Galaxy Tab S7 vs 2020 iPad Pro - The BEST Tablet?!

hey guys this is vadim with max tech and

right here in front of me

i have the long awaited galaxy tab s7

you guys have been waiting for this

video for a while i have the 2020 ipad

pro and we're gonna be comparing

these two with basically everything the


the 120 hertz the keyboards

everything you can imagine we're going

to be comparing in this video and as you

can see i have the magic keyboard case

right here

and we actually did grab the book cover

keyboard for the tab s7 but

i'm going to set this aside because

we're going to be comparing that later

on in this video

so without further ado let's do our

signature unboxing

all right there we go and i've got to

say this actually looks quite a bit


compared to last year's tab six

especially this here there used to be

like a little groove

on the back of the tab s6 but now it's


with this nice little i don't know if

it's a glass or plastic piece

for that s pen which actually comes

included so that's really nice

so let's go ahead and compare the design

between these two but first of all i

want to talk about the chargers

the tab s7 comes with the 15 watt

charger which is interestingly

usb-a compared to the ipad pro comes

with a usb-c

charger and it's 18 watts so 18 for the

ipad pro versus 15 so

the ipad is going to be charging faster

but the tab seven does support 45 watt

fast charging but you have to buy that


and as far as the battery sizes that are

built into these tablets themselves

we have 7600 for the ipad pro and

8 000 for the samsung so it's just a

little bit more

now let's go ahead and get into the

design differences between these two

now first of all before i start

comparing them i do want to mention the

weight difference

the ipad pro weighs 1.04 pounds compared


1.1 pounds for the tab s7

now i'm going to take this s pen i'm

going to put it aside we're going to be

comparing the

latency and different things a little

bit later in this video

but for now i do want to look at this

new design

for the tab s7 which i mean obviously

it's just like the ipad pro the main

difference i'm seeing is that these

sides are now kind of glossy they're

brushed like a brushed metal look

compared to

pretty matte for the ipad pro which

wraps all the way around to the back now

i want to give props to samsung for

copying apple's design because this

really does

feel more modern more premium i really

like this metal feel

and it's much better than the old tab


chamfered edges now as far as the camera

bumps i've got to say that i do like the

one on the ipad pro better just looks

better overall with the design of the

ipad pro but this does go in line with

that charger so it's not that bad

we have a wide camera on both and ultra

wide along with the flash

but the ipad pro does have the lidar


which we're gonna get into later on in

this video now on the ipad pro the apple

pencil charger is actually right here

on the side it charges wirelessly so it


magnetically connects just like that and

finishing off with the exterior

differences we have quad speakers

on the top and bottom on each of these

they both have

usb type c and the samsung has its

kind of smart connector right here on

the side compared to

on the back for the ipad pro now i flip

them over to the front and one thing i'm

immediately noticing

is that the ipad pro is actually a

little bit thinner just just looking

from the side

the tab s7 is definitely sticking out so

it's a little bit thicker than the ipad


getting into the displays themselves i'm

seeing some differences right away but

before we do that

let's compare face id on the ipad pro

compared to

fingerprint recognition on the tab s7 so

the most interesting thing is that we're

getting the sensor

on the side this time instead of in

display like we had on the tab

s6 let's start scanning right here on

the side

and i guess it makes it more difficult

because it's like a thin

power button so you kind of have to put

your finger everywhere to

get a full scan so now it wants me to go

kind of all the way around so let's

first test out how face id works on the

ipad pro

you can simply tap and just swipe

to open it happens instantly and what i

really like is that you can even turn it

upside down and it works upside down too

or sideways so i really like that you

have face id

on the ipad pro now let's test out the



look at that oh that's beautiful wow

yeah that's really quick let me try a

different finger

my thumb instantly wow

so based on this i'm definitely saying

that the tab s7 is

faster to log in because you just have a

simple touch like that but the downside

is that

if you want to just tap the display and

get going you can't really do that on

the tab

you still have to put your finger up

there to unlock whereas with face id

you just tap the screen and it scans

your face and you're good to go

now back to the displays the first thing

that sticks out to me is the aspect

ratio difference

16 by 10 for the samsung and the ipad

pro has a little bit of a weird

aspect ratio but you guys will see it on

your screen now these are both

the 11 inch display models the tab

actually has a 12.4 inch model that's

the plus size

and the ipad pro has 12.9 so between

these two

you definitely see that both of them

have rounded corners so that looks

really nice and modern but one

difference i'm instantly noticing is

that the bezels

on the ipad have deeper blacks it seems

like the display on the tab

is more reflective so let's go ahead and

test out the reflectivity i can

definitely notice that the tab

is more reflective than the ipad pro

as far as the display quality itself the

samsung does have more resolution

i believe it has 274 pixels per inch

compared to 265 for the ipad pro

and with that let's get into the

brightness comparison of the display

so you guys are seeing the brightness

difference from the above camera

so the ipad pro should be looking a

little bit brighter but let's go ahead

and test

the off access shift let me know which


does a better job at brightness shift

the last display difference i want to

mention is the display quality in terms

of the technology

now the tab s7 this year it actually


the amoled display that it has had for

years so it has

a lcd display just like the ipad pro

but the benefit is is that we can still

choose hdr

within youtube we could actually go up

to 1440p

compared to only 1080p on the ipad pro

all right even though the samsung has

1440p and it has hdr enabled

it actually looks like the ipad pro

looks better in general in terms of

the colors in terms of the brightness

just everything looks like

a better image overall max also took a

peek and he actually thought that the

ipad was the samsung at first because he

expected it to look better

and then he realized that they were

switched so it's very surprising that

the ipad pro

is beating out the samsung even though

it doesn't get those better settings

so there are three reasons for that the

first one is that the ipad pro is


the second is that the display tech

could actually be better on the ipad

pro and it looks better overall even

though it's less resolution for that


and the third reason is that the display

coatings on the ipad pro are better so

there's less reflectivity

compared to the more reflective samsung

display that looks

more gray compared to the deep black of

the ipad pro

now the reason samsung ditched the

amoled display was

for the 120 hertz technology as you guys

can see right here

i have adaptive mode on which allows it

to transition between 120hz

and 60hz but the ipad pro has had

promotion technology for a very long


it stays at 120hz almost all the time

but when you're watching something like

a youtube video like our youtube videos

which are filmed at 24 hertz or 24 fps

the display goes down to 24 hertz and it

matches it so it saves

battery life so we just set our top

camera to record

at 120 fps so you should be seeing a

slow motion comparison between

both of these tablets at 120 fps or 120


let me know which one looks better or

more smooth and based on what i'm seeing

the samsung looks really smooth

finally they've added 120 hertz now

another benefit to having a display that

runs at 120 hertz is that the pencils

the s pen and the apple pencil

they have less latency so on the ipad

pro it's recently went down

to nine milliseconds and same with the

samsung it's also 90 milliseconds so

let me know which one looks better in

this slow motion comparison

and with that let's finally get into our

speaker comparison

these both have quad speakers so make

sure you put on your best set of

headphones or earphones

to listen to the quality


so let me know what you guys think down

in the comment section below

to myself personally i think that the

samsung was a little bit louder

with louder highs but i think the mids

and the bass were pretty similar on both

with that said let's go ahead and get

into the camera comparison

so the front facing cams on both of

these we have 7 megapixels on the ipad

pro and we have eight

for the tab s7 and one thing that's very

interesting is that the tab has

its camera right here on the side and

that's because it's meant for using it

with a keyboard case which we're gonna

put on in just a minute here

but the ipad pro has it on the top so

let me know which one of these selfies

looks better to you now while the

samsung doesn't have the same truedepth

face id sensors as the ipad pro

you still get live focus selfies which

is nice now as far as the cameras on the


the ipad pro has a 12 megapixel wide

camera compared to

13 megapixels on the samsung tab s7

but for the ultra wide the samsung only

gets a 5 megapixel ultrawide lens

compared to 8 for the ipad pro so let me

know which set of images looks better

down in the comment section below

as far as video recording the ipad pro

is definitely the best choice because it

can shoot

4k 60 with either the ultrawide or the

wide lens

and the samsung can only shoot 4k 30

with either of them and of course the

ipad pro also gets the added

lidar scanner which can be used for

augmented reality apps

and apple should be revealing more

features with lidar

at next month's event so now let's

finally jump into the performance


now both of these models have six

gigabytes of ram

but with the samsung you can actually

get eight if you upgrade the storage

the ipad pro comes with the a12 z chip

compared to the snapdragon

865 plus on the samsung galaxy tab

s7 so let's go ahead and run the cpu


all right so we got our scores back and

wow this is insane so

the ipad pro actually has 15 more

single core performance compared to the

tab s7

but in the multi-core we're getting over

50 percent more performance and with

that let's go ahead and test the

graphics using

gfx bench we've got metal on the ipad

pro and we have actually

opengl and vulkan these two tests on the

samsung so let's get started

alright so we have our results back and

wow this is impressive

the ipad pro is getting 57 fps compared

to 22

and 23 on the tab s7 so we're definitely


a lot more graphics power this would be

very interesting to see

in terms of gaming like 120 fps games

so if you want to see a video like that

definitely click the subscribe button

down below and we'll make that video now

let's finally get into the keyboard

comparison we have our magic

keyboard case right here for the ipad

pro so let's

put it on just like that we have this

nice little hinge that i love

and this year with the tab s7 instead of

having a stick on keyboard case like

they did for the tab s6

and other years they actually have a

magnet so should be able to just

put it on just like that that's really

nice because they have this flap

for the s pen so it keeps it nice and


and the real nice benefit with this

keyboard is that it has a detachable

keyboard portion so you literally just

line it up

like this now it's on we have the

keyboard and it actually has a kickstand

in the back and you can adjust

the angle of the kickstand it feels

pretty nice

and on the magic keyboard case for the

ipad pro you have the adjustable

weird floating design which i really

like it's really nice and modern

so with the ipad pro you can't really

detach the keyboard case like you can

with the samsung

but you can just simply lift the ipad

pro and use it with your apple pencil

however you want to and just place it

back that's a nice benefit

and for this you can take off the

keyboard case put it aside

and just watch a movie just like that

now comparing the keys themselves

i really like the magic keyboard keys

that actually feel really good even like

a macbook

or even better than a macbook and going

over to the

tab s7 keyboard wow this

actually does feel really nice

i like the the feedback on this tab s7

keyboard case

but one of the biggest advantages for

the magic keyboard case is that you get


extra usb type-c port right here for

power so you can plug it into the wall

and plug in something like a storage

device into the ipad pro itself

now as far as the track pads it seems

like both of these have three finger

swipe gesture support so you can swipe

with three fingers side to side but


it doesn't seem very responsive on the

tab it's a little bit slow

compared to the ipad pro wow look at

that it's so quick

to use these gestures and you could

swipe up for home and it looks like you


think you can do the same thing here or

at least go to the app switcher the

samsung does have a

diving board traditional track pad so

it's really difficult to click at the

top but on the magic keyboard case they

went with a new floating design so

no matter where you click you get an

even clicking feel which i'd say is

really really nice and i love that about

the magic keyboard case

another benefit for the magic keyboard

case is that you do get backlit

keys which it seems like you do not get

on the tab s7 keyboard case

now one really nice feature that really

brings this tab s7 alive

is the dax mode dex basically gives you

a more traditional

pc type interface so just like windows

right here you have your apps

as you can see we have a file explorer

right here you can open up google in a

separate window and just

have a nice pc interface one great

decision that samsung made was that they

put the webcam

on the side so when you're web

conferencing or using

zoom it's nice and center compared to


ipad pro when you're looking at the

display it actually looks really weird

because the camera is right over here

it definitely has this weird feeling

when you're conferencing with somebody

let's quickly compare the quality of the

webcams and their microphones and you

guys let me know which one is better

down below this is the video and audio

quality of the samsung

galaxy tab s7 this is the video and

audio quality of

the 2020 ipad pro now as far as the

price of these keyboards the magic

keyboard case is 300

compared to 200 for the tab s7 keyboard


now the ipad pro does have a couple of

other options

we have the logitech folio touch this

one is a hundred and seventy dollars and

we also have apple's

smart keyboard folio this one is a

hundred and seventy nine dollars so you

do have a couple of other great options

but i'd say that the keyboard on the tab


is definitely better than either of

these budget options for the ipad pro

now before we get into our final

conclusion i do want to mention the

specs and the prices

both of these come with 128 gigs of

storage but the samsung does get a micro

sd card slot

with up to an extra one terabyte of

storage so that's really nice

the samsung is six hundred and fifty

dollars at the base price compared to

eight hundred dollars

for the 11 inch ipad pro but with the

tab s7 you do get the s

pen for free is thrown in there compared

to 130 dollars

extra for the ipad pro now if you get

everything if you get the magic keyboard

case and if you get the keyboard for the

tab s7

it's actually twelve hundred and thirty


for the ipad pro and eight hundred and

fifty dollars for the tab seven

so you're saving three hundred and

eighty dollars for the full package

and even though the ipad pro has more

performance and has other great features

like the display compared to the tab s7

you really can't beat

the value of this getting the whole

package for 850 dollars

and of course getting the better

speakers as well now if you're a power

user you do get a couple of advantages

with the tab s7

first of all you have an option for 5g

which you can't get on the ipad pro

and you also have that dex which is

really nice for using with the keyboard

and the trackpad

and the benefit is that if you want one

terabyte of storage

you have to pay 500 to get that on the

ipad pro

or you can simply get a one terabyte

microsd card for the tab s7

for around 200 so you save some money

there and the benefit of having a micro

sd card is that next year when you

upgrade again

you can take that out and put it into

your next tablet compared to the ipad

pro where that one terabyte is stuck on

the inside

and if you also deal with video editing

or video footage

you can take out that sd card put it

into your drone for example

record some video then pop it back in

and edit

straight from that card which you can't

do with the ipad pro so with all of that


let's finally answer the original

question which one of these tablets is

better in 2020 well i'd say that the tab


definitely has more bang for the buck

you're getting a lot more value

especially if you want the full package

and of course you're now getting

the 120 hertz which is really really

nice and the s pen

finally feels a lot better with the

lowered latency of nine milliseconds

matching the ipad pro now on the other

hand with the ipad pro

you're getting consistent software

updates from apple and they're adding a

lot of features every year

not only that but they hold their value

very very well

compared to other tablets like samsung

tablets on top of that you're getting

the massive ios app store with the ipad


and those apps in those games are

specifically designed

for the ipad pro compared to the google

play store where you do have a lot of

apps and games

but a lot of them are not optimized

specifically for this hardware so

the apps definitely run better on the

ipad pro so based on all of that

we think that if you can't afford to

spend the extra money for the ipad pro

you definitely should because you're

going to be getting a lot more value

in the long term so hopefully you guys

enjoyed this very long and very detailed

comparison video

and if you did tap the like button below

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because we're gonna have a gaming

comparison video between these two

going up very soon so thanks for

watching and we'll see you in the next