How To Clean Porcelain Tile

hi it's Daniel with bonanza trade and

supply and today we're going to be doing

some side-by-side comparisons of various

cleaners from different manufacturers

we're going to use the aqua mix nano

scrub which is a micro abrasive cleaner

a aqua mix heavy duty tile and grout

cleaner which is an acidic cleaner and

finally the restorer my stone tech as

you can see I wear a protective gear

because some of these the restorer and

the heavy-duty tile cleaner are both

acidic cleaners and so I want to protect

my eyes and my hands and I will be using

platinum knee pads by custom building

products today to scrub away on my knees

so we're going to start out with the

Nano scrub what's recommended is that we

pretreat the floor with water

of course the whole area has to be swept

cleaned first so right now I'm going to

be pre treating the soiled area with

water light coat of misted water and

then I'll put nano scrub on top of it

agitate for about five minutes and we'll

see what the what it reveals

as you can see this area's heavily

soiled this area is right in front of

one of our displays lots of lots of


nano scrub is a very thick compound

let me use an acid scrub brush to work

it into the soil dariya

continue agitating for five minutes or

so so we've spent about five minutes

scrubbing this area so you can see it

foams up and it looks quite dirty I

forgot to mention that our janitorial

service was here today also and they did

a cleanup before this so the area

actually was cleaned by a janitorial

service and you can see it's still quite

grimy and we're going to take up most of

this we sell these rags different types

of rags these are our t-shirt rags we

sell terry cloth rags and we sell five

pound and 25

bags or bags are useful dirty clean up

like this way I'm glad I'm wearing

gloves because this is quite slimy

and voila so we're going to continue on

with the process right now we're going

to try out the heavy duty tile and grout

cleaner by aqua mix this is an acid so

you do want to wear protective gloves

and protective glasses the recommended

amount is one part of the heavy duty

cleaner to two parts in the water and I

use warm water it seems to work a lot

better so here I mixed two parts water

to one part heavy duty tile grout

cleaner by aqua mix and we're going to

simply pour it on and agitate it for

about five minutes and see how that

affects the area and

I know

so it's been about five minutes of

scrubbing and agitating the surface with

the heavy-duty tile cleaner and we're

going to mop it together reveal the

surface and see how well it did

you can see the the great job that the

table cleaner a but aqua mix is done

it's called a heavy-duty tile grout

later so our final product that we're

going to demo today is the restorer by

Stone Tech DuPont it's a simple spray

out of the bottle solution and no mixing

required it's also an acid so you have

to be careful with your hands and your

clothes and your eyes

this looks like it's reacting very fast

so it's been about a few minutes and

clean the area my feeling was this area

this reacted very quickly and cleaned up

super fast

that's quite easy also so in this area

here we use the aqua mix nano scrub just

did a great job this is a porcelain tile

with an epoxy grout joint here we use

the heavy aqua mix heavy duty grout and

tile cleaner it's an acidic cleaner

again did a nice job and finally this is

the DuPont restore which again is an

acidic cleaner and a nice job as well I

guess the case in point would be looking

at all the grout joints and how clean

they become so frankly it's a toss-up

which one's better they all look great

so once again all of these products are

available on on our websites either

still totally Gaga or stone tech direct


or aqua misdirect calm

rubber gloves for protection safety

glasses kneepads stone care and cleaning

products spray bottles mixing containers

scrub brushes and rags everything you

need to take care of your tile stone