Food is Fuel! What to Eat for Breakfast -- The Doctors

working out is obviously one way to get

fit but it's only part of the process

what you're eating is just as important

so dr. Molina is going to help us spot

those not-so-great healthy foods and

show us what you need to be eating to

lose weight but also gain muscle because

a lot of us just assume that once we

start a workout routine it means we can

eat whatever we want yeah absolutely we

take a lot of leeway when we start at

the gym and also I see a lot of women

wasting time in the gym because if

they're not fueling their body correctly

they're not going to be able to build

that muscle so they can do all the

exercises that you showed no matter what

decade but if not they're not putting

the right fuel in their body they're not

going to get the results of getting that

lean body mass and getting rid of the

few extra layers that some of your fuel

not only drives your workout but if you

put the wrong fuel in your body you're

gonna have to workout twice as long

raise your hand if you feel like you're

not always certain what to eat before

during or after workout this is truly a

science and Pamela you are wondering

this very question right so come on up

here because we have a little

smorgasbord welcome so come between

believers a lot of people don't think

about breakfast but it really doesn't

only fuel your name but it's officially

gonna fuel that workout so we're gonna

do a little breakfast quiz here because

it really is the most important meal of

the day

research shows that those who eat

breakfast regularly maintain or lose

weight most effectively but the right

breakfast is key so unfortunately the

drive-through probably isn't going to

have it so I've got a bunch of choices

here they look pretty healthy bran

muffin and Jews some strawberry yogurt

and granola some flake cereal the omelet

here and another parfait what do you

think is the best breakfast for fueling

your body and also for weight loss I'm

gonna go with that one

that's what I would like though all

right I'm so glad you chose that because

that's the wrong answer actually works

out really well it doesn't so what I

don't like about this breakfast is that

the strawberry yogurt is gonna be super

high in sugar even if it's nonfat it's

gonna have sometimes more sugar than a

candy bar granola is really dense in

calories really high in fat on it even

though this looks like less calories

this is actually less calories and it's

more balanced so the key to breakfast is

lean protein I want you to think about

building your breakfast around Lane from

one look at leaning crude lead a healthy

carb like whole grains or fruit a little

bit of healthy fat like nuts or peanut

butter is going to help fuel you the

entire day and keep your blood sugar

more stable help you control hunger so

these two are the winners this is Greek

yogurt and it's plain you add the flavor

with real fruit not whatever mix oh this

is a king boy okay well this is the key

yes that is plain Greek yogurt you've

added the flavor with the strawberries

this that I don't know what that is

that's not a flavorings you did not get

in the juicer did you you could

kinetically so let's move on to snacks

because we all hit that mid-morning roll

or mid-afternoon law hmm a lot of people

don't know should i snack should I not

if you get hungry for you tween meals

you absolutely should snack as a

preventive measure it's going to help

control your appetite better so that

when you get to that meal and if you're

at a restaurant if the bread basket

comes you don't totally lose it and

devour that before you even have a

chance to look at the menu so correct

snacking is really important and this is

another one so what do you think is the

best option here and it can be more than

one yeah okay yeah I would proud these

this is probably what I would would

choose one of those I'm not egg cheese


okay so probably yeah one of these too

so these are great choices because again

we're gonna and there's a people think

that the hundred calorie packs are good

the problem is it's a hundred calories

of garbage in most cases and it's not

fueling your body's beware when you grab

a snack pack and the first ingredient is

enriched flour or enriched wheat flour

enriched doesn't mean it's rich in


you usually have taken all the nutrients

out and then they put in a teeny little

percentage of them back yeah it's

basically sugar