What's the BEST WAY to Wash My Walls?

what's the best way to wash my walls hi

my name is let me I'm doing a licensed

painted color consultant owner of

expressions painting and founder of

expressions painting University the

question about how to wash my walls is

one that I get asked quite often for my

clients and what I usually end up doing

is either explaining it to them or doing

a live demonstration which they usually

very much appreciate now what I'll be

doing in this video in just a minute is

do exactly that a live demonstration so

that you can see but before we get to

that I want to explain the logic is that

first you need to understand that most

paints now will in fact all residential

paints now are water-based paint okay so

that means that if you let water sit on

your walls in time it could reactivate

the surfactant and make it so that a lot

of the paint is live again so to speak

but it's so it's important to keep in

mind that you want to make sure that you

don't put soaking wet kind of rag and

swish it all around right you want to

make it just a damp cloth or sponge and

then go and wash with that feel free to

use a mild detergent like dishwashing

soap if you feel that it's needed but

the thing is that what you want to be

aware of is your finger pressure the

more pressure you put in a single area

the more it will have a tendency of

picking up the pigments from the paint

which will cause a discoloration now the

other thing too is you want to make sure

that you don't let the water sort of as

I mentioned so what I recommend doing is

you first start with either a folded up

cloth to make it so that it kind of

looks like a sponge or an actual sponge

just put water soaked it out tight just

so that it's really just a little damp

and then just go ahead and do your your

do that wash the area and maybe fade out

a little bit and then what you want to

do is take a completely dry towel or

something like that and sponge away the

water in the area that you just wash

this will make sure that the water

doesn't stay any longer that it needs to

on the wall and as you'll see it will

blend quickly back to its original

film so here's that live demonstration

for you


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