Best Time to Visit Iceland - Pros + Cons of each season

people are always asking me oh and this

the best time to go to Iceland and I

literally think this is the hardest

question to answer because I love all

the seasons equally and for different

reasons so hmm ask someone else okay

this video is done no seriously this is

a really hard question for me to answer

I love all the seasons there's pros and

cons to each one but don't you worry

that's why we're here today I'm gonna go

through the pros and cons of each season

in Iceland so that you can decide the

best time to visit Iceland painting my

salon my name is Jeanie and I'm your

tour guide for all things Iceland

planning today we are talking about the

best time to visit Iceland the first

thing that you guys need to know before

we get too far into this video is that

it really depends on what you want to

get out of your trip some people want to

see the Northern Lights

some people want to see the Midnight Sun

some people want this and that so the

answer will be different for all people

the next thing that we need to briefly

go over is that there are literally like

two seasons in Iceland winter and winter

light like there's not really a lot in

the middle there's like either snow on

the ground it's really cold or there's

not snow on the ground

but it's still really cold so mmm yeah

there's that anyway this is what you can

expect from each season let's get into


so your spring in Iceland is a very

short window it's anywhere between April

and May and it might not be the tip a

little spring like you're thinking about

with like flowers blooming and those

kinds of things because not a lot of

things grow in Iceland but this is gonna

be the time when most of the snow is

melted or melting and the temperatures

are starting to warm up a good thing

about this time of year is that the

daylight hours are increasing pros of

spring and Iceland

it's a dermalex tourists around so this

is before the big tour season which you

can expect less people also there's a

very slight chance that you might still

catch the Northern Lights it just

depends on how long they decide to stay


the major thing during this time of year

is that the daylight hours aren't

getting longer which means longer

exploring time which means awesome the

concept spring in Iceland is that it's

not going to be like the spring you

might be used to back home where you can

start busting out your shorts and maybe

wear a t-shirt no it's still quite cold

and I'm still usually wearing a really

warm coat during April next up is summer

everyone wants to see Iceland during

summer summer is about June until August

big pro of this time is those long

summer days and yes I'm talking about

the Midnight Sun the longest day is June

20th which means that there is literally

24 hours of daylight during that time

obviously the wetter weather is a lot

better during this time of year and also

everything is beautiful so the

landscapes are green some of the flowers

might still be blooming it's just a

really really pretty time in Iceland

there's also a lot to do during this

time so there's

festivals and activities and concerts

and all these kind of things that are

going on around Reykjavik and the whole

country another big bonus to coming in

summer is up there access to the

Highland roads of our opening up so

Louis F roads that we talked about you

can finally travel on them starting

usually around you cons of summer are

pretty straightforward

number one it's peak tourist season and

so you're gonna see a lot of other

travelers traveling around the country

it's gonna be busy at those attractions

salió it's awesome talking to you

another big downside about summer in

Iceland is that the prices are a lot

higher so everything from rental cars to

hotels to food I mean wasn't it is

expensive enough escolhas yeah the

prices go up in the summer I just have

to say that again the summer weather is

not really a thing it never really gets

that warm in Iceland I mean I'm talking

like I like taken off my long sleeves I

don't know like a handful of times that

I can remember maybe like three or five

times and that was while I was hiking

the Sun was shining in the middle of

July so it still isn't getting that warm

oh my god I love autumn in Iceland I

love it so much so true autumn is really

hard to time because the you know the

peak colors that everyone will wanna see

is hard to predict but in general the

autumn season is from August until

October the pros in this time of year is

yeah the Northern Lights start coming

out the end that's enough reason right

and that also means that the sky is

getting a little bit darker so you're

losing some daylight hours but also

you're getting the trade-off of being

able to see the beautiful aurora worth

it obviously they'll be less tourists at

this time of year and also the prices

are getting a bit lower as well so yeh

the con of autumn in Iceland is that

though weather

not very good it's really unpredictable

and you could be expecting things like

high winds really really rainy Tong you

really ready this is probably the

rainiest season I think starting to get

cooler and possibly snow you never know

you just never know winter and Iceland I

personally love winter in Iceland so

much and you guys already know this but

so winter is running from October up

until March I told you this is a long

season one of the million season there's

a lot of things going on during this

time so the pros of winter in Iceland is

that it's absolutely stunning

like literally the snowy landscapes to

die for the only thing to know is that

because of the Gulf Stream effect just

because you're coming in winter it does

not mean that it's gonna be snowy all

the time you know a lot of people are

coming to Iceland and expecting this and

then sometimes it's just raining one

thing you can count on though is the

darkness so the daylight hours really

start decreasing during the winter and

goes all the way down to four hours of

daylight in the middle of December

that's also a crazy time of the year and

something that I think everyone should

experience now with these darker hours

means of the sky is absolutely brilliant

so these golden hours are really really

beautiful and they're lasting for a long

time so that even when the Sun does come

up it's not very high in the sky and

this is generally casting this really

calm beautiful glow over the landscape

some major pros of this time of the year

Northern Lights ice cave tours frozen

waterfalls all of those things are so

beautiful also you have things like

Christmas and New Year's which is an

amazing time to be visiting Iceland so

the limited daylight hours means limited

exploring time so this is such a big

bummer because a lot of people will want

to cram a lot of things into that I

wrote inner Airy but if you're coming

and there's not a lot of daylight hours

it's just not possible

obviously it's cold and the weather is

making travel really really difficult so

road closures huge storms and a lot of

things that you have to be prepared for

and have a plan before as well another

con of coming in the winter is that the

beautiful areas of the Highlands and all

those F roads at harvick look hard to

get to places are completely closed off

it all comes down to it doesn't matter

what time of year you choose to come to

Iceland it's gonna be amazing I promise

I promise there is always plenty of

beautiful nature to see any time of year

you can't be wrong that is it for today

my friends I hope that you learned

something from this video and if you

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