Best tire shine at retail level! (The SHOWDOWN)

I'm putting armor-all on my tires

everybody I want to talk about the best

retail level tire shine where can you go

autozone O'Reilly maybe even Walmart and

you'll find the products I'm reviewing

in the video today we've got Turtle Wax

wet and black tire shine how about some

armor-all extreme tire shine Mook wires

hot shine and when I use on a

professional level Chemical Guys you can

find Chemical Guys in Walmart these days

right VRP great tire dressing but I do

want to know what else is out there for

tires that I just cleaned with odorless

mineral spirits you guys if you haven't

seen this video check it out right here

it's a yeah this will change your life

as far as cleaning tires is concerned

but I do want to do a review which tire

shine is the best on a retail level one

tire one product you'd be the judge

just for fun let's start with McGuire's

hot shine tire spray they advertised as

shine that lasts high-gloss wet look

shine self spreading formula prevents

streaks so what are the instructions

here a plan a cool clean dry tire in a

well-ventilated area

Spray product directly on the tire for a

high gloss finish spray product on the

applicator pad for more control and a

low gloss Sheen wipe off any excess

product to reduce sling all right so

with all these products I'm gonna do it

the heavy way and then I'm gonna follow

with like a dry microfiber maybe that's

just my own way of doing things I'm not

sure but I always clean rims last so I

guess I'm not too worried about


although I do see this kind of

splattering this is probably way too

much just knock it down with an even

well I'll probably knock it down with

okay this has a pretty strong smell to

it but it seems like it's leaving the

tire like very black which and not that

much stuff is coming off on my towel so

you know it's a pretty clean tire and

also probably a lot of this is absorbing

into the tire which is interesting but

this is just my style I like to spray

something on and then kind of like work

it to the finish that I want I'd like to

start with the big bazooka see what it

looks like but that was too shiny for me

at first let's see if I can't just work

this in

work that in there all the streaks oops

right here keep those streaks well there

you have it um that looks pretty good

let me show you though what you might be

dealing with with this product because I

sprayed it on like that you're gonna get

these little splatter marks I even got

it under there although I wonder if

that'd be good for wheel wells to set

try it just for grins because I can it's

my own truck

it looks pretty good to me you guys I

didn't even think about this holy crap

hey you know life is all about discovery

how does that wheel well look compared

to that one oh I just discover a new

okay that my friends looks amazing I

hope you're still watching as far as

this wheel goes it looks pretty good too

I mean that's McGuire's hot shine

that's an undressed tire so there's a

difference so let's let's start here

from this look zoom over the first

impression is it's definitely addressed

tire looks a little wet to me but it's

classy I think a little over spray here

bothers me as a perfectionist you clean

the rims laughs I'm not worried about a

little over spray there all right let's

move on to the next one next on the

docket how bout some wet in black tire

shine from none other than Turtle Wax

here what are the instructions say well

they also says twice the shine high

shine fast drying no sling directions

shake well spray evenly onto a clean dry

tire surface allow to penetrate for

three to five minutes before driving for

maximum shine and repeat application

okay so 400 areas for a new cloth so I'm

gonna do the same thing here that I did

over there I'll give it a good shake

it's interesting they want you to spray

these on okay

this uh this one feels a little bit

different maybe it's a spray bottle this

feels like it's like demanding that you

go and wipe it down although as I wipe

it's kind of finishing to a nice this is

just so much fun you guys I I just never

tried a eighties product so this was a

little bit Messier there's some white

prawn I mean this almost kind of looks

more like Chemical Guys Kai's VRP but

it's a little more liquidy almost like

sunscreen or something but I feel like

it goes down pretty even and it actually

does dry pretty nicely I suppose any of

these are gonna start looking the same

right as I sort of like Madam down like

this but I sort of prefer this method

and I'm the one making the video so I

guess I can do that I don't know this

one looks pretty wet after a lot of

knocking down this one looks a little

bit more matte you know it'll be

interesting in a couple of weeks I want

to see what these are gonna look like

then I prefer this look long-term but

sometimes this look means hey I'm gonna

be you know matte in a couple days if it

stayed like this this would be too

glossy for me in fact from here it just

looks a little greasy to me and I

knocked that down quite a bit but hey

that could be your look right you want

that really wet look what the hell is

this thing called anyway wet in black so

that's what you're asking for that's

what you're gonna get very wet tires

yeah let's keep going alright guys two

down two to go

armor-all extreme tire shine our most

extreme wet black shine trusted

armor-all protection shake well before

use a whole bottle four to six inches

away and spray evenly allow it to dry it

says the light runs will disappear so

you tear off this tab four to six inches


whoa this is kind of cool you feel like

a detail or no I like this this is fun

who doesn't love the foam stuff

I don't know how efficient this is but

it sure is hella fun I'm trying to stay

within the lodge it's like a video game

you guys alright that's way too much

product obviously but I had to say that

was the most fun so far now they said to

let it dwell for five minutes that's not

my style I don't trust this stuff it's

so hot out I'm afraid of the Sun then I

guess I'm gonna make this totally

unscientific but I don't want this to

dry on the panel so like I did with the

others and since I used so much product

I just want something I can spray on

yeah that was kind of fun and just wipe

off so far I mean as far as like fun and

ease of use like if I'm an enthusiast at

home that was pretty fun I mean I don't

know how this is gonna look when I stand

back after I do my kind of wipe downs

and I will be doing like a two-week kind

of check in on this video so we'll kind

of get a better look at it then but you

know there's not unusual for me to put

in this much work on a tire this one

feels like the most work though let's

stand back that was fun to use easy to

use and you know left it kind of wet the

kind of matte it's hard to tell because

the other side was in the Sun but you

can see how this is actually I totally

clean this one up it just it's uh it got

pretty nasty from that evil one just

dripping on the tire and the heat so I

like this I think this is acceptable for

sure the foaming again and when you

spray onto these tires there's a lot of

overspray potential I haven't tried any

of these for overspray I don't let me

try this one going on here we go

McGuire's extreme tire shine


this is kind of fun cuz it foams so far

you know do this right here I don't know

if this video just went off the rails

you guys what do you think about this

method I usually use stoner trim shine I

don't know about durability here but as

far as blacking out wheel wells this

field as easy as stoner trim shine it's

smelly I don't know let me just let it

dwell there yeah this is beat this video

is totally going random on us let's

finish up with VRP on the final tire and

then I'll show you my final thoughts and

finally the tried and true the trusty

been using it for my whole career pretty

much and I'm still looking for something

that's maybe a little bit better and you

know this is why I mean I could put it

in a bottle but it's gloopy and if you

don't knock it down I think it's just

too shiny and I I just haven't mastered

that sometimes I use a green brush

depending on the tire I would usually do

that here but like I've seen earlier you

know it's a little brown on the tires

but it's nothing a little tire shine

can't bring back to life like a lot of

the Browning it's just like pretty

normal even when you clean tires until I

found you know the odorless mineral

spirits and then I'm like oh my gosh

that's uh that's crazy

VRP is just being applied now from

Chemical Guys I've been using it for


it just works if you don't man it down

after you apply it though it can just

look too thick to me it's like my worst

case scenario for like an old nasty

interior that the plastics just need to

be brought back to life you know and

then you can like throw some VRP on the

interior if you put it on plastics I

mean it's water-based so it will

definitely wash off in the rain so it's

durable to a point but if it starts

raining out your tires will just kind of

go more to that super matte look which

is not bad either you know but it's not

gonna be super super durable through all

kinds of conditions like I said after I

applied the RP I always come through

knock it down

that's just my style with higher

dressings I just don't want to have any

sling anywhere and one thing about VRP

is I can show this to you as I Drive it

this is my go-to so I'm not complaining

but one thing you'll notice is all this

residue now if there is a chance to dry

we're all good but you know how much of

a pain it is try to go in here to avoid

any sling on that on the vehicle it's

just obviously a sling would go that way


but anyways get so on the zone

like I said I don't even know if I love

VRP like I just have used it I I want to

find something that I love more to be

honest with you so that was VRP I mean

still looks a little splotchy here in

here in here I think I had some issues

with the way that I applied my tire

cleaner earlier it may have messed with

the with the tires so I gotta figure

that out I know and I like VRP you know

this is kind of what it looks like and I

know with VRP and a couple of days the

shine goes away and it just looks really

rich and Matt so we're gonna come back

and check out all these tires in a

couple of weeks but let's do the final

walk-around guys I think I know which

one I like I've never tried any of these

well hold on now see I don't I don't

like how wet this is this is just a

little bit too wet for me what do you

think about that one

nice team fire


what do think about this one don't look

at the rims the rims I haven't cleaned

but just the actual rubber of the tire

yeah so JIT all I'm doing is I stripped

them all clean so just the tires we've

cleaned them evenly and now we've

applied this different tire shine on

each tire

this one was my favorite it looks like a

clean like a factory finished right but

we have two more to look at I agree that

that that one was a McGuire's when you

sprayed it on and it was great for the

wheel wells - this one's too shiny this

is the Chemical Guys VRP this is what I

use professionally can you believe it I

think we're ready for a new and I will

try this last one

this was my second choice but now my

favorite high-five all right