How to Make the Best Steak Marinade |


with a name like the best steak marinade

in existence this marinade has to live

up to a bold claim and it does according

to Allrecipes member Goldilocks 19 who

says this marinade was amazing the

states were so tender and the taste

fabulous this marinade is very subtle

and it really enhances the meat well for

this recipe you'll need to take out your

blender no blender in the house no

problem just use a large bowl and a

whisk instead start by pouring 1/3 of a

cup of soy sauce into the blender


then add half a cup of olive oil


squeeze the juice from a fresh lemon to

make 1/3 of a cup


follow that with a quarter cup of

Worcestershire sauce


a teaspoon of dried minced garlic and

one and a half tablespoons of garlic

powder three tablespoons of dried basil


one and a half tablespoons of dried

parsley flakes and one teaspoon of brown

white pepper

for an extra kick add a quarter teaspoon

of hot pepper sauce almost done now

cover the blender and blend on high

speed for about 30 seconds or until the

marinade is thoroughly mixed


and that's it pour the marinade over

your steak turning it several times to

coat meat well


cover your steak and refrigerate for up

to eight hours then cook the steak

however you like

make sure you discard any leftover