Best Time To Visit Galapagos Islands

hello everybody welcome to the princess

grace yacht with quas our expedition

we're here with Galapagos expert mr.

PROFIBUS antis he's a naturalist guide

level 3 right definitely the highest you

know level that you can get here in

Galapagos and one of the questions that

we were talking about that a lot of you

may be wondering about is the best time

to come the Galapagos I thought it would

be a simple answer but Rafael told me

different because obviously we sit on

the equator depends on the animals

depends on the islands you go to so why

don't you tell us the best time to come

to the Galapagos the right way to answer

that question is first of all trying to

find out what is the preference for the

visitors what do they like the most in

Galapagos 99% of the species are gonna

be here year around but the time when

they're going to be reproducing it

depends on the current and it depends

the availability of food supply you have

mainly two seasons no the hot season

which happens to be the rainy season

divers are winter started in December

isn't starting in December all the way

to April middle of April and then the

second one which is our dry coal it's

starting since the third week of April

all the way to pretty much the beginning

of December and just let you guys know

we're here during the first week of

February and it hasn't really rain much

just a fly that is the beauty of the

rainy season because mainly range so

nighttime so days are hot sunny

temperatures after what is warm so let's

say if you're one of those people that

likes to be in the water a lot so I will

suggest to come during the warm water

season so that is when you can spend

plentiful time now you don't have the

need of wetsuits

nothing in the variety you know of fish

life is incredible but also because you

have a lot of baby sea lions that you

can be playing with mm-hmm right in

regards of those of you that likes

animals display an animal behavior so I

would say the beginning of December is

excellent in in order to hear a lot of

bird call you know most of the land

birds are gonna start to be ready you

know for the whole breeding cycle so

they start to do the curve shape and

they become very vocal but if the

preference is to be seen leader chicks

and big ones so do you compare that you

can compare feathers and colors so

pretty much this is the right time of

the year February beginning of March to

see both and the best time to scuba dive

a to scuba they all will say during the

cold water season and the cold water

season is starting at the end of April

you know been enough May all the way to

December for scuba it's North Canaan

swimming warm water season but for the

scuba during the cold water season and a

lot of people they want to come to see

the bird so the best time you can see

the birds now let's talk about sea birds

will be the transition month from the

warm water sister into the cold water

season so that is at the end of April

all the way through May so we're gonna

see frigates you're gonna see boobies no

dancing and doing the courtship you know

and they are so beautiful to see all

sorts of course ships you know some are

very elegant some others are very

hilarious some others are very funny you

know but it's just a lot activity so

visualizing that you know our eyes are

gonna be mesmerized right away but if if

you want to see more sea life you know a

like big creatures in the water so

whales or coming for cuffing you know at

the end of June all the way to October

that is pretty much but it depends where

to because we can easily divide the

islands in three different sections

south north and west because we have

three different dominant ocean currents

that are producing the upwelling in

different areas and that is why every

island is very distant

and we don't have repetitive species

everywhere so knowing that every hour

every day you're gonna go to the for an

island no I'm you're gonna be seen

different things right away you're

always avid to wake up and going now and

see what is going on so those are the

best times to visit the Galapagos again

visit cross our expeditions quasi XCOM

come on Raphael where are we right now

are frail right now we're in the south

eastern flank of Floreana which is very

well known as the mystery you know a lot

of people have disappearing other people

have vanished it right here that's where

they take Paris that's what you know but

to my left over there behind we have one

of the top not just North in place in

the Galapagos called champion so we're

gonna be taking you over there and we

want you to realize by yourself why this

place is considered one of the top you

know one of the best amount of our fish

and variety is gonna be so astonishing

we're talking about thousands of

thousands and at the end as the main

goal you're gonna be swimming and

interacting with the baby sea lions

that's what we're heading today we'll do

a few more videos with Rafael here on

the the grace yacht you roll the odds

here with quasi expeditions so we could

take you guys soon we'll see in a bit

ciao oh this is the Galapagos Islands

and my name is Marcelo

I teach people how to day trade in this

is honcho extreme a group of us had

amazing profits in the month of January

so we decided to celebrate this is the

my grace the view