Best Mops For Hardwood Floors of 2020 | Mops For Hardwood Floors Buying Guide

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the Bona premium spray mop this thing's

really durable and lightweight so it

makes everything very easy to maneuver

around my house and clean all of my

hardwood floors and tile areas it has a

cartridge right here of a water-based

cleaning solution which is fantastic

it's refillable it also comes with a

machine washable microfiber removable

pad for cleaning I can put it right in

the washing machine which is fantastic

it gives off a lightness of this

water-based cleaning solution so it

doesn't over saturate my floor's but it

still is very easy to clean up the

cleaner is water-based so it's specially

formulated for my hardwood floors which

is great and if you'll notice the base

of this mop is large so I can cover a

very large area in a fast amount of time

and what I love is how easy I can

maneuver the bonum mop throughout all of

the furniture it gets into all those

hard-to-reach areas and it just is so

much easier than using any type of heavy

vacuum or other piece of equipment the

corners are sort of rubbery and they

don't Nick up or ding your furniture as

you're cleaning and the cleaning

solution actually has a quick drying

formula it actually dries on its own

incredibly fast and it doesn't leave any

streaks behind the cartridge also has

this sort of click sound when you put it

in you can hear it click so that you

know you really got it in nice and tight

it has this little hook that pops up so

you can hang it in your pantry or your

cleaning closet once I'm done with all

of my dusting and mopping I will just

remove the pad rinse it out wring it and

let it dry for the next use anything

win in my book DiBona premium spray