Ask a Dermatologist: How do I get rid of age spots?


so this is a great question and people

come into my office all the time asking

about this because frankly many people

deal with this as they get older so dark

spots typically come from photo aging

which is the effects of the Sun on the

skin and there are many modalities

available in terms of lightening these

spots first and foremost a

board-certified dermatologist will want

to make sure that these spots are not

cancerous and that's why it's very

important to see a physician for this

concern so when you when the

dermatologist looks at these spots they

will determine whether they're amenable

to treatments with topical creams there

are lightening creams that are

prescription strength and are available

for use typically using them on the skin

you know roughly three to six months

daily will result in some improvements

and some of those products include track

noan and also hydroquinone and then

secondly there are also laser modalities

that can treat pigmented spots on the

skin quite well and those treatments I

think tend to be they're a little bit

more expensive but they also tend to be

a somewhat more effective at times and

these are all options that you can

discuss with your board-certified

dermatologist to get more information