The Best Tar Remover For Car - Guaranteed!

hello folks Scot with Dallas paint

correction and auto detailing here in

Dallas Texas I want to show you in my

opinion one of the best are removing

products that I know of on the market

yes this car Pro tar actually got a

spray it let it wait three to five

minutes I'm gonna show you I've made a

video about this stuff before but this

stuff is so aggressive if I run my

finger through this stuff this is tar

that's been sitting on this vehicle for

about six months or seven months and it

almost feels like the the bottom side or

the top side of like a cave all that

stalagmite stuff or whatever so this is

very aggressive I'm going to take my sit

roll to 66 in an aerosol and I'm

actually gonna flood this area and then

I'm gonna make a point about how I

actually rinse off this product and how

you need to do that if you're going to

flood an area to to try to remove a

tremendous amount of tar that's having

aggressive like this I'll go in here and

lightly spray over this stuff now if you

notice I'm sure the cameras kind of

picking it up you can see instantly on

contact it's starting to run the tar is

starting to break down if I bring my

finger in here and just lightly agitate

over this tar again this stuff is like

this is very aggressive and it's very

it's very sharp this stuff has been

sitting on here for a long time and go

in here and lightly you probably

shouldn't do this folks with your finger

wear a pair of gloves or something but

I'm just trying to make a point on how

quickly this stuff responds to heavy tar

and to be able to release it from the

paint and this is citral 266 in an

aerosol I know a lot of you guys have

been saying I can't get it by the jug or

by the gallon but I can get it by the

can I just wanted to show you isn't that

amazing how quickly it just responds to

tar now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna

put a little bit more on here right I'm

gonna I'm not gonna agitate at all what

I'm gonna do is I'm gonna hit it with my

power washer and let me see how much I

can get off even though it's only been

sitting on the paint there for I don't

know how long how long is the video so

far two minutes holy crap Scott stop

talking so let me back you up so I don't

get you guys wet with the power washer

let me see how much I can knock off by

going to the power washer with two

minutes into the video


now that's pretty cool in my opinion

because would this allows me to do sorry

I'll bring you guys in you'll see how

much it's removed but again remember I

was telling you how thick it was and how

there's almost like little stones stuck

in it

so I don't necessarily want to go in

there with a light microfiber and try to

break it down although I could have but

there's all the sharp little stones

inside of it so it's an issue

let me just mop up the water that I

sprayed on there and then let me hit it

again with the 266 and then I'll use my

microfiber towel and lightly go in there

now you can see it again I'm pretty sure

it's showing it on the camera it's

basically just running down and breaking

it apart on contact let me go in there

with my microfiber towel again this this

stuff is pretty nasty aggressive as I

trick my microfiber across it you can

hear the stones the rocks that are in it

don't worry I'm doing some paint

correction on this car so I'm not over

not overthinking the moment I just want

to show you how effective this stuff is

without even really having to touch it

tar Rex is great but tar Rex you'd have

to wait so long for sometimes I'm really

thick stuff like this you'd have to wait

three to five minutes before it

responded just go in there and I mean

look at this stuff I can almost pick it

off with my finger it's disgusting


but in my opinion as a professional

detailer to be able to get tar off a

vehicle that's that thick that gross and

filled with all sorts of stones and

rocks I need something that's gonna do

it quickly and effectively and not have

to sit here and wait three to five

minutes for a product to begin working

then I can go in there and slightly

agitate or blow it off with a microfiber

time is money for me as a professional

and I just have never found anything

that's so amazingly quick to be able to

get tar off a vehicle that is that

aggressive and that nasty I mean right

now I'm about 95% of the way there I got

to get the rest of it off and I will

just wanted to share that moment with

you now when you're with you when you're

using central 266 in a large area you

notice I flooded the panel with it right

I'll even put more on it central the

company Schafer's will tell you this

product is water-soluble it's safe for

clear coat but when you're spreading it

over a large area you want to flush the

panel you want to rinse it with water

and by the way Central 266 is

water-soluble and it's safe on the clear

coat Schafer's website actually tells

you that in this particular case here

because I had an uncontrolled spray area

I'm flooding the area I'm gonna rinse it

off I might take a detail spray and just

wipe it down so I don't have any residue

left over but to me that is amazing to

have tar that's been sitting on a car

for six or seven months so aggressive

with stones trapped in it to be able to

remove it that quickly is amazing just

want to share with you love you guys

talk to you soon