How to PROPERLY Wash Your Face | You've Been Doing it ALL WRONG!

damnit quit that dammit I'm still

battling this bad boy but I'm not gonna

pop it rule number one hey I listen to

my own tips one thing you don't want to

do with is it just let it go naturally

it's the best way to go but in a more

serious note this bad boy sparked an

idea I never actually showed you guys

how to properly wash your face to avoid

those monsters and also just have

glowing skin so today I'm gonna show you

things you've been doing wrong and how

to properly wash your face so the first

mistake or thing you don't want to do

and almost every guy does not every guy

but a lot of guys do is just wash their

face with water that's it but this

however can lead to an excess collection

of acne causing bacteria and yeast to

build up on your face so you want to

make sure you use some sort of cleanser

now one thing you're gonna want to make

sure is use different cleansers because

everybody has different skin types some

are oily some are dry if you're a dry

skin type you're gonna want some sort of

creamy cleanser that's gonna rehydrate

your skin if you're an oily skin type

you're gonna want something that foams

up a bit and can cut through the oil the

second step you're gonna want to do to

properly wash your face is to use the

proper tools two things there's

something that I always use on top of

the cleanser bring in a new clean

washcloth now the reason why you spin

brushes yes you can use your hands and

your fingertips to wash your face but in

essence of spit rush it's just way more

effective to washing your face because

the soft bristles do a great job of

going in there into the pores and really

lifting up all the dirt better than just

your finger - the only downside is that

a lot of facial cleansers are just

really ridiculous and stupidly expensive

like $200 expecting I wouldn't recommend

those they're great and all but reality

is the one that I always use it it's

super affordable is the one from vanity

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you can get it for $30 $30 that's why I

mean it's the best bang for your buck as

opposed to paying 200 for a big

name-brand the coolest thing though is

that this one actually comes with five

different heads so it's a whole kit

you're getting for $30 instead of just

getting a little brush here you

a whole kid so you get a big brush set

this is great to kind of exfoliate your

body if you're into that you want to

kind of like remove some of your back

acne then it comes with two small brush

heads with different abrasion levels so

one with firmer bristles and one with

softer bristles and finally it also

comes with a publish stonehead which

this is great for smoothing out any

calluses on your feet or on your hands

to make sure that it's always smooth so

essentially you have like a four or five

in one for $30 in my opinion a spin

brush it's like the must essential for

guys in every bathroom there's like one

of those tools you must have in your

bathroom for kind of like that ultimate

beauty because it's it's just way more

effect it's like 10 times more effective

that oscillating brush does a great job

of working the cleanser around your skin

getting that dirt out and making you

look overall more handsome breaking some

of that oil down and avoiding the acne

so if you guys want to check out that

spin brush from vanity planet like I

said you can get it for 30 bucks it's a

great pickup to properly wash your face

I'm going to have it linked down below

with that discount code that gets you

70% off now the next step once you have

the tools everything ready you're going

to want to start by prepping your face

you do this by washing your face with

lukewarm water no you don't want to wash

it with cold water all cold water is

gonna do is seal up your pores and make

it much harder to scrub off the oil and

no you don't want to use steaming hot

water hot water yes will open up your

pores but will dehydrate your skin and

just dry it out once that step is done

you grab the cleanser apply it to the

spin brush and you're gonna want to

brush your face for around 2 minutes

areas you're gonna want to focus on is

the t-zone the t-zone is the area the

nose in the forehead area this is the

area that gets usually the most dirt the

most acne and the most oil buildup for a

lot of guys so there's an air you're

gonna want to focus on to really cleanse

however you don't want to forget about

your use on the you zone is the area

around the jaw and right under the jaw

this is an area that a lot of guys don't

clean and absolutely forget to the point

that dirt starts building up there and

can cause acne so make sure you target

that area as well now you're going to

want to wash your face with cold water

here's where you want to introduce cold

water this is gonna remove all the dirt

that the brush picked up with the

cleanser but also close off the pores to

seal it

off you don't want to leave your pores

open and susceptible to get brief filled

with dirt and oil that can cause acne

then grab a clean washcloth not

something dirty you've been using for

over a month and gently dab your face

dry this is again the proper way to do

it do not scrub your face because right

now your skin is very sensitive and any

sort of abrasion can cause scarring or

irritation and finally to full it seal

it off you must use some sort of serum

or moisturizer especially like right

after you're done drawing your face

right now your skin is dehydrated and it

needs to be hydrated so for maximum

absorption and effectiveness grab

whatever moisturizer you personally use

and apply to your face as soon as you're

done as for how many times you do it

well it's about two times a day there

was a study done in 2006 that actually

looked at participants that wash their

face once a day twice a day and four

times a day what they size that the guys

that wash their face twice a day

improved under acne overall more so than

the guys that did it four times or only

once a day so two times one in the

morning and one at night is pretty much

recommended and that's basically it for

today's video guys there's a six step

guide you're gonna want to do to

properly wash your face if you guys

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