Top 5 Best Teeth Whitening Kit In 2021


oftentimes our lifestyles don't

necessarily coincide with our pearly

whites best interests certainly we keep

our teeth clean but sometimes brushing

just doesn't quite keep up with our

lifestyle choices coffee and wine stains

can build up over time making your teeth

something you struggle to smile about so

we have engineered a system that is more

effective more efficient and more

forward-thinking than any other

over-the-counter teeth cleaning solution

on the market introducing snow teeth

whitening sophisticated clean and

state-of-the-art thus no teeth whitening

system is a radical improvement to the

way you keep your teeth looking their

best crafted to enhance your beauty

routine the snow system is a streamlined

process beginning with our powerful

companion app our system is customized

to your needs answer a few questions to

get started and will recommend the best

cleaning routine for you then simply set

the time and intensity and let the

one-of-a-kind mouthpiece do the rest one

of the most powerful features we are

introducing is the ability to track your

progress in the app we've even made it

fun complete goals on the go on streaks

to earn rewards like gift cards and free

product thus no teeth whitening system

also includes a red light gum treatment

this revolutionary feature helps you

care for your entire mouth by killing

the bacteria that caused gingivitis and

gum disease and both treatments can be

done simultaneously saving you time no

cords and no batteries make our system

truly unique we've designed the charging

cradle to stylish Li hold and charge the

mouthpiece keeping your counter clean

and neat and you never need to worry

about putting germs back into your mouth

because the mouthpiece cleans itself

while charging eliminating 99.9% of

bacteria so with an average of ten

minutes of treatment a day achieving

this smile you want has never been so

effortless you will start to see a may

results after only seven days with five

patents and FDA approved materials

thus no teeth whitening system has been

tested and refined to near perfection so

much so that we guarantee it will whiten

your smile or your money back






your Colgate advanced LED whitening

device can dramatically whiten your

teeth in just 10 days make sure the

device is charged and ready for use and

then follow these simple steps to make

the most out of your treatments before

we start try it on to make sure you find

the right fit and position for you once

you're ready to start day one of your

treatment prep your device by rinsing it

and drying it off start with one serum

vial break the seal and apply all the

serum to the top row of the device place

it in the corner like this don't forget

to apply on the other side as well just

take another vial and apply thoroughly

to the bottom of the device for best

results now that your serum is applied

turn on the device and place it in your

mouth always make sure you're covering

your teeth completely and using a

relaxed open position to help avoid your

gums the device will beep after five

minutes and then again after 10 minutes

to let you know you're finished for the


once done the device will turn off



after the day's treatment you can clean

the device out with a toothbrush so it

is clean and ready to go for tomorrow

for best results

wait about 30 minutes before eating or

drinking and that's it

ten minutes a day for 10 days for

dramatically whiter teeth