Ways to break a fever

season is here and it's hitting us hard

and with the flu comes that dreaded

fever so tonight dr. Nandi is here

excuse me with five ways it's not the

flu don't worry five ways you can break

that fever and when it's time to go see

your doctor so you don't many people get

worried when they or their loved ones

develop a fever especially what happens

to your child right it can be a sign of

an illness but a raised temperature

actually helps your immune system fight

off those infections unfortunately there

are many myths about fevers leading

people to believe that's always time to

treat them so your body's at work going

against that virus so when is it safe

doc to break you know a fever how do you

know when you got to get to the doctor

the women always ask me the tough

questions so fevers when your body

temperatures above a hundred degrees

Fahrenheit when measured orally if you

don't have any health problems then you

don't really need to treat the fever

because this can actually slow down your

body's ability to fight the infection

but if you have chills or muscle aches

then you could take some some home

treatments what are the ways that you

can break a fever so Curtis number one

you can take over-the-counter fever

medications like ibuprofen or

acetaminophen which is tylenol if you

have a child who's two or younger be

sure to first talk to your doctor and

never give aspirin to teens and children

number two drink plenty of cool clear

liquids like water and electrolyte

drinks number three try using cold

compresses on your head for is wear

light clothing too many layers can make

you overheat and lastly be sure to stay

home and get rest if you push too hard

you'll likely feel worse and it can take

longer to recover this is a different

frame of thought because you my child

gets a fever and it's like danger that

is the warning sign that's exactly right

so what I'll say I've got some

prescriptions though to start it's

really best to avoid a fever so number

one wash your hands frequently with soap

and water to avoid germs number two if

no soap and water available use those

alcohol-based sanitizers three avoid

close contact with sick people and ask

them to please cover their mouths when

they're coughing or sneezing it may be

rude but you got to do it be sure to get

a flu shot as its lowers your risk of

getting the flu when should someone call

their doctor so real quick you should

contact your doctor if your fever goes

above 105 degrees Fahrenheit if it lasts

longer than three days if you have a

rash intense pain or swelling all right

Thank You dark my pleasure tips there

with the cold water and all that you you

can if you could say how you got talk to

your doctor get the emergency room okay

thank you Dad got a tip for our concern

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