5 BEST Supplements To Add MUSCLE Mass FASTER!


gentlemen great to see you're looking

incredible buff as always but after

today's video you're gonna be a little

buffer is that a buffer more buff hey

buff this out whatever you get the idea

today we're talking about added muscle

I'm gonna talk about how you build

muscle but then I'm gonna talk about

five supplements that can help you build

it a little better or get started I want

to issue a little disclaimer because

we're talking about something that you

consume put into your body you need to

do your own research learn educate

yourself don't just take my opinion for

it or somebody else's opinion here on

research and decide if it's right for

you so as many of you know four weeks

ago I started a weight loss muscle

building get in the best shape I

possibly can journey I partnered with

bodybuilding calm you guys have watched

any of my recent videos you know that I

am pumped literally and figuratively to

be teamed up with bodybuilding calm they

are flying me out to Boise to go to

their headquarters film a series of

workout videos they have let me design a

6-week workout plan diet plan lifestyle

plan I said yo would you like to put

together a six-week plan I said

absolutely but the only way I can do it

is if I actually do it's been four weeks

since I started my plan and these are

the results six her on the Left was

taken four weeks ago my weight was a

hundred and fifty five pounds the

picture on your right was taken this

morning I weighed a hundred and forty

nine and a half so what do you think not

bad right well if you want to know how I

sort of did this and the program that

I'm on guys there's a link down below to

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process first one was about fat loss I

talked about the supplements I'm taking

quadric R and L carnitine and CLA these

two supplements in terms of a incredible

fat burner like like obviously I've lost

like five six pounds of fat in the past

four five weeks and it's it's ridiculous

I'm also doing some fasted cardio which

I know a lot of people like oh it's bro

science really I have been getting more

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said oh yo who's with me I've been

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results I'm doing fasted cardio 30

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let's get buff how do you build muscle

real quick in a nutshell the way that it

works you go into the gym you pump iron

you lift weights you do squats deadlifts

but all that good stuff and what happens

your muscle fibers break down they get

damaged actually and then you eat

protein which is made up of amino acids

some essential some non-essential if the

protein is digested start to break down

and then it shuttles these little amino

acids to your muscles to help rebuild it

and when it rebuilds its bigger stronger

more massive muscle question I see all

the time is do I need supplements to get

bigger muscles can I just eat can't I

just work out answers yeah you can do

that and when you're starting an

exercise program and you really haven't

been doing much that's pretty much all

you need but as you progress as it

becomes more of a lifestyle and habit

and your body starts to respond the

gains and the results start to slow down

and supplements are an amazing way to

sort of get yourself to respond and get

yourself seeing results a little bit

faster a little bit better so now I'd

like to talk about the five supplements

that I personally feel are the best for

building muscle and keeping muscle whey

protein this is in my opinion the single

most important supplement that somebody

can take if you're looking to pack on

quality muscle mass this one from

optimum nutrition I absolutely love it's

got an incredible amino acid profile if

I workout every time I take a scoop of

whey protein just mix it with water I'm

gonna get 24 grams of easily absorbable

protein and the reason why in my opinion

it's better to consume whey protein as


just eating a chicken breast is because

right then after a workout your muscles

are damaged they're hungry they're like

sponges you eat a chicken breast your

body's gonna processes it it's got to

break it down it's gotta like convert it

it's got to do a whole lot of things to

break it down to amino acids or the

individual amino acids that your muscles

actually need when you take something

like a whey protein it's like it's like

ready to go it's like ready to rock and

so within like an hour it's in doing its

thing which is rebuilding your muscles

bigger stronger and more amazing whey

protein you need it like this is like a

must-have guys there's a link down below

to our bodybuilding landing page if you

want to check that one out super

delicious affordable and amazing the

second product then I feel and I'm gonna

do these in order of importance can you

guess what it is the second most

important muscle building supplement

fish oil omega-3 fish oil is in my

opinion the second most important thing

you should be taken if you're looking to

maximize your muscle mass gains the

reason fish oil is amazing it helps your

hair it helps your skin it helps your

brain so it also has been shown to

increase protein synthesis right the

whole synthesis thing is what you're

looking for you take this and your

muscle this with this amazing the other

thing that fish oil is great for it

reduces cortisol levels cortisol levels

or the stress hormone which is nasty

nasty stuff also helps and aids in

recovery the whey protein fish oil those

too in my opinion are critical for for

muscle building number three is the next

most important if you're looking to pack

on as much mass as possible creatine

monohydrate if you're somebody who's

been working out for a while and you

have not tried or taking creatine you

gotta try it this stuff is incredible

there you used to say like you got to

load it you got to take like ten grams

of the first day I say go with 5 grams a

day that's all you really need and and

you're going to see a dramatic result in

the way that your muscles look they're

gonna get more full after about a week

of taking this stuff I'm telling you

creatine real deal

number four is something called beta

alanine it's an amino acid and this

works incredibly well when combined with

creatine they basically kind of help do

the same thing they help increase output

there's something called carnosine which

is very difficult for your body to

absorb beta-alanine helps like buffer it

it's very scientific

now beta-alanine there's a lot of mixed

like information out there online some

people think it's amazing something get

people think it sucks you know I

personally think that it works and and

it works better when you combine it with

creatine the combo I personally feel is

an amazing way to add something to your

workouts and and your supplementation

program just to see what your potential

really is and last but certainly not

least the fifth supplement that I

personally feel is awesome for muscle

helping you I should say maintain muscle

mass is l-glutamine muscles are made up

of like eighty percent glutamine or

something like that and as you exercise

alright you depleted it goes away but

then your body can make more but if you

don't give it enough time the rest or

your your intensely training personally

I feel like supplementing glutamine five

to ten grams a day is critical I feel

like glutamine helps you maintain a

muscle mass especially when you're

dieting because you know you're on a

lower calorie diet you want to make sure

that your muscles are not wasting or

going away and so I take glutamine and

honestly do your research and if you're

interested in trying any of the

supplements that we talked about hit

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they're all crazy affordable glutamine

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affordable fish oil crazy affordable so

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link and watch the last two videos that

I've done for bodybuilding calm it talks

about the program that I'm putting

together it also talks about the program

that I'm doing you know I've been on it

for four and a half five weeks now and

and I feel incredible I look great the

results are coming and I'm excited

because I know the program that I'm

putting together for them and with them

you guys are going to absolutely

freaking luck gentlemen thanks for

watching LIVESTRONG livesafe into your