When is the best time to visit Spain?

Spain is a country that lives and

breathes the good life from the timeless

villages and cities to the Mediterranean

coast but when is the best time to go


Spain is as diverse as you can imagine

and its culture is just as captivating

as its landscapes from some of the

finest food and wine in the world

to fiestas and flamenco Spain is famous

for its passionate people vibrant energy

and extraordinary creativity the seasons

of Spain are quite distinct and due to

its varied landscapes and sheer size can

be felt quite differently around the

country spring is often touted as one of

the best times to experience Spain not

only is the weather sunny and warm but

not too hot it is also Fiesta season and

the locals come to life with

celebrations including Easter sir -

Santa Festival and Seville April Fair

Andalusia plays host to many of these

fiestas and the weather in Seville and

Granada averages 22 degrees in the

middle of spring Valencia on the coast

is just under that and enjoys its annual

orange blossom season during this time

the capital Madrid averages around 18

degrees in spring and Barcelona 19

degrees perfect for exploring the

colorful streets and amazing art and

architecture summer in Spain really

heats up the beaches are at their most

popular and siestas in the afternoon can

stretch for hours but when the midday

heat recedes Spain loves to come to life


and you can wine and dine your way long

into the balmy evenings Seville in

Spain's interior is one of the warmest

places to be in summer with an average

temperature of 35 degrees in July

mornings and evenings are the best time

to explore Granada is a little cooler

being in the foothills of the Sierra

Nevada mountains and averages around 27

degrees during this time beautiful for a

day discovering that Alejandra further

north Madrid averages around 32 degrees

in Barcelona 30 degrees assisted by its

location on the coast

and Valencia is in its peak season

thanks to its beaches and days the

average around 29 degrees in autumn the

crowds and the temperatures start to

cool down Spain's grape harvest begins

in autumn and in many regions this is

celebrated in true Spanish style with a

Fiesta in Seville the Alcazar and

picturesque Plaza de Espana are a

pleasure to explore in temperatures

around 26 degrees and likewise in

Granada in Madrid a stop at Retiro Park

the city's most famous park is a must

where the trees are awash with orange

and red leaves in pleasant nineteen

degree temperatures in Barcelona

discover all of gaudí's architectural

gems in a comfortable 22 degrees in

October and Valencia has also cooled

down to 24 degrees

Spain stereotypes don't generally

include snow but there is actually

plenty of it on Spain's mountains in

winter Andalusia still has plenty of

sunshine but throughout the country

winter definitely causes the

temperatures to dip overnight Seville

seems to barely know what cold is

averaging 16 degree temperatures in

winter and in Granada

people are still dining alfresco in 21

degrees but in Madrid people are

drinking their sangria indoors with

averages of around 10 degrees Barcelona

is slightly warmer with 13 degrees and

Valencia stays mild with 16 degrees

Spain is truly a feast for all senses

and most people who visit never want to

leave when will you go