How to Wash Windows Like a Pro! Window Cleaning Ideas That Save Time & Money (Clean My Space)

do you know why professional window

cleaners use microfiber pads and

squeegees to clean their clients windows

well neither do I but I'm sure there's a

very good reason for it now a long time

ago I clean my windows using only

vinegar and paper towels but truth be

told it's quite time-consuming using the

spray and wipe procedure and more often

than not I would get frustrated with the

streaky results and reading the comments

I know many of you are having the same

issues there's got to be a better way

well there was a better way and that

involves one of these this is a squeegee

scrubber combination tool and these cost

about 10 bucks at your local big box

when I bought mind over the weekend it

was on sale or maybe mispriced for 3

bucks so now the only other stuff you're

going to need aside from this is a

bucket a microfiber cloth and some dish

liquid so all you need to do is put a

few drops of dish liquid into your

bucket and fill it about halfway with

warm water we're going to use the

microfiber scrubbing pad to wash the

windows and then we'll use the squeegee

to wipe them clean and dry and a quick

note if you find that your rubber

squeegee tends to go on you you can

always buy replacements dip the

scrubbing pad into your mixture and

apply it to the glass in an S pattern

try to get into all of the corners

next you'll use the squeegee and start

at the top

wiping from one side to the other just

like they do with the gas station then

you can use a microfiber cloth to wipe

the frames and corners clean just to

catch any of that extra moisture now you

can attach a pole to your squeegee tool

to reach windows that would normally be

out of reach just make sure that you buy

a threaded squeegee and that you have a

threaded extension pole you can also use

this tool indoors just use less water on

your scrubbing pad and maybe for good

measure place a rag or cloth at the

bottom of the window to protect your

window sills

if you have any tree sap dead bugs or

other crusty bits on your window just

use a scraper to get them off and that

is pretty much it you should check out

our blog for more great

window washing tips and tricks where you

can learn about why you don't want to

use newspaper and why you might want to

use rain-x to clean your windows you

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