How To Clean A Leather Sofa SAFELY ⚠️


good morning everyone welcome back to my

channel in today's video I'm going to

show you how I care for my leather sofa

how a cleaner how a maintainer and the

products that I use to clean it which is

most important I just know I've got

three dogs and they spend their life on

my sofa so I'm a cleaner every four

weeks and are basically cleaning it with

Johnson's baby soap and I use a cloth

just a microfiber cleaning cloth some

hot water and an old towel for drying

and that's just about it so let's get

stuck in putting in the sofa and I'll

show you exactly how I do it and it's

safe for me I'm by no means an expert I

don't like to use anything harsh on the

leather because obviously you know we

want to we don't want to compromise the

leather in any way at all so I just use

baby soap which has always been

absolutely fine with me if you're going

to use it do a little test spot at the

back so you can make sure that it's safe

and that's it let's get stuck in









I'm not everyone that's how I clean my

leather sofa just with baby so I'm gonna

take this off the tripod and let you see

how do you see the rawness and I do need

a new sofa there's no denying that but

I'm just not meant as a pair just one

yet so as soon as I am I'll let you Sol

know and I'll probably take these with

new ones you're going to get wonderful

for now that's how I clean my sofa I've

got the wall set and we're going to take

it out and see just how easy it is off

the sofa and the chair you ready oh my

gosh how disgusting

maybe hope you enjoyed this video if you

did please give it a thumbs up and leave

me some comments down below and let me

know how you clean your mother surfaces

and yet that's heck I'm gonna sit down

now with a nice clean sofa how dare she

was bad water I'm not gonna sit down on

a nice clean sofa with an icicle can

take and I'll see you all in my next

video have a lovely day everyone and

I'll see you soon bye for now