How To Clean Vinyl Plank Floors

my friends today's video is all about

luxury vinyl plank floors specifically

yours and how to make them cleaner and

look better

vinyl plank floors are great they give

you the look and feel of hardwood

flooring without the construction or

price you've achieved this in your own

home and right now there is nothing that

could doll your sparkle so without any

further ado let's talk about how to

clean your vinyl plank floors with

confidence like I do in so many of my

videos I'm gonna give you a level 1

cleaning and now I'm going to give you a

level 2 cleaning

the level 1 cleaning is for floors that

just need a little bit of a routine

touch-up from time to time not much

traffic and overall the floors just stay

in pretty good shape and then the level

2 cleaning is for those of you who go

hard high-traffic dogs cats dance

parties basically the level 2 cleaning

is for those of you whose floors get


the level inflating we're gonna make a

special DIY the vinyl plank flooring

cleaner I know some of you will love

that so first off you need to purchase

you a flat microfiber spray mop this

right here comes right off you can tug a

washer you can buy a few more of these

pads to go with your mop this comes

right off the Scylla plastic container

so you can put your cleaning solution

right inside pop it right back on this

right here

I bought a Walmart for like 20 bucks

comes with a trigger it works and it

will get the job done this is the mop I

use my own home however if you are into

superior quality top-of-the-line the

brand Rubbermaid makes the spray mop

that is absolutely fantastic highly

highly recommend it I will leave a link

to that product down below in the video

description box if you want to go that

route if not then just head to Walmart

take this thing up this is the brand Oh

Sita Oh cedar you pick this up you can

put this to work it'll get the job done

right works just fine it's what I use

let's talk about the DIY clear and we're

gonna use for our vinyl plank floors

puff this up cap will come right off it

will unscrew right off and you're gonna

fill this up with 1/2 cup of rubbing

alcohol one cap of mrs. Meyers

multi-surface concentrated cleaner and

lastly fill the rest up with water so

real quick why are we gonna use these

products to clean our floors with number

one the rubbing alcohol we're using it

because it's got a drying agent and sis

can help those floors dry faster and

number two it's got some disinfectant


yay also the mrs. Meyers cleaning day

why are we using it well number one it

smells awesome

and number two it does a great job of

cleaning those force without leaving

behind the sticky residue as long as you

are faithful to the recipe I just gave

you one cat if you use more than one cap

yes you run the risk of a sticky restive

as you would with any cleaner you decide

to use it doesn't matter if the cleaner

says no sticky restive if you use half

the bottle on the floor you won't have

Steve rested so what we're doing here is

you sweep or you vacuum the floors to

get up all the debris and then you pull

that trigger to release that

cleaner onto the floor with his spray

balm and mop with the grain easy peasy

loo easy

level two cleaning most of you should

not need this the level one cleaning

should be fine but for those of you

whose floors are filthy here's the

solution you gonna need a good

old-fashioned stream up come on now and

some Dawn dish soap what this is gonna

allow you to do is go back and forth

with your mom rinsing out changing out

your water as needed if you try to do

this cleaning with the flat mop

you're just gonna end up smearing that

dirt everywhere all over the floors and

make a huge mess and you will go through

a slew of microfiber pads so fill your

bucket up with some warm water and get

few squirts of Dawn dish soap and start

damp mopping the floors don't slop mop

no slob mopping only damp mopping if

you're unfamiliar with those terms or

you don't even know where to start you

have no idea how to use a stray mop it's

old school

I'm new school I don't know how to use a

string mop but if you don't know how to

mop your floors with string mop I made a

video specifically for that it's

dedicated specifically for that it's


how to mop your floors you'll find it on

the channel or I will leave the video

listen linked down below for you check

that video out so that you can implement

this level - cleaning now before we end

this video let's talk about four things

that you need to avoid

so these are the no nose Steam Mop

whatever you do do not use a steam mop

the intense heat can penetrate the seams

of the vinyl plank caused them to bend

and warp and also loosen up the glue

holding them together so whatever you do

avoid the Steam Mop

at all costs number two wax no wax no

wax linoleum floors require the wax not

these if you put wax on these floors

then you're really gonna get your sticky

residue and when you get a sticky

residue on a vinyl plank floors they

become a magnet for dirt then they

really gonna be filthy then and dull I

should say number three hard scrubbing

with like a nylon brush or a sponge the

scratchy side of a sponge whatever you

do don't do that

you can leave scuff marks and it will

just take the shine away and number four

abrasive cleaners like bleach ammonia

just stick to the two cleans I gave you

above and you will be good to go no need

to get fancy so that is it my friends

how to clean your vinyl plank floors

thanks so much tech Nevada if you liked

it and you found it valuable please give

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really helps us out and also if you want

to take our relationship to the next

level then drop me a comment down below

with that being said implement the steps

I've outlined in this video on your

vinyl plank floors and you will be well

on your way to becoming the domesticated

cleaning savage that I know you are

I proclaim Kokoda don't retain anything

in you main just non-toxic