Thinking of buying an e-Reader? Should you consider a tablet?

if you're a modern bookworm then your

diet is changing from paper to plastic

inevitably books are becoming as

obsolete as vinyl records have become in

music you know with those resurgence

along the way you can't beat the real

thing yeah bro we get at your

alternative but as people grow more

conscious of paper waste and children

grow up using electronic devices are

second nature books will naturally

decline in favor while compact devices

can infinitely store and supply all of

the books you could ever read that is

before we begin uploading info straight

into our minds hi I'm Harry from TV

second today we're going to be taking a

look at ear eaters versus tablets to

find out which one is best for you now

you may not know but there are many

factors to consider when deciding

between an e-reader or a tablet plus

there are numerous models and brands to

pick from in each category so to make

our lives easier here we have the most

popular models from each category first

up in the e-reader camp

it's the Kindle paperwhite 3 and over

here in team tablet we have the Tab A

from Samsung ding ding to make this a

fair fight let's first square off and

look at what they can both do they can

both read text-based information such as

ebooks or PDFs they also have backlit

screens they can connect to the Wi-Fi

they can let you buy and store hundreds

of books and the best part is they're

super portable

now that the battlefield is set let's

look at the first major deciding factor

between your readers and tablets this

Kindle paperwhite 3 is half the price of

this Tab A from Samsung 4 as we will

later discuss tablets have many more

features both in terms of software and

hardware compared to e readers however

as the somewhat newer technologies the

tablets seem to have more room for


so we've seen a major drop in price from

its lower range products beating out the

Kindles by half again but not this one

this one's expensive compared to them

after initially considering that price

the next deciding factor is functions

the Kindle can connect to an online or

offline library of books look up tricky

words adjust font sizes add bookmarks

and show percentages of books completion

it also has access to book reviews

is compatible with black-and-white

graphic novels and images the tab a can

do all of that plus gaming browsing

messaging streaming at kids mode split

screen mode take photos hence that price

jump we mentioned earlier however if

you're buying for pleasure of reading

then all of these functions and features

might come as a distraction to your

immersion and surely you've got a fine

for those kind of things anyway so round

three is compatibility wait the Kindle

paperwhite three supports most static

based text formats including PDF it even

supports file types that can include

comics and manga and graphic novels

however in an attempt to make sure you

actually pay for your media Amazon is

not compatible with the open source file

epub which is the most commonly found a

book type to fix this there are

conversion tools but it just takes a

little bit more effort but over in the

tablet corner the tab eight isn't

limited to still black and white images

like readers it can support enhanced

ebooks videos apps and other animated

media types we will explain why in this

next factor the screen the screen on the

Kindle is the typical size for an

e-reader at 6 inches in 300 PPI which is

quite a high resolution it's also got

four LEDs at the bottom of the screen

which shoot up a light creating a harsh

contrast on its text which is called e

ink the ink has no constant refresh rate

like other types of fluid displays do

instead the black pixels stay frozen on

the page until you turn it for example

and then it refreshes this also happens

regardless of whether the LEDs are

turned on or off hence the name

paperwhite perhaps whereas the tab a

screen is 8 inches 189 PPI at 24 Hertz

and it's backlit LEDs the fast refresh

rate the 24 Hertz means that it can

produce fluid colorful media the problem

with backlit screens is that they shine

directly into your eyes and can cause

eye strain over long periods of time

plus most of us look at screens too much

as it is limits the amount of time you

can enjoy reading books and verses the

e-reader Iria does have a matte

which diffuses the ambient light making

it clear even during sunlight or as

tablets have a glassy surface making the

reflections crazy so it's difficult to

see outdoors the advantage of the glossy

screen however means that the colors can

come through the screen without any

clouding of that and that filter that's

on the e-reader which gives you a lot

more vibrant colors take it anywhere

take it in the back the next deciding

factor is battery life so going back to

that refresh rate we mentioned earlier

it's also relevant for how long these

batteries last as the more times the

screen turns on and off or refreshes the

more power it uses therefore with its

high refresh rate you can only leave the

tab a on the same page for about a day

whereas with the Kindles virtually no

refresh rate you can leave it on for

about three months but since you're

eventually going to want to turn the

page on your Kindle the battery life is

more likely to be about eight weeks or

so it's still very impressive

so you're making a purchase for yourself

are you now think again you've got a

good book and people are gonna want to

read it especially if it was the latest

Harry Potter man that were in my

childhood so you're not going to be

reading 24/7 your family may want to use

your device let's see how well these are

both suited for non-monogamy yeah the

Kindle has a guest and a kids mode too

so those little buggers don't go buying

books without your permission the tablet

over here not only has a kid's mode but

it has many ways of interacting with

other people

screen is big enough so you can share it

together with your family so the tablet

definitely wins out in the versatility

of users Department on to our last

society fact that guy thanks so much for

sticking with us through this video it's

comfort ear eaters they're light they

often have a rubberized texture on them

so you can hold them for long periods of

time in your hand without arm fatigue

whereas tablets they're slightly heavier

and they have a smoother body have to

grip onto them tighter to something from

sliding out your hand actually how many

people out there have been reading in

bed and nodded off and your devices

smashed you in the face give us a like

if that's happened to you

I wish the grips were slightly more

ergonomic on both of these but you can

buy cases at PD Tech to help aid with

that ok enough reading into this tab

an e-reader czar both good but which one

would you pay well if you want a device

with a stellar battery that you can

comfortably read on for hours at a time

without getting eye fatigue or breaks in

your immersion then you need to get an

e-reader but if you want a device that

literally has it all I mean cameras

color fun for the whole family and you

can avoid those distractions and also

don't mind charging it every night then

the tablet is for you through this

competition I think it's easy to see

that ebooks are here to stay the meteor

in which we choose to enjoy the may

decisively shift in favor of tablets and

newer technologies but it's got to live

in the moment guys and this thing is

just as good now it's your turn what

device do you have do you have any

preferred ereader Zoar tablets or do you

have one of each if you're in the market

for a new device did this video help you

make up your mind let us know in the

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