Top 3 Top Load Washers in 2020

welcome back to the channel guys today

we're going to be going over the top

three top load washers of 2020 so far

this is my number three pick this is a

speed queen this is a TR 5000 first off

speed queen is known for being

commercial great obviously they're gonna

put this right there at commercial heavy

duty speed Queens do offer a five-year

warranty on all of their products so a

really cool really nice product so the

tub for 3.2 cubic feet but this this

wash machine uses a lot of water on

average depending on what you have set

up here you can actually run an extra

rinse cycle and it's actually gonna use

like 40 to 45 gallons of water per wash

if you have this on the large load

setting on a heavy duty cycle it's gonna

be using your most water and of course

adding your excellence but these are

kind of the opposite of high efficiency

in all honesty he's going to use a lot

of water but for those people that are

kind of used like those old like you

know maytag's the Kenmore's the old

machines that lasted forever this is a

good machine or if you do a lot of loads

this is a great machine just cuz of the

warranty these are really durable the

stainless steel higher grade stainless

steel in this washer that most of your

other ones really durable tub the

suspension on this machine is great too

doesn't have all the bells and whistles

like a lot of the other machines but

that's why I'm gonna rank this at number

three alright guys and this is our

number two pick this is a Maytag this

model number is the envy WC 465 so

looking at the top on this one this is

kinda we're gonna start three point

eight cubic feet pretty decent on that

capacity bigger than your speed queen

over there reason why I like this washer

is it is a high efficiency machine I

like to consider this a hybrid though so

most high efficiency machines do not

have your agitator this one Maytag

decided to add this back in the unit

this one I also consider a hybrid

because it has your Auto sensing

technology for your water or it will

kind of detect when the clothes start to

float it'll shut off the water but it

also has your deep water option so a lot

of high-efficiency machines don't use

that much water this kind of allows you

to do both you can have the auto-sensing

on using less water or do the deep wash

where it's going to use more water to

get the clothes

a lot of different options on this

powerwash lights with so glad people

like to soak their whites normal most

the time we're gonna be using that

anyway so I literally got three

different soil levels mixed with your


temperature you got the five different

temperature settings great machine

maytag's has a ten year warranty on

their drum really really reliable

machine and that's my number to pick

guys alright guys and this is my number

one pick this is an LG this is the WT

7300 LG's always made a nice high

efficiency machine they really when they

first came out they were really the ones

to kind of conquer it they were the

first ones to come up and start to use a

direct drive motor most of your other

machines use that same motor that motor

has no belts crutches pulleys or brakes

it's basically your motor attached to

the drive shaft that's how it works it's

really simple and that's why most

machines now have a 10 year warranty but

LG was kind of the first ones to start

to use it actually I think it was Fisher

Paykel first but LG was the one that

really kind of dial in on their high

efficiency model so looking at the units

for its features and stuff actually it's

open up the lid first huge capacity on

this five cubic feet you could fit a

king-size comforter your sheets in your

bedding all in one wash on this guy

notice on the rivets on the side these

ones have a lot of rivets that that's

what really cleans your clothes it's

kind of like an old washboard you notice

when I spin this around a little bit

that bottom tub that bottom is separate

so what that does is in your cycle

that's gonna get a convection motion

that's how you kind of get your clothes

washed up against this washboard here go

into the cyclists your turbo wash a lot

of people keep that cycle on but it does

is basically this unit spins at 9500 art

re 950 rpms so with a turbo wash what it

does is going to use a higher spin speed

not the full spin speed but it's gonna

use a high spin speed for the higher

temperature and where that does is it

kind of just gets the clothes cleaner

faster and that's gonna kind of help out

with your wash times how's your cold

wash setting - that just uses basically

for your rinse cycle it's going to use

cold wash throughout the entire thing

it's got the waterproof option sleeping

bags is kind of a nice option a lot of

these - see machine

they detect when the clothes start to

float with sleeping bags are things that

are waterproof sometimes it's hard for

them that kind of sense what's going on

so having that option is kind of nice

especially if you like camp or if you

have clothes that are waterproof you can

wash them in these like I said it kind

of confused them before I got your deep

wash option these ones aren't using that

much water a lot of these machines are

using I don't know the exact specs but a

lot of them are 20 to 25 gallons per

wash so you go from your speed queen

using 45 gallons per wash maybe even 52

this guy probably using 20 on your

average so over time your water bills

going to go down the spin speed on how

fast this thing can spin that's got to

save your time on your dryer the dryer

is really your energy boy that's what

drives if your energy bill the last time

you spend in the dryer more high

efficient the machine as a set is

together but thanks for watching guys

and we will see you next week like and