Best Tablets for Kids 2020

today we will be taking a look at the

best tablets for kids you can buy today

we're going to be showing you the top

six tablets for your kids based on price

durability and more and as usual we have

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straight to the video number 5 Amazon

fire seven kids edition just as we

finished up testing Amazon release its

2019 version of the fire 7 kids edition

it as additional space via microSD 512

gigabytes instead of 256 gigabytes a

faster processor and a cover that now

includes a built-in stand

besides pink and blue the device is now

available in purple too but otherwise

we're pretty sure it's similar to the

product we tested the biggest reason the

previous version of the fire 7 we tested

felt lean our scoring is it felt

slightly outdated in comparison to the 8

and 10 the screen is not HD and neither

is the new version and it's touchscreen

was a bit less responsive which for

young children who are just learning

about patience can be a deal-breaker

fortunately the apps and features are

all still the same as the 8 and 10 which

is why the fire 7 remains in the top

half of our list it's also more

affordable than the fire 8 and 10 so if

you'd rather spend a little less and

sacrifice a little quality this is a

great option

number four leapfrog epic leapfrog has

been a leader in educational kids toys

for decades but its foray into tablets

and learning devices for kids appears at

least from our testing to be lackluster

the epic received higher grades in our

testing because it worked much better

and more smoothly than their ultimate

device it also features better

pre-installed apps and games and was

more intuitive for the user that said

the apps weren't very compelling or were

hard to follow it's possible this tablet

could be better for an older kid

leapfrog says it's for kids ages three

to nine the epic and ultimate both

feature web browsing called leaf search

this allows kids to surge through

pre-approved videos and content for

example there's a Sesame Street page

with videos of popular characters but

it's poorly designed the video plays but

a carousel of more videos to watch

partially blocks the video box it's

unfortunate the epic uses the Android

operating system to run and that is what

made it work better than its sister

tablet the ultimate which runs on

leapfrog operating system

number three Samsung Galaxy Tab key

light kids edition the Samsung kids tap

a light came in close behind the fire

tablets it is a pretty sleek device easy

to set up and seamless to use like to

fire tablets there are different

accounts for parent and child and the

passcode is required to enter the

caregiver account the parent ill

controls are a boss and allow you to

limit what your child can do on the

tablet based on the type of activity

games videos etc and for how long after

setting up the tablet in order to create

the child account the user needs to

register and sign up for Samsung kids

which is an all-in-one subscription

service much like Amazon free time it

gives access to all the games apps and

other content in the Samsung kids

library there is content for kids ages 3

to 12 from Sesame Street PBS Kids

National Geographic and more the first

30 days are free and then subscription

starts at $7.99 US dollars per month or

$59.99 u.s. dollars per year the tablet

is a nice size at 7 inches it is a bit

smaller and thinner than the fire eight

and the cover while sufficient is

definitely thinner and less substantial

it may be better suited to a slightly

older child



number two Amazon Kindle Fire HD 10 kids

edition ninth gen the Fire HD 10 kids

edition is the newest iteration of

Amazon's popular tablet with a 10.1 inch

screen this is a big tablet while that

might be an advantage for older kids

younger screen time lovers are likely to

find it too unwisely to carry around we

love that it comes with a colorful

squishy case that protects the actual

tablet from any damage at real selling

point considering my five-year-old

dropped at mere hours after it arrived

it is worth noting however that the Fire

HD 10 offers less storage than the Fire

HD 8 which can be annoying if you have

kids who like to stock their tablets

with a huge variety of games it's easy

enough to delete items in order to free

up more space but what busy parent has

the time for that as with the 8 the 10

includes a free year of free time

unlimited and my first grader really

enjoyed the selection of books tailored

to his reading level another new feature

of the Kindle HD 10 kids edition is that

it has a USBC connection as opposed to

the microUSB that came standard on older

models this gives the device the ability

to charge much faster and it's less

liable to break easily

both pluses when it comes to a tablet

geared towards children


number one Amazon fire eight kids

addition we found Amazon's Fire HD a

tablet to be the best tablet for kids

it's easy to set up simple to use and

comes with so many pre-installed apps

and videos it would take some time for

your child to grow tired of it the Fire

HD 10 came in at a very close second to

the fire age because they are pretty

much the same device the major

difference is that Tana has a bigger

screen size 10.1 inch HD versus 8 inch

HD that may be and wildly for smaller

kids another difference is that 8 has

more space for microSD slot up to 400

gigabytes of additional storage versus

256 gigabytes in the 10 for comparison

the fire 7 has a 7 inch display is not

HD and its most recent release includes

512 gigabytes of additional storage via

a microSD slot the best thing about the

fire tablet is how stock it is with

easily accessible ad-free and fond

counted each fire tablet comes with one

year of amazon free time unlimited

basically it provides access to more

than 13,000 apps games videos ebooks and

other content for PBS KIDS Disney and

more don't worry it's not all downloaded

on the tablet when you first get it

after a year users pay a monthly fee for

free time at present pricing begins at

299 US dollars per month in contrast the

Apple iPad comes with no pre-installed

apps and games and most free apps

contain ads that children inadvertently

tap on leading them to the App Store

free apps also only contain a few

aspects of the game at the free rate

before asking to be purchased this is

frustrating for kids and annoying for

the parents there are different accounts

for parent and child and passcode is

required to enter the parents account

the parental controls are robust and

allow you to limit your child's screen

time and what he or she can play there's

also an added educational layer in the

fire tablet you can require your child

to log a set of number of minutes using

educational apps before moving on to the

videos for games in addition the fireade

tablet felt sturdy and stood up during

drop test the picture and audio quality

are also very crisp


and the bonus option dragon touched Kate

ate the dragon touch runs on Android

operating system while this device had a

nice handle to carry it around with that

also bends to allow it to be propped up

on a surface it was difficult and

ultimately fresh rating to use the

navigation is clunky and the entire

system is slow to respond to touch

commands dragon touch uses the platform

kiddoes which collects games videos and

more features fairly decent parent

control that allow you to choose which

apps YouTube Google Play Store etc

appear on the child's profile and also

how long they can use their tablets for

the pre-installed apps did not excite my

daughter but downloading from Google

Play Store was not difficult the biggest

problem with the dragon touch is how

counterintuitive the navigation is


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