Favorite Foot Soaks

I always like to say to do the ask the

doctor what's your favorite so what are

the doctor Johanna neo-noir favorite

foot soaks

okay split soaks serve different

purposes do you need to relax do you

have an ankle sprain do you need to


so to help an injury or just discomfort

or toe pain Epsom salt soaks just so you

can follow the directions Epsom so I

tend to add more epsom salts which are

magnesium salts to comfortably warm

water and soak for 20 minutes you can

soak for an hour

there are soaks to relax lavender with

epsom salts again so 20 minutes you

can't over soak if you have odor you can

add things like vinegar garlic cloves

alcohol to your foot soak Dom burrow

soak to draw your feet if you have a

problem with perspiration or sweaty feet

Dom burrow soaks are available at any

drugstore or TDE om e Bo ro and how does

that dry my feet if I'm soaking in water

it's like with tea you just noticed

tannic acids just seem to leave your

mouth a little bit dry after drinking

it's the same sort of thing just dries

it out if I have sweaty feet than I

should soak in that it'll help with the

sweat and it'll also help with any odor

because sweat does bring over okay

anything else how about like summer

soaks our winter soaks or warming so

people are drier in the winter and

moister in the summer so if you're

soaking in the winter because I like

soak solar and you generally need them

moisturize after if you're soaking too

much and it dries it out just add good

foot moisturizer not body moisture as it

doesn't work so what's a good foot

mister you need something with a little

acid in it like a uric acid a lactic

acid or salicylic acid there are things

at the drugstore that are light acids

and things at the doctor's office that

are stronger they all work just don't

use a body lotion on your feet you can

get foot cream get foot cream you can

use it on your hands too but use foot

cream for feet and hands

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