Winter in Canada: Tips and Hacks to Survive the Winter

it's the middle of December right now

and as you can see it's winter here in

Canada and right now it's minus 13 and

it FINA snowing for already for a couple

of days yeah there's lots of snow right

now just like in the other video we did

called winter in Canada and then that

one we showed you how we survive

basically in these cold temperatures

because a lot of people are surprised

when it gets to minus 30 or minus 40 how

we live but it's not that bad but you

also asked us to make a video about what

to wear during the winter time in Canada

and especially if you're coming here on

a vacation how do you get those kind of

clothes so that's what this episode is

all about

winter in Canada is a beautiful season

to visit but for that you gotta be

prepared you gotta be prepared to buy

the right clothes and wear the right

clothes so you enjoy your visit and

you're not freezing and you can stay

warm the whole time but also you gotta

be prepared because very cold

temperatures can lead to hypothermia

frostbite don't wanna lose any of your

fingers your toes your ears or your nose

and also you can leave some things to

that which is not gonna happen it's

really not that bad and that's why we're

doing this video but first there's some

things that you need to know in advance


so first things first you want to start

with the weather forecast so of course

that depends on where you're going for

example in Vancouver it might be zero

and raining whereas in Calgary can be

minus 25 and then the north can be minus

50 so you definitely want to know where

you're going and what the weather

forecast is and also when you're there

you definitely want to check in as well

as it can change quite dramatically

depending on where you are then of

course number two would be activities

you want to know what you're doing if

you're just planning on exploring a city

like Toronto you might not need to dress

as warm because we have heat in building

cars and buses pretty much everywhere

that's not outdoors will be warm but if

you're gonna be out skiing and stuff

like that obviously you need to be

dressed very warm aren't having the

proper gear and the third thing you need

to know is your budget how much you want

to spend because of course when you're

coming if to to a cold country and you

usually come from my warmer country

probably all the clothes that you're

gonna use for these holidays are gonna

be just worn for your time here and that

can be very expensive like this kind of

clothes can range from $100 dollars up

to $1,000 but there's so many options on

word to get and how much to spend in

this kind of clothes and gear you can

either buy them brand-new from different

retailers you can get some secondhand

clothes or you can even rent them and

sometimes also when you book an activity

or a tour with a travel company

sometimes they provide some of the gear

if not all of the gears also may be make

sure to know exactly what they provide

and what you need to buy or work and of

course for each person is different some

people are warmer than others Karla is

almost always cold relatively warm

although I think I'm getting colder and

it as I get older especially in the


it depends some people need more clothes

than others yeah like for example

Matthew grew up up in the north like

words like what's the average

temperature it was like minus 30 the

whole time

I mean never yeah in the day and he

never had like a proper winter jacket or

winter pants like I I don't know how he

did it

yeah and like for example my mom and my

sister who come from Mexico they don't

have like hardcore winter closest we're

usually not doing with their activities

and as Matthew mentioned there's like

keep everywhere so do you pretty much

can sometimes like handle it with some

clothes that you have back at home so

especially when you're not familiar with

cold winters and with very cold

temperatures it can be a little bit

overwhelming to know what to buy where

to buy it there are so many options

there's so many pieces of clothing so

here are some tips that are gonna help

you to maybe make a better decision or

of what you need to buy


the first tip is to dress in layers

because this way you can use different

pieces of clothes to keep you warm and

if you get too hot that you can take

them off and there's basically three

layers the first layer is the thermal

underwear as you can see what we're

wearing here it's very tight-fitting it

goes against your skin and keeps the

heat against your body and then of

course your socks which can be anywhere

from two pairs of regular socks to an

actual good pair of warm socks the

second layer is gonna be more of your

regular clothes like your jeans a light

sweater maybe maybe a heavier sweater or

a vest whatever it can keep you warm or

something that you can wear in between

your first and your 38 last but not

least the third layer is the jacket so

if you're just gonna be exploring cities

and stuff like that

just the jacket is probably good enough

but if you're gonna be going skiing or

snowshoeing or anything involving snow

then you're gonna add this no pants so I

have like a ski jacket and my snow pants

I'm not having any and second layer on

underneath my third layer or except for

the best but this is gonna keep me warm

in it for a longer period of time and

he's gonna keep me dry but yeah all this

depends obviously on how cold it is you

know if you're going skiing and it's

minus 15 or something like that or

colder you definitely want everything

that we mentioned if you're just walking

around the city you might not want

thermals because when you go inside

you're gonna be very hot so it all

depends on what you're doing that this

is pretty much what we wear when we do

outdoor activities the second tip is to

cover your whole body because we leave

it or not when you keep your ears your

hands and your neck and face worn it

makes total difference it makes you feel

more warm and more comfortable yes yes I

want a good pair of gloves your hands

will definitely get cold especially on

windy days and you use them a lot so

this will help a lot

next up your of course your ears are

also very sensitive so having a toque on

like this that's what we call it here

there's all different kinds of styles

will help keep your

and head warmth but if you want to show

off your nice hairdo then you can wear

earmuffs like this and they help as well

another thing that I like to have with

me the whole time it's either a scarf or

a neck warmer because also helps to get

a heat trap so then he doesn't escape

and you feel warmer in the whole body so

these styles are more often used when

you're asking because then they don't

they want to wrap and sometimes are not

as as thick but still when you're going

down the steep hills with a queen it

just helps you to cover your face and if

you're still cold after all that then

your gloves are here tell them I love it

well before we get into these ones this

is called a balaclava so if you really

want to just keep all in one go easy you

only wear them skiing but you could wear

it anywhere you want it's like a toque

and a skirt together or I make varmint

together you look like you're gonna

probably go rob a bank but it does keep

everything more in one piece and after

all that it is still cold you can get

these little things called little

hotties or hotshots they like the other

name is that you open them and shake

them up they're warm for like an hour or

two and you can stick them in your shoes

and your clothes and the third tip is

material choosing the right material so

you feel comfortable the whole time

so for sure you want something that's

waterproof especially on your outer

layer and especially if you're going to

be spending time doing things like

skiing or any other outdoor sports of

water first jacket waterproof snow pants

and maybe even waterproof shoes another

material which is important especially

for your first layer is one

oh yes that's because they're much

better at retaining heat and getting dry

so that's definitely not where you want

to wear cotton is your first layer

because cotton Maxon retains moisture

and doesn't get dry so if you do sweat

but get wet or anything like that you'll

stay wet all day please send out our

great heat insulators which we like to

use in our second layer they're very

warm as you can see this is what this is

and they're very thin so they're not so

bulky and then same it down and you can

see here it's a very thin vest but it

keeps you very warm

the only thing we'd like to say about

that is just to make sure if you are

choosing down to go with something more

sustainable because cheaper products

tend to be made where they don't treat

the geese very well yeah so you can a

find a lot of products made of fleece

such as even Dukes and loft which I love

and for the down is mostly for jackets

this winter jackets especially if you're

looking for a very warm winter jacket

more in the casual side this is made of

down and I really like it because it

just gives me super warm if you're

looking for brand new clothes Walmart is

a pretty good options because they have

pretty nice low prices and you can find

a Walmart anywhere in Canada so let's

check some prices so here we have like

some nice jacket different materials

different thicknesses and this one this

point like look

very like well this one is kind of thing

but it's still like this one is 2997

which this jacket looks left it's me

like a like a kind of hot water with

this band it seems quite chunky to keep

you warm

this one is 74 97 coats for women for a

man for children and also they have some

access this one's $19 this one will be

more like when you're doing like so many

watersports of you want like more that

water-resistant a material and these

ones are only I worship right here

they're 17 dollars so it's really not

that I couldn't see any snow pants in

the women's section for this is the

men's section and here is some is no tax

so that's like the water-resistant

material that we told you about

they're only $34 here they also come at

a few options of kernels so they're only

ten dollars so what this one's I

remember why we talked about the

materials like about more polyester or

wool this ones are 60% cotton and 40%

polyester so most likely if you're doing

a winter sport like you know that you're

gonna be sweating maybe they're not the

best but as we mention if you're

planning just like to

visiting the CDs are working around in

the city probably this is a good option

just to have underneath your clothes and

to stay warm and now let's have a look

to some a winter shoes so they have

these boots which I think they're quite

nice they're actually pretty similar to

any other expensive brand and curators

that they're good to minus 20 and

there's $60 they have like all these

kind of like a like a rain boot and in

the inside they have something so as you

can see prices are not as expensive here

in watermark it's a pretty good option

if you want to save some money and

you're not thinking to wear them more

than hearing your collimation for higher

quality stuff a good place to come this

sport check they're all across Canada so

you'll easily find them the prices are

definitely higher than Walmart but not

all the time they have really good sales

here if you want super high quality

stuff for example Kelly Hansen's a

pretty high-end brand but you're gonna

be paying 450 dollars in this case but

it's a good place you'll find everything

here that you need there's snow pants

for example these are about $200 but it

goes but about a load put a hundred

bucks it's probably the lowest you'll

find but you could tell if you go to the

Walmart you'll see that these are much

thicker as you can see sometimes there's

really good deals on high quality stuff

- it's a bit thinner but its Columbia a

really good brand at $100 so here we are

at the thermals again the thermal

underwear as you saw in our and Walmart

they're about ten dollars here they're

70 we guarantee you they're much much

warmer so if you're gonna be outside

lots and especially doing sports and

want to make an investment

in your winter clothing this is a much

better choice so it's also a good place

to buy winter boot cambia brand as you

can see they have that silver lining

just like our thermal underwear so I'm

assuming they'd be quite worn there's

other brands like Sorel and stuff as

well these are on sale right now but

like 120 bucks maybe 150 probably

normally I got these ones and they were

on sale for $60 in their North Face so

you never know what you're gonna find

definitely higher quality and just as a

reference because I showed you the

winter with Sun warmer which were only

$60 so this is nasty Mary guy but it's a

brand name Sorrell and they're a hundred

and sixteen

however as Mac you mention quality it's

another good thing about the sport check

is you can buy equipment here as well as

you can see skis snowboard boots

Jukes everything you could pretty much

need for the winter and the nice thing

like I said is you'll find them all over

the place right now we're at weiners

which is pretty much and now let's store

where you can find my brand names and

save up to 60% but definitely this place

more when you're looking more for those

casual outer clothing so I love it

because they can vary they have very

trendy jacket and you can save lots of

money like so for example this one is a

Tommy Hilfiger which the arena original

prices here was $200 and it's down to

150 so you're saving $50 and there's so

many options however in these kind of

places you gotta be lucky you're gonna

be lucky to find what you're looking for

your size and something that you like

and same thing with issues you can find

more trendy winter shoes but as well

there's not many options here they go by

size and you may like one of these and

you may not so besides this in there's

other brands such as Marshalls and I'm

not sure if there's another one but

anyway if you're thinking on just going

around the cities I think this is a

pretty good

grandmother option and probably the

cheapest one is going to drift story

this is where you can find secondhand

options there's a variety of them this

one is the Salvation Army there's also a

Value Village and depending on where you

are there might be others of course the

only difficulty here is finding what you

need you never know what you're going to

find but it is very cheap so let's go

see what we can find

so we're here at the women Code section

and let's see with what we can find

so here is like an Under Armour ski

jacket which is only twenty dollars not

bad so here you can find all sorts of

friends sometimes brands that I didn't

even know they existed

Nike another style and it's $20 a little

bit smaller so as you can see it's just

like pick and choose there's different

colors different styles different brands

and you're looking at $20 on this I saw

some tooks over there for $4 and over

there I saw some a ski pants let's go

and check them out and look what I found

I actually found a cool ski suit like

jacket and matching pants and each of

them is $20 so see you can sometimes get

very good deals and if you like it and

if it fits you well it's pretty good so

now we're in the men's section I haven't

found anything I like but that's part of

the adventure coming to thrift stores

you might find something you love you

might not and the only other option we

can think of this too to rent stuff but

that's pretty hard we haven't found too

many options but if we do find anything

else after we post this video we'll

share it in the article we hope that you

found this video helpful and now it's

easier for you to know how to get

dressed for winter sale in Canada and

we're gonna have a written article as

well on the website and that way if we

find any new tips along the way we'll be

sure to add it there to help you out and

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