Cleanspiration: How to clean a tiled floor

need to clean your child for well here's

some clean inspiration for you today

we're going to take a look at cleaning

tiled floors now your tiles should have

been sealed but we need to make sure

that they are and this is the way to do

it I've got a little test for it the

reason we're doing this because if your

tiles aren't sealed we can't use a wet

mop on there if they're sealed you're

good to go this is how you do the test

okay so this is just water I'm going to

pop a little bit of water onto the tile

like that and there we go it's just

sitting on top of the time it's not

being absorbed and that's telling me the

tiles aren't porous and they've been


if the water is absorbed then your tiles

are likely that they're quite porous and

you can't use a wet mop on it the reason

being is you may damage your tiles

don't leave the water there mop it up

with an all-purpose cloth there we go

right there's a test done now we can get

onto the sweeping here's a tip for you

sweep from away from you and bring it

into you to create piles of the dust in

the dirt this way you're not walking in

the dirt and it's a lot more efficient

that way there we go

creating a nice pile of all the dirt pop

it into your dustpan and brush like so

and then get rid of this into the bin

okay so here's my mop of choice this is

a cloth mop and it's perfect for tiled

floors like this one here I've got my

bucket here for the warm detergent

here's a tip for you I've used half the

recommended amount of detergent the

reason being is you know sometimes you

mop the floor and then after you sort of

walk on it it feels a bit sticky

underfoot well if you use half the

amount of detergent that won't happen

it's still cleaned beautifully but you

won't get that problem pop your mop into

the bucket now what I can do is I give

it a bit of a spin when I'm bringing it

out and all the mop parts will fall down

as opposed to all folded over each other

pop it into the ring and then give it a

really really good ring don't use a

sodden mop because it's just going to

take a very very long time to dry

take your mop out and then you want to

pick where you going to start from where

you can exit I either door work your way

through the kitchen in a figure of 8 so

therefore any dust or any dirt that

you've missed when you're sweeping

because it happens you'll pick it up in

the figure of 8 and it'll help to

collect all that dirt

and all that dust up again ma pin into

the ring give it a good ring and back to

where you left again figure-of-eight

right into the corners make sure you get

right into those corners like that and

keep working your way into your workout

leer exit then you have a nice clean

floor like that