TOP 5 BEST TASTING PROTEIN (Flavors) OF 2019 (Honest & Unbiased)


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less Crips and box below guys the top 5

top 5 best tasting protein flavors of

2000 and [ __ ] 19 or 18 or 17 or

16 or whatever [ __ ] basically the best

flavors I've ever [ __ ] had okay top 5

you guys ready for this [ __ ] this is

some good [ __ ] right here by the way

honest [ __ ] top 5 honest none

of the sponsored [ __ ] none of this

biased [ __ ] none of this hey I paid

you to say some [ __ ] [ __ ] this is

some honest [ __ ] alright

out of the [ __ ] pro all the protein

flavors I've tried I went through my

videos and I'm like manic I went through

all my [ __ ] videos I didn't go

through all of them I have so many

[ __ ] videos I went through a bunch of

videos and I basically I searched my

channel for protein and I just scrolled

through them like okay that one was

really good but this one was actually

better but that one and then this one

and that one top five you guys [ __ ]

ready are you guys [ __ ] ready let's

go and get this [ __ ] started top

[ __ ] five protein flavors this

could be vegan this can be [ __ ]

grass-fed this could be [ __ ] way

this could be isolate it could be a

[ __ ] it could be any goddamn thing

[ __ ] [ __ ] cameras vertical you see

that [ __ ] caught that [ __ ] I'm not

cutting it out it's professional we all

right yeah there we go

this is professionalism keeping that

[ __ ] rolling maybe alright I know the

anticipation is killing you guys but

that was on that was not [ __ ]


alright number five number five

GAF chocolate peanut butter GF which is

an MTS brand kind of it's Chris Jones's

brand GAF chocolate peanut butter number

five I feel like that flavor is [ __ ]

fantastic it's the greatest chocolate

peanut butter I've ever had for sure

it's got a nice little chocolate peanut

butter cup pieces not cups but like

they're like little pieces of like

little peanut butter chips and it's just

a fantastic [ __ ] flavor if you guys

like chocolate peanut butter you guys

will [ __ ] like it for sure

so GF is number five chocolate peanut

butter number five Number Four number

[ __ ] four it's gonna be

actually surprisingly probably me like

what the [ __ ]

vegan protein ambrosia banana french


banana french toast [ __ ] number four

it's a fantastic flavor it is super good

you guys will not be disappointed if you

like french toast

you're like banana if you like like a

sweet like like a sweet breakfast type

of taste it's [ __ ] fantastic and

that's me my number four pick and by the

way I try to pick flavors that were not

duplicates you know I'm not repeating

the same type of flavor number [ __ ]

three you guys ready for number three

you guys should have thought that number

three this would be on here because I

said it was fantastic when I reviewed it

but I said a lot of [ __ ] I've said some

I've said a lot of shit's been fantastic

over the years but this is number three

pe science cake pop I [ __ ] smashed

like three tubs of that [ __ ] not even

kidding when it first came out I

literally bought literally three tubs of

it and I was done with it by like I'm

literally like a month maybe even less

than that not even kidding three [ __ ]

tubs cake pop PE science kpop you can't

go wrong it's a sweet super sweet

cake batter taste cupcake taste and it's

[ __ ] fantastic I loved it number two

number two guys hey I told you how to

keep it honest

and I'm [ __ ] gonna do it ghost chips

oh hey guys number two Chips Ahoy

ghost chips oi I literally think that

that [ __ ] flavor is [ __ ] fantastic

I mean I've only had one top of it but

it went fastest [ __ ] it was delicious

I mean it's Chips Ahoy - the [ __ ] tea

I don't know what happened with the

first batch I don't know I didn't

[ __ ] see it I didn't taste it I

didn't do anything with that [ __ ] but I

know and they did 2.0 they added more

[ __ ] chips and more chocolate chip

pieces and [ __ ] and it's [ __ ] spot-on

it tastes exactly like Chips Ahoy and

it's a number two number one you guys

are probably gonna be surprised maybe

I'm thinking you guys gonna be surprised

with this one I really am number one

guys I've went through probably four or

five tubs of this [ __ ] maybe even six

I've went through a lot of this and it's

a [ __ ] vegan protein

I got a do it guys it's number one new

tricks cinnamon sugar cookie while

cinnamon cookies vegan [ __ ] vegan I

know I know you guys like vegan vegan

vegan vegan vegan whatever I [ __ ]

love this flavor it is so [ __ ] good

I've went through probably six [ __ ]

tubs of this [ __ ] not even kidding I

might have been with you more it is a

fantastic flavor it is my number one

[ __ ] flavor I can drink it every

[ __ ] minute of the day it is such a

good cinnamon sugar cookie taste that I

[ __ ] loved it it's extremely good and

that's my number one eye this list was

hard to come up with trust me it was it

was [ __ ] very hard and I just gotta

go by what I feel and if you're not into

the chalkiness I don't notice any

chalkiness with almond milk new tracks

cinnamon cookies and

[ __ ] is delicious it's [ __ ]

fantastic it's they killed that flavor

and that's my top five protein flavors

of 2019 or currently now I know you guys

are probably like hey what about this

what about that flavor what about this

what about that flavor I haven't tried

everything in the [ __ ] world so I I

there's a lot of flavors I haven't tried

there's a lot of [ __ ] flavors I

haven't tried and there's some flavors

that are really [ __ ] good but it's not

one of those flavors that you can keep

going back to and these flavors I feel

like you can just keep going back to it

it's like it never gets old it's just it

never gets old you know there could be a

flavor that's [ __ ] fantastic

and it's a ten out of ten but it's one

of those flavors that like you can get

you it gets old quickly you know you

mean those flavors I try to pick that

were all different types of flavors and

also just different just different

overall and their flavors that you can't

get sick of at least I don't think so

I [ __ ] have bought numerous tubs of

all those flavors and I just set out and

those are really good flavors let me

know if the [ __ ] you guys think is the

best flavors you've ever had in your

life and this is this is my top 5

protein right now so maybe next year to

be different but as of right now those

my top 5 flavors of 2019 hope you guys

enjoyed this video

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many and it was really hard to come up

with and I would like to know maybe

there's some flavors that I'm missing

that you guys are trying to fight it

blew your [ __ ] mud and you're like

holy [ __ ] this is amazing and maybe I

haven't tried it and I'll probably try

to get to it you know that way I can try

it and see what the [ __ ] I think so I

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