When is the best time to visit Nepal?

one of the world's great travel

destinations Nepal is not only a

trekkers paradise but a feast for

travelers seeking dramatic scenery

charming locals and jungle adventures

but when is the best time to go many

people flock to Nepal to tackle some of

the best mountain trails in the world

trekking to Everest base camp is on many

a bucket list and autumn is one of the

best times to pull on those boots from

September to November the weather in the

mountains is clear and dry with great

visibility ideal for trekking in

Kathmandu temperatures average in the

mid-20s during autumn it is also warm

and comfortable and look ler and bull

Thani an Everest base camp averages

around 14 degrees during this time

winter Nepal can be cold but it is dry

and you can have the mountains mostly to

yourself if you go at this time

Kathmandu doesn't get too cold except at

night and still reaches up to 20 degree

averages during the day in the mountains

Everest base camp will be well below

zero at night but with lots of bright

sunshine during the day it does average

around 4 degrees for trekkers and the

surrounding mountains covered in snow

make the spectacular vistas spring is

another ideal time to head to Nepal the

rhododendrons burst into bloom

temperatures warm up and the days are

longer Holi festival is also celebrated

in Nepal each March March and April in

Nepal are warm and mild before things

start to heat up in May Kathmandu enjoys

an average 27 degrees Everest base camp

will be around 10 degrees on average and

Battalion look let's start to warm up

past the mid-20s

summer brings with it the monsoon and

coupled with high heat and humidity

could be a good time to visit if you

don't like the peak season crowds in the

cities often it rains at night too so

the days can still be beautiful but

trekking at this time of year can be off

the cards

Katmandu averages temperatures in the

high 20s with plenty of rainfall higher

in the mountains it reaches around 16

degrees and elsewhere you will find

temperatures up into the 30s with lots

of rain

so Nepal has plenty of opportunities for

travelers and so much to see and do

throughout the year when will you go