Tattooing all the Fruit: 🍉🍌🍊 Whats the best fruit to practice on?


in this video we're gonna tattoo all the

food on the table and see which is the

best for you

okay guys we got everything set up

stalling some gloves and tattoo some

fruit all right we're gonna start off

with a nine round liner Cheyenne all

right guys let's take our banana peel

one off all right here we got a feather

I'm gonna lay some stencil stuff on to

the banana and see if this will stick

let's see I really have no idea what's

gonna happen here I have never put a

stencil on a piece of fruit and I've

never rubbed a banana like this so let's

see what happens

moment of truth I guess this is good

practice for putting on a stencil


there we have it

okay it's not perfect you have a stencil

guess that's something here we go

see what happens


there's a weird sound a weird feeling

when you're tattooing fruit you don't

want to stretch the skin or anything and

it's okay keep going





I realized wiping with the stencil on a

banana is a little bit harder than I

thought so I just simply lined it then

really wipe at all it's practice so I'm

really not too worried about it okay

this is just practice but let's see what

happened all right well there you go

guys that's tattooing a banana not too

bad pretty straightforward comfortable

you're moving in pretty much one

direction up and down the banana it

stays pretty flat something decent to

get used to a flat surface and something

kind of long gated if you will have you

put a circular or stencil withdrawl

something circular on here and probably

a little more difficult to try to get

that banana where you want it while

you're tattooing each one of those

things so something to keep in mind but

so far I had a great time tattoo is this

still edible can I eat this banana

our tattoo if you were penetrating

through this banana okay if you're

coming in contact you actually see ink

in the banana or on the backside of this

if it's thick then you're going to deep

way to you

so that's banana let's move on to the

next one next up grapefruit this I've

actually tattooed once or twice I think

this in an orange I don't remember it

was quite a long time ago so this would

be interesting blitz lathering this

thing down with some more stencil stuff

will rub it now stenciling a great


push down hold it for a little while

admittedly this isn't the greatest

stencil but really it's there I can see

it we should be able to tattoo this I'm

not gonna wipe or do anything like that

so we're just gonna see what happens

after it's done I'm gonna stick with the

9 round liner it might be also might be

a good idea to let your stencil dry for

a little while before moving on before

tattooing it before putting any D on it

all that stuff let it dry in this case I

want to just go at it immediately


so far so good it's feeling pretty

comfortable okay this will rad so far

we're moving


I'm not sure if the Andi is helping but

I'm putting it on anyhow


okay there's our candle let's clean it

off okay as you can see we have our

candle that's pretty comfortable that it

wasn't too bad to tattoo when your

tattoo in line to these simple stuff

grapefruit not a bad choice let's peel

this open and see what it looks like

underneath this is a perfect use for a

grapefruit because who eats grapefruit

anything okay there's our tattoo here's

our grapefruit I can't tell if this

black is from my ink yeah that's

probably what it's wrong okay pink on my

hand flip it over again nothing through

this is a pretty thick skin so if you're

tattooing through this skin your needles

hung out way too far you need to pull

the needle back possibly slow your hands

be down possibly slow the Machine down

I'm burning at about seven point eight

volts right now and this is on fruit

next you should all have one of these

around in the Apple one a day will not

keep the doctor away let's do the same

thing again lather it down with a little

bit of Sun so stew up and slap a stencil

on there it's in for the lovely Apple we

have a simple whatever so let's stick it

on there and hope for the best

will an apple take a stencil I don't

know so far so good

the nice part is is none of this fruit

has complained about stencil placement

yet so that's the nice

there's our stencil it's not the

greatest at this point you can't really

see all of it right now but being that

it's simple enough I think we got enough

to follow and make some sort of flower

tattoo a little bit of a deep don't know

if it does anything but we're keeping it

consistent to how we tattoo and I got my

little thingy here my little stencil so

I can see after I don't know that apples

are meant to be tattooing yeah they

ain't got thick skin




okay if you have an apple and that's

like the only piece of fruit you have to

go ahead because that was just weird

definitely felt different I think it has

something to do with the skin or whatnot

but nonetheless you can still tattoo an

apple the stencil didn't stick on nearly

as well I believe that's because the

skin on this is just so smooth it's just

it's really smooth so when you're trying

to put a stencil on there I mean yes

it'll stick to that stencil stuff but

it's very temporary you brush it breathe

on it it might just blow away so next up

cantaloupe at first appearance I don't

think that the cantaloupe is gonna make

the cut if I walk into a ghost or look

over something tattoo I'm you don't

think the cantaloupe is gonna be high on

my list however if you have a cantaloupe

in your house and you're dead set to

tattoo let's see what happens I have

never tattooed a cantaloupe how guys not

tattooed mostess fruit before okay for

this one we are gonna do this shark I

hope we get through it cuz this is

looking pretty rough this very textured

cantaloupe so I'm gonna rub some sets of

stuff on the cantaloupe and see what

happens here we go

it feels like dry skin it feels like

this thing is soaking up the stencil

stuff so I don't know if that's good

thing or not

Oh God okay I'm okay

all right I think we found our first

true dud it doesn't mean you can't

tattoo this I'm just gonna freestyle a

little bit pretty much just tattoo see

what it feels like cuz you don't have to

put a stencil on something it's attached

to it obviously especially you pack some

food you just want to pull on to do

different things or shade whatever I'm

gonna see if this hole if we can even

get to let's just see if we can't add to

this thing let's see what happens all

right okay machines running let's pull a

line or two I

I'm gonna make several lines and I'll

talk about it here in a second so let me

make a few more lines and just kind of

feel feel this thing out

okay be quite honest I really don't

think we have to go much further I'm

gonna wipe this off it's two lines and

the epic two lines actually aren't too

bad as far as the way they look when you

wipe them off I can see the two lines

are there but tattooing this is like

tattooing like a minefield

it's just up you just never know when

something's gonna happen it's gonna go

food and your needles gonna drop into a

pit or come up or but for practicing I

don't even want to touch it I don't even

want to go any further I did this you

can see it if you're desperate then go

ahead and tattoo your cantaloupe but if

not go find something else so with that

being said next

here we go

stencils on there let's peel it off and

see what we hey that's not bad out of

all the stencils this one seems to have

gone on the best it might be because

it's a little bit larger the skin is

smoother but it took the stun so really

nice the skin on this is light so I can

see this down Sol so this is looking

pretty promising so let's get to it see

what happened








okay so I didn't wipe the entire time I

was going a little weird but let's see

how that looks now alright guys so

there's our honeydew there's our flower

this wasn't that bad so with that being

said good time let's move on to the next

one next oranges let's get a stencil on

here and see what happens

alright we are going to reuse our same

stencil from before this little candle

burning okay so there we have it our

orange with a stencil on it it's it's

somewhat legible it's not great but it

it's legend well I could tattoo this and

if you took a little bit more time you

might be able to get that to stick a

little bit better so nonetheless let's

get to it see how it feels see what's

going on





okay so well let's get it wiped down and

see what this

okay and as you can see here's our

orange I did a couple things here

differently I went really fast in some

places so you can see what it will look

like if you don't get proper penetration

if you're moving too quickly a lot of

different variations so you can figure

that out by looking at your warm skin or

any of the skin but in this case it's

quite obvious you can see where the ink

can't quite go in so I didn't have

enough ink in the needle cartridge or I

was moving my hand too fast both are

very possible for whatever reason the

orange allows you to move the smoothest

I think you for some reason the needle

just really just wants to run and that's

kind of nice that it is pretty similar

to skin in a lot of ways so for that

purpose the orange is pretty nice to

have around

alright let's peel it open


this orange appears to still be edible

so that's cool

you can tattoo your orange and eat it or

you can tap your orange and have it too

anyhow there we go orange next

watermelon let's see what happens

tattooing a watermelon

it's a watermelons that means gonna cry

mom okay here we go we have our

watermelon and now we're going to this

guy right here

um let's keep our fingers crossed and

see what happens so let's get some

stencil stuff on there rub the melon

down and put our stencil on here we go

now it's got some smooth skin kind of

like the apples I don't know this will

be interesting maybe everybody's gonna

start buying watermelons will that be

the new thing find out here come

well I will say our stencil looks pretty

good feel like this is gonna be kind of

like the Apple where if I breed on it it

might just go away

so again I'm gonna attempt align this

without doing any wiping and good god

let's see what the heck happens my

expectations are low

the skin is obviously quite tough we'll

see what happens here we go


oh is that it ear or something no


okay guys I'm gonna stop here the

watermelon is really difficult to tattoo

it bounces the needles are jumping in

there and I really don't think it's

doing my machine or anybody any any

favors running this okay it's important

also to let your stunts will kind of dry

on there so you don't lose it later on

that can help but nonetheless I don't

think the watermelon quite obviously is

your best choice to learn to practice

tattooing or just a practice room or

whatever so I'm gonna wipe it off anyhow

we'll take a look at what we got so what

we have is what looks to be a panther

missing quite a bit of his face or her

face really nonetheless if you have a

watermelon and you have to practice and

all you got then go ahead but think

about the Machine you're using is it

really grey is it your favorite yada


don't ruin good stuff all right

nonetheless that's the watermelon the

honeydew is definitely gonna be your

best for practicing the reason why I say

that is yes these smaller fruits are

good as well if you have those but the

honeydew is a little bit larger so you

can put a bigger piece on there you can

practice more you can move this around

you up all the surface area definitely

recommend the honeydew along with the

banana the grapefruit in the orange and

let me know what you think let me know

you guys have tattooed have you done any

of these do you totally hate this for

other things do you love the watermelon

let me know below okay so if you guys

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