The Best Science-Based Post Workout Meal To Build Muscle (EAT THIS!)



I remember when I first started lifting

I was always told that the post-workout

meal was crucial if I didn't have one

shortly after my workout I'd feel as if

my gains was slowly wither away and that

the workout was basically a write-off

fortunately over the years I was able to

realize that post work of nutrition

isn't as crucial as I made it out to be

but it still does have its merits since

by consuming the right foods in the

right amounts after your workouts you'll

be able to better improve your

performance and recovery and build

muscle that much faster to start though

let's first cover what exactly a

post-workout meal is and what it aims to

accomplish so a post-workout meal is

simply the meal you have shortly after a

resistance training workout or even an

intense cardio session but for example

is stroll in the park or any very low

intensity activity wouldn't require a

post-workout meal and this meal seeks to

accomplish two major goals one to

replenish glycogen stores that have been

depleted during your workout this helps

keep you energized for the rest of the

day provides your muscle with fuel for

your next workouts it can also help

prevent muscle breakdown and to to

increase protein synthesis while

decreasing protein breakdown which is

just a rebuilding process of repairing

any damage caused by your workout and

putting your body in an anabolic state

to now build muscle so how can we design

our post-workout meal to best accomplish

these two goals well in this video

that's exactly what I'll cover by going

through what research has deemed as the

optimal post-workout meal along with

various easy to make meal examples that

you can implement right away let's start

with protein protein is going to be the

most important macronutrient that you'll

want to include in your post-workout

meal since it will be responsible for

kick-starting muscle protein synthesis

and the recovery and growth process for

your muscles as for the best types of

protein to include in your post-workout

meal you'll want to ideally stick with

fast digesting protein sources since

research has indicated that they promote

post exercise anabolism to a greater two

agree and does so much faster than

slower digesting protein sources

therefore your best option here would

simply be weigh or plant protein powders

but lean meats and egg whites are

definitely viable options as well and as

for the ideal amount of protein to have

a 2016 failure by McNaughton and

colleagues found that 20 grams of the

high-quality protein such as whey is

able to elicit a near maximal protein

synthesis response following a workout

however they also found that doubling

the amount of 40 grams was able to

significantly boost protein synthesis by

20% what I'd recommend though is simply

aim to get at least 20 grams in your

post-workout meal and aim for 40 grams

if you're on the heavier side or if you

would just like to ensure that you're

stimulating maximum protein synthesis or

if this is going to be your last meal

before bed since this will better

improve protein synthesis over night

just know that the difference in muscle

growth this will make in the long run

though is likely negligible given that

your daily protein intake is sufficient

now as for carbs as mentioned earlier

they'll mainly serve to replenish any

muscle glycogen that's been depleted

from your workout in order to improve

your performance and energy levels for

your next workout and they seem to best

accomplish this when consumed within the

post-workout window in fact a study from

the International Journal Sports

Medicine found that there's a super

compensation of glycogen stores when

carbohydrates are consumed shortly post

exercise and delaying their consumption

by just two hours reduces the rate of

muscle glycogen resynthesis by as much

as 50% but this is likely only really

useful if you were to train again in the

same day

since research has also shown that so

long as you eat enough carbs and the

rest of your meals your body will

eventually fill as glycogen stores back

up regardless of whether you had them

post-workout or not however despite this

I would still advise including carbs in

your post-workout meal since as shown in

a 2007 paper from the Journal of the

International Society of Sports

Nutrition ingesting carbohydrates with

protein following exercise increases

growth hormone levels to a greater

extent than when compared to ingesting

protein alone which the researchers

stated leads to a more favorable

anabolic environment for recovery

therefore including carbs as part of

your post-workout meal is likely optimal

and as for the best types of carbs to

include research such as this paper from

the Journal of applied physiology

indicates that high glycemic index carbs

result in the most rapid increase in

muscle glycogen following intense

exercise and are thus ideal options

some examples include white potatoes or

sweet potatoes rice cakes white rice and

so on and fruits are actually a good

option to include as well since research

indicates that they seem to enhance

digestion and fluid delivery when

combined with glucose from carb sources

that aren't fruit just make sure that

you're not only consuming fruit since

they replenish liver glycogen rather

than the much-needed muscle glycogen for

your workouts however what's even more

important than the type of carbohydrate

you ingest is the amount you ingest

within your post-workout meal a good

idea is to get roughly 20 to 30 percent

of your total daily carb intake within

that meal or at least 25 to 30 grams of

carbohydrates in order to best replenish

your glycogen levels and support and

anabolic environment for growth and

lastly as for fats research is

relatively unclear as to their benefits

and drawbacks regarding post-workout

nutrition we do know that adding fats to

a post-workout meal does not further

boost protein synthesis but certain

types may actually delay the digestion

of carbohydrates which does indicate

that minimizing fat post-workout may be

ideal to replenish glycogen and promote

anabolism the fastest while keeping the

risk of GI distress low but in my honest

opinion I'd say just do what you want

with fats post-workout because the

difference between including them or not

is likely insignificant now as for the

timing of your post-workout meal this is

something I'll have to cover more in

depth in a future video but for now just

know that if you've had a pre-workout

meal with adequate protein and carbs at

least a few hours before your workout

then the timing of

post-workout meal now becomes less

important and can be within even two to

three hours after your workout however

if you have not had a pre-workout meal

within that time frame or you're simply

working out fasted then in this case

you'll want to ingest your post-workout

meal as soon as possible following your

workout so now that we know exactly what

a post-workout meal should consist of

let's take a look at a few quick to make

yet effective meal ideas that implements

exactly what I've covered



now just keep in mind that post work of

nutrition is just one of many aspects

that you want to get right in order to

build muscle most effectively you simply

aren't going to see the results that

you're after if you're not optimizing

all aspects of your training and your

nutrition as well this is exactly why

within my build with science programs

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