Hysterectomy Tips & Must Haves To Recovery

hey girl it's Lynette like with us TV

take a seat because we need to talk girl

it has been six weeks one two three four

five six weeks I'm about to give you the

nitty gritty I'm gonna give you the

details and I am going to give you some

tips and tricks to get through this

hysterectomy surgery if I can make it


so can you let's get started so let me

go ahead and backtrack for you real

quick when I got up from the surgery

table I immediately was greeted with the

news that your total laparoscopic

hysterectomy had to be modified it was a

chance that that was gonna happen and it

did happen so I woke up to a caesarean

cut so my immediate thing was I knew

that they were gonna try to keep me

overnight so the nurse was asking you

know what is your pain level and

honestly it was like a three or four

then and she said for you to say a three

and four we gonna keep monitoring you to

see if it goes a little higher if it

goes higher than maybe a six where wants

to admit you cool that's what I want you

to do cuz I don't want to be at home in

pain my pain level never really

increased so they decided that they were

going to go ahead and send me home I

came home as you can see in the videos

that I posted previously and I had all

of the essentials available to me to

just relax and get through those most

critical days which I considered the

most critical days now for me was day 1

through 3 I learned later that my uterus

wore five pounds yeah I have those

pictures I'm not going to share those

pictures with you cuz they're quite


first thing you're going to need to do

is you're gonna have to purchase some

essentials I purchased a buttload of

stuff a buttload of stuff that I didn't

need so my advice to you is if you're an

Amazon Prime member order the stuff that

you think you're going to need the week

of surgery that way while you're

recovering you can use what you need to

use and you're able to send back those

things that aren't doing you any good so

that's tip number one tip number two let

me go ahead and tell you what does worse

it's from the grocery store plumb smart

chips this juice right here is going to

loosen everything up after that

anesthesia has clogged everything up

this is very good when I tell you that

it was a lifesaver of getting things to

flow by net with some grapes I had green

grapes and them two together I was

having my beams with in day two next

thing alka-seltzer tablets what you

think these are going to be four is not

what they're for it's not into justif

guess that you're worried about its that

owed to gas that they pump in your belly

to blow it up when you're having

laparoscopic surgery you don't know and

dissipate it gets trapped it travels and

it usually settles right up in here the

next thing peppermint tea was essential

it helping with that gas as well if you

get all three all three of these things

together you can get that stuff moving

what I did was I combined this tea with

a lemon tea because I don't like to

taste the peppermint mix them together

it was so good y'all next thing and this

will not come into play until probably

about week three so for shaping cream

only suggesting is if you absolutely

need it and the people that's going to

need something like this are people that

have natural folds in their skin like I

have a large belly I have a large belly

before the hysterectomy now it's a

deflated large belly

and until I get it toned up I'm chafing

and the chafing hurts so bad so I called

the doctor and he said get some

athlete's foot spray but the spray

nozzle when these are so strong that it

hurts so what I did was I went to the

store and I found some type of anti itch

cream and I use that right now in that

c-section area where I have that fold at

but only do this after you have been

cleared to do so after everything has

stabbed over and healed over then you

can start using things like that in that

area but until then you just don't have

to kind of deal with it the next thing

that aided me tylenol liquid caps this

was recommended to me by the nurse that

was taking care of me she said get the

liquid gels then liquid gels go into

your system like that and you'll be able

to feel the effects of it so much faster

a belly band if you have an HSA or HRA

account disqualifies as a medical

purchase so you can purchase those out

of your health savings accounts as well

if you don't need the belly band for

anything else you're going to need it

for a car ride that car ride home from

the hospital tore me up so whenever I

had to get into a vehicle I will put the

belly band on one as you can see in this

clip right here we were getting ready to

head out and go to dinner and I had to

put the belly band on to keep everything

nice tight secure I don't know if you

would have this issue before a while I

felt like my organs were trying to

settle back in position and I know it

sounds weird but it happens

I felt like my organs were sloshing

around and it was borderline nauseating

if I would turn on from that too right

it will go that's how my guts am I will

put my belly band why it will keep

everything tight the next thing I'll

grab her you're not gonna realize how

much stuff falls in the floor that

you're gonna have to pick up until you

can't pick it up everything falls in the

floor you're in bed and you're trying to


Falls in the floor and unless you want

to keep bothering people you're stuck

and the next thing that I'm going to

show you it was something that I

purchased and I was hoping that I didn't

need it but on day one when I went to

lay in that bed and when I went to lay

flat and I could and my belly was being

stretched to a point where I just could

not take it anymore

I remember what they said sleep elevated

this wedge converts and it becomes a

wave that you could sit on and you can

also sleep away and up until about three

weeks ago I was still sleeping on it all

of the things that are able to be bought

on Amazon I would place a link below so

that you can check these things out

protect your peace only let people in to

this journey that absolutely need to be

in it do not just talk about it

willy-nilly because everyone has their

opinion and you always have a

hypochondriac that almost died or know

somebody that almost died from the


these are the people that you do not

need in your headspace this surgery is

intense its intense emotionally it is

intense mentally it is intense

physically the last thing you need is

outside influences telling you anything

negative if you've gotten to the point

where you scheduled this surgery only

thing that you need to do from that

point one is just go forward it's packed

yourself with knowledge have your

support system on lock it is so

essential to you getting back on your


you get so excited because you are doing

so well that you want everyone to know

and said some of you too were everything

I do is online so if I post a picture

online that's when I started to quickly

learn that I can't share everything with

everyone too soon because then you start

getting the feedback that you're not

ready for the feedback Oh Lynette you're

doing too much

be careful and I know people mean well

but when you get all of that feedback

and you're like I'm not doing anything

I'm sitting on my couch taking a picture

I'm standing in my kitchen boiling an

egg because you know that you're

listening to your body you know that

you're listening to your doctor you're

not doing anything to harm yourself I

had to stop doing social media I just

had to chill and it was cool it took a

while for my energy to come back it took

a while for any of the swelling just

start going down and I am still quite

swollen today at week six I still have

that I can't do too much of one thing at

one time so if I'm sitting I cannot sit

in a setting and just sit there sit

there sit there I gotta get up I gotta

walk around a little bit then when you

walk around and you do that a little bit

then you need to sit so it's a constant

rotation of not being able to do the

same thing for a long duration of time

you can I could not take a shower every

day taking a shower every day was

exhausting I would take a shower and I

would have to get into bed and go to

sleep it would wipe me out so what I

learned to start doing was take my

shower then the next day take a birdbath

start taking your vitamins so go ahead

and get that stuff back into your system

as soon as possible because it will help

aid you in your energy most people say

that they start to feel a little human

around day four I can kind of agree with

that after day three I felt like I had

this in the bag after day three I felt

like I didn't need anymore

medication until week three and it was

so confusing after week two I started to

feel sore again like day 1 day 2

soreness around week 3 I felt like I

could not manage without dulling the

soreness a little bit so I have to take

a couple of these Tylenol and it was so

confusing to me because in my mind once

I'm out of the soreness and out of the

pain how does that go back when I didn't

do anything to get back there you know

I'm saying and what you have to realize

is even though your body is progressing

in a way there are some ways it hasn't

even begin the process yet so whatever

my body started doing in week 3 it kind

of started the sword is all over again

for me not to a point where I felt like

oh my god I'm going to be in the bed I

got to lay down I need to be waited on

hand and foot but definitely to a point

where I needed some things to aim at

week six make 5 and a half weeks sick

I'm starting to have the incision nerve

pain because until now it's been kind of

numb it's felt pretty not because

although I feel good I am still

constantly reminded that I've had

something done my body will let me know

in little ways you just had something

major done to it I still am not able to

wear jeans I cannot wear anything that

has a buckle or have any restriction

around my stomach it is very

uncomfortable not painful just very

uncomfortable your life is going to be

sweats stretch pants yoga pants t-shirts

until indefinitely because I still have

both of my ovaries I have not felt any

different but I will say what is a mind

trick when you have your period because

everything still functions the same you


don't believe you still get the mood

swings you get the cravings you onset

bloating and it's really a mind book no

I don't regret it at all

recovery has been a dream for me I could

not ask for a better recovery I just

wish I had did it Sumer years ago I

probably could have avoided this

c-section cut years ago I was scared

six weeks ago I was terrified so with

that said you listen to your body you

listen to the advice of your

gynecologist your doctor and you do

what's best for you


relax just relax if you can you be off

work as long as you possibly can is it