The BEST Times To Go To Disney World in 2020!

we're breaking down the best times to go

to Disney World in 2020 whether you're

looking for big happenings low crowds or

great values we're gonna help you decide

when you should go to Disney World this

year hey everybody it's AJ for dizzy

food blog we're talking 2020 again today

we're gonna help you plan and figure out

when the best times to go to Disney

World are for you and your family this

year if you're already ahead of the game

have your Disney trip hooked we've got

some tips on weather and ride closures

and openings but if you're still

planning we're talking festivals crowds

and brand new attractions so you can

decide when is the best time to go to

Disney World in 2020 now let's jump

right and take a look at late January

and early February this is always a

great time to head to Disney as long as

you aim for after the run Disney

Marathon and before the big Presidents

Day weekend crowds if you can hit that

sweet spot you'll likely see some of the

lowest crowds in the parks the whole

year on top of that winter in Orlando

tends to have some pretty good weather

so there are fewer worries about rain

and most of the highs are gonna be in

the 60s and 70s pretty nice if you ask

me now despite what you might have heard

about Florida it isn't always warm so

bring those layers hats scarves whatever

I can remember paying 50 bucks for like

a scarf or something because one day it

was 80 and the next day it was 50 out

there so I have spent lots of money on

warm clothing when I didn't plan ahead

so bring those hats bring those scarves

you will be surprised what a big

difference it makes to have a scarf so

just in case you hit that rare cold

spike make sure you have that stuff also

in the late winter time you can head to

International Festival of the Arts at

Epcot this is the newest of the Epcot

festivals it's focused on a celebration

of all things art so that's visual

performing culinary if it's a type of

art you'll probably see it at this

festival now here at the DFB

headquarters we have challenged each

other to rank our favorite festivals and

festival of the arts is in my top 2 I'm

gonna let you guess what the other one

is I love this festival and I think

because it's still small they really do

pay a lot of attention to detail on this

one now it runs from January 17th

to February 24th just a little tiny

festival and it's a great way to eat

some new eats learn from artists at a

variety of workshops and even see

Broadway performers in action at that

America Gardens theater stage now

January 17th is actually a big day for

EV Cup for a few reasons which helps

make that mid-january a good time to be

in Disney World the 17th is also gonna

welcome new films to the world showcase

Canada far and wide debuts at the Canada

pavilion Beauty and the Beast sing-along

is gonna start in the France pavilion

now we've seen that one we've got a

review on the site everything you need

to know about that

these films are sure to be a cool new

experience featuring the latest film and

sound tech and ones that you probably

don't want to miss in 2020 who are we

kidding though there are two very big

reasons that January in February is the

time to be in Disney World and

specifically Epcot to new dining

locations are projected to be open in

the first couple months of 2020 first

off we've got regal eagle which is gonna

be an awesome addition to the American

adventure pavilion serving some classic

barbecue favorites this one is not open

yet even though Disney said it was gonna

open last December it really should be

opening in the next few weeks so we're

looking forward to that also we've got

space 220 and we're expecting this

highly anticipated space themed spot to

open hopefully in February but it may be

pushed out a little bit later so I'm

gonna be honest with you about that this

one might not open as soon as we want it

to but January and February is still a

good time to go and that's because of

the Disney deals so Disney is offering

some great room only discounts at the

beginning of the year those can save you

a good deal of money off your rack great

room if you're looking to book a

last-minute trip now January and

February aren't for everyone there are a

few things you can't do in the winter

months if you're a fan of water rides

you might want to push your trip a

little further into 2020 as both Splash

Mountain Kali river rapids gonna be

closing for seasonal refurbishments

Splash is probably gonna be down from

January 6 to about February 27th and

Kali may be closed from January 6 to

March 21st those days always change and

update but that's kind of what the

Disney websites showing right now and

there's another a ticket attraction

that's gonna be mi a during this

timeframe so if you're a big fan of test

track then you don't want to plan your

trip between the 13th of January and

February 26th

another good time to head to Disneyworld

is in the spring just after spring break

so we're looking at late March April

late April and into May spring break

goes on forever in Disneyworld because

every school system has a different

spring break so it can go from February

till the end of April especially because

Easter is so late this year the time

frame you're gonna look at to get out of

Spring Break is that end of March end of

April beginning of May kind of look at

that time frame so avoid those Spring

Break crowds but come in time to

experience a couple of very highly

anticipated attractions in Hollywood

Studios Mickey and Minnie's runaway

railway is opening on March 4th so it'll

been open a few weeks by the time Spring

Break crowds and of course in

conjunction with the first Mickey ride

ever the Mickey shorts theater will be

debuting nearby writing those new Mickey

and Minnie cartoons if you're less into

the new attractions and more into shows

and entertainment after Spring Break

we'll also see the opening of the

brand-new Cirque du Soleil show in

Disney Springs called drawn to life

Cirque has awesome shows around the

country and this one celebrates the art

of animation so it's definitely a good

point in favor of a springtime visit

after spring break is usually a good

time for a lull in crowds now with the

opening of Mickey and Minnie's runaway

real way the crowds might be a little

larger especially in the studio still

got rise of the resistance crowds there

so it's definitely not set to be the

slowest time of year but it likely won't

be too overwhelming either still much

like the winter months you're gonna see

some pretty nice weather Florida's rainy

season is really the summertime so

spring usually means milder temperatures

and drier weather but it can start

getting hot there at the end of April

beginning of May and don't forget you

take advantage of that pretty weather at

the Epcot flower and garden festival

which runs from March 6 to June 3rd this

year we love this festival all the

gorgeous topiaries around the world

showcase it really is one of the

prettiest times to visit Epcot and

there's a ton of those fun festival eats

lots of booths at this one you guys we

actually have a whole

DFB guide created to help you out with

your visit to the Epcot Flower and

Garden Festival you can go check that

out on DFB

as for deals disney is running some room

only discounts and there's one day left

a book free dining the free dining offer

this year must be booked by January 16th

and the deal includes arrival dates June

27th and 28th July 5th to the 7th and

August 29th to September 8th and

remember and must be booked as part of a

package with a full price room and park

hoppers for everyone on the reservation

in order to get the free Disney Dining

Plan one thing of note is that we could

have some more ride closures as Disney

World gears up for their big 50th

anniversary it's not confirmed but there

are a few dates when Big Thunder

Mountain Railroad is unavailable stay

tuned to DFB or sign up for our

newsletter to get the latest news and we

do a post every week that tells you

about the upcoming ride closures after

back-to-school season this is the next

great time to go to Disney World the end

of August and September should be a fun

time at Disney this year as the revamp

to the France Pavilion in Epcot will be

complete and we're expecting to see food

and wine during this timeframe again

this year the Food and Wine Festival

so what's entailed in the revamp of the

France pavilion first off there's gonna

be the opening of the e-ticket Remy's

ratatouille adventure in summer 2020

late summer will be an awesome time to

try out that new trackless ride although

it will likely have some pretty lengthy

lines after your jaunt at rats eyes you

can dine French style at La Croix buried

at pari which is also expected to open

in the summer and food and wine festival

usually opens in late August so the fall

is an awesome time to sip any ear way

around the world showcase this is

Epcot's longest-running festival so the

back-to-school season is a great time to

catch the beginning of it now as a

downside August and September can be so

hot that it's debilitating in Orlando

might be a little on the crowded side as

well once students head back to school

there would be a bit of a lull so you're

not gonna see too many crowds at all in

that early September time frame but you

are right there in the middle of

hurricane season so the weather can be

really crummy August and September you

can see hurricanes potentially you

definitely are gonna see hot hot hot

very very humid weather and you will see

those daily thunderstorms that are gonna

hit every single afternoon so be sure to

grab that poncho and get ready for an

unpredictable weather day Halloween time

can be really really fun in Disneyworld

though and if you like the spooky season

or just want a little twist on your

usual Disney vacation this can be an

awesome choice and remember Halloween

time starts

August and deeper purple because those

make that the Mickey's not-so-scary

Halloween party starts in August and all

of those Halloween treats come out in

August so that is a good time to visit

if you love Halloween

now Mickey's not-so-scary Halloween

party usually runs from August to

sometime around Halloween usually the

day after two days after and the earlier

dates are usually a little cheaper and a

little bit less crowded save the first

one the first one's gonna be crazy but

after that it'll be a little less

crowded and last but certainly not least

one of my favorite times to be in Disney

is right around the holidays there's a

sweet spot right after Thanksgiving and

before Christmas crowds where Disney

slows down a little bit but you can

still experience all the fun ways that

they celebrate the season without having

to battle your way through surging

crowds of people festival of the

holidays and Epcot usually starts up in

late November right after Thanksgiving

and features storytellers around the

world showcase those festival of the

holidays eats and the iconic candlelight

processional traveling during that

between holiday lul means you can catch

this festival without the massive crowds

the same goes for flurry of fun which is

the holiday event that we expect to

return to Hollywood studios this year

with the park finishing up its big

editions in the spring things shouldn't

be as crowded as other parks and you

might finally be able to make it under

rise of the resistance or Mickey and

Minnie's runaway railway or maybe even

slinky dog - there's typically a lull in

crowds the week right after Thanksgiving

and of course there's Mickey's very

Merry Christmas party which is the

awesome separately ticketed holiday

event in Magic Kingdom there are treats

special character experiences fireworks

parades ride overlays this party just

has everything and going earlier in the

season means you can catch some cheaper

prices hopefully some lower crowds so

there are our tips for the best times to

go to Disney World in 2020 when things

are opening when you've got festivals

and when the crowds aren't quite so

crushing as they are during the holiday

season this summer or spring break

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