Are You Having Fruits At The Right Time? | Dr Shikha Sharma | Vedique Wellness

hi I am doctor Shikha Sharma and you're

watching Vedic wellness so automatically

which fruit should be eaten at what time

and if you want to check are you making

any mistake and what is the right way to

eat fruits keep watching the show now

breakfast fruits are like banana avocado

Apple pears so these are very good

breakfast foods eat but winters minion

summers me of course if you are having

fruits watermelon is an excellent root

so now let's come to when should be

eating grapes oranges must be grapefruit

yes citrus fruits so the time to eat

citrus fruits is not alimony it's not

first thing in the morning the time to

eat citrus fruits is actually one are

before lunch I will wonder that why

should we eat citrus fruits you need to

could take from citrus fruits two things

o than 70 Bella keep energy the reason

behind it is that sour fruits I am NOT

recommended on an empty stomach because

the stomach needs more of sweet fruits

to start digestion sour fruits are

better when the morning has passed and

then you have eaten something in the

mornings and digested it all soon and

then around sit this one or before lunch

if you have like for example plums

cherries oranges whatever length for

example sweet life like which is Muslim

beings now that these kind of fruits are

ideal because they improve your

digestion they are easy to digest when

you are eating one hour before lunch

and also they improve your digestive

capability and your appetite so what

does it do busy even have fruit before

100 for lunch it is a digestive bitter

and also your digestive enzymes come in

together so when you will eat lunch

after one arm your digestive process

improves and the nutrient absorption and

each of Araucana key to nutrient

absorption here masada better bella

absorb OPA basically octagons say 20 per

day apnea you say all this honey

let's see underbelly of make which

pineapple orange or get Acharya go up

the digestive tract improve Callaghan

rather than you eat with lunch but when

she's on the cannot achieve one or more

for lunch

similarly in the evening is the sharper

time match our budget problems at PBS

but other chai sapele if you have a

fruit like avocado plums peaches or a

fruit jar then you will find that you

don't need so much of caffeine and the

food is taken care of your sugar

requirements and if you loose away this

is our busy track within the China

behavior behind the Catholic II need a

couple Chinese some people prefer cane

is available could still carry a


so another station is here for training

of fruit is odd or your food it will be

there by the draft pushman Korea Quran

vinegar so other part of our energy

which me eat too much honey

would I eat you both Swadesh PA or the

pick-me-up is you need to obvious

opinions yeah organic green tea with the

earth organic to CG movie could be a

laser in now couple of things which must

remember is he seasonal food contains

seasonal fruit or two right through

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keep watching our show and of course

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