How To Relieve Tooth Pain

hey guys it's Ryan and this will be a

quick video on a requested topic how to

relieve tooth pain so teeth can hurt a

lot and I'm sure you already know that

the best thing you can do is go to your

dentist as soon as possible but if

they're closed or you can't get there

for some reason here are some things you

can do at home to try to relieve the


so clove oil acts as a numbing solution

this stuff is really good it's an

essential oil you can grab on Amazon for

less than ten to fifteen bucks

the active ingredient in the oil is

called eugenol now eugenol is a natural

anesthetic and antibacterial that can

reduce inflammation in the mouth you

soak up a few drops with a q-tip or a

cotton ball then gently place it on the

tooth or gums at the site of pain you

can also dilute it in vegetable oil if

it's too strong now you can also take

over-the-counter pain relievers along

with the clove oil ibuprofen and aspirin

tend to work best because they also take

care of the swelling so take it based on

the instructions on the bottle now warm

salt water rinses are always a good

thing to do and you can also add

over-the-counter topical anesthetics

like benzocaine gel or my personal

favorite sue credits I'm not a sponsor

but this stuff is amazing for painful

mouth ulcers you just suck on the

lozenge and keep it near the site of

pain and it's a really strong anesthetic

that'll start working within a couple

minutes and then an ice pack compress is

always a good thing to do for toothaches

as well now what about at night when the

pain gets really bad so there are three

things you can do sleep with extra

pillows elevating your head helps limit

blood flow to the face because blood is

pressure and pressure is pain you can

also eat less that night less food means

less metabolic processes which also

means less blood pumping to the face and

also lean towards colder and softer

foods rather than hot and acidic foods

and I hate to be that guy but even

though it hurts

brushing and flossing before bed is a

really good thing to do to try to reduce

the amount of germs in the mouth and

keep everything as clean as possible to

help your body fight off any infection

alright guys that's it for this video I

hope you found some of these tips

helpful and hope you can get out of pain

soon thanks for watching and see you

guys next time