had it since he was about a year

old it was a gift from my mother-in-law

to him

she buys him a lot of gifts a lot of

toys even though I asked him not to but

this was one of them it's been a hit for

him he absolutely loves it it's just a

good toy to have sitting around because

it's one that he always comes back to I

don't think he considers it necessarily

a toy it's just like a place for him to

sit and chill and hang out and have a

really good time and we're always like

yay when he starts to rock back and

forth on it and be really you know have

a really good time on it I'd say it's

just like a really nice you know - way

to have around next up is the Dino

tunnel this was something that has been

like a big hit and I'd probably say this

is like number two after mega bloks as

far as being like the most used and

probably like the toys that make in like

the happiest the dino tunnel is amazing

there's so much you can do with it you

can like open it up at first they start

to like just crawl into it and stuff you

have to almost like encourage them to do

it but then it turns into like a

peekaboo type situation you can play

that you can put it over them and like

hide them and then like you know do

things like where's Nakash and then you

like make it come back up it's like a

spring and stuff and he has so much fun

one of my friends we call her Auntie red

she is like a big kid at heart so she

like will hop around in it with

he dies over that it's like the most fun

with him it's just this this toy that

you know it's very simple and

straightforward there's so much fun that

can be had with it all of my friends

whenever I like recommend this to them

they always say it's a huge hit with a

kid that they gave it to / as a gift so

I highly recommend this one this is like

a definite like I actually guarantee

like every kid will love this thing so

last I would say instruments any type of

instrument you could get we started with

a pack that had these little kinds of

things like shakers and stuff and it's

because I start taking him to music

classes and they had all these like

shakers and stuff and I noticed that

he'd really get into using them you

could even if you didn't really have a

beat with them I was like you know what

it's fine he loves them he has so much

fun and I was worried that he was gonna

become really annoying that he was gonna

like start playing with them all day

long and stuff but it you know that

hasn't really happened it's like he

finds appropriate times and it's really

like when we encourage him to use his

musical instruments that's when he likes

to have them and we make sure to put on

like music and stuff so he understands

it's like music this is like we dance

with it and we you know we play with the

shakers and stuff he loves dancing so

you know to even just like pull out

these and then like encourage them to

dance to the music and stuff and it's

just really cute to see that and I know

that it's like helping him develop a lot

too got him a little tambourines

we've got tons of xylophones I think

we've got like five or six of these like

not this one per se but like different

types of xylophone that he can use and

just make music with them we've got a

little mini piano for him he just bangs

around on it all the time you actually

don't know when that's gonna happen it's

like he can just be like hanging out

playing and stuff and then suddenly you

hear him like just go to town on his

little piano he thinks he's making music

and I appreciate that my husband bought

him this little like ukulele and even

though I can't play it my husband can a

little bit and I just love you know the

he's introducing music we're introducing

music to our child I feel like music has

been a big part of my life I love music

my husband loves music he plays the

guitar I love to sing I think just like

introducing music to my child has been I

think it's a gift you know I feel like

making sure that they have music in

their lives is a big deal so those are

the toys that my child learn Akash has

been loving I think that for the most

part all of these toys are going to

probably be

a big hit around your house if you have

a toddler I also want to throw at a tip

I feel like sometimes we have too many

toys sitting around the house and it

ends up looking like a big mess so what

we'll do is we'll put up a few of his

toys away and then save them there for

like a month and then bring them back

out and it's like he has a new toy

suddenly he's like oh I remember this

toy and then suddenly he's really

excited about it again and so it's like

limiting the amount of toys that they

have access to I really encourage you to

like even if your child didn't play with

the toy at that moment maybe put it away

or if you get new toys put the old toys

away and then swap them out that way it

seems like there's a lot more fun you

know there like new and fresh again and

they're not trying to decide your kid

isn't trying to decide like

which toy do I play with there's so many

I don't know what to do with myself

instead it's like here are the toys

you're gonna play with this week and you

know get creative with it and really

enjoy them and learn how to use them and

I think that you'll see a lot of benefit

from that so those are the toys that my

toddler loves I hope this video was

helpful I'll leave links below to all of

the toys or at least similar ones in the

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