The BEST Face Sunscreens for this Summer!

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videos every single week the time is

coming summer is approaching and I know

that's hard to grasp all were withering

away indoors but that also means it's

the perfect time to get yourself set up

for summer when we are allowed to go

back outside I mean hopefully and get

yourself some good sunscreens

I don't feel like well hanging frame

just randomly decided to fall in the

ground so um my house is haunted story

time I was attacked by a ghost in the

middle of filming anyway now I don't

even have to say this because I say it

so much on my channel already but if you

are new to skincare you must realize

that the most important part of a

skincare routine is sunscreen it doesn't

matter if you are doing ten steps toner

exfoliating cleanser moisturizers serums

essences if you are doing a sunscreen

none of that jack-shit will matter the

most important thing is to every day

make sure that you are protecting your

skin from the Sun and that goes for

whether you're inside or outside but

typically in summer we're outside more

of the time so it's even more important

but I know that's not fun to hear

because when I first got into skincare I

was just like Oh sunscreen is like not

fun when I put it on I feel like I'm

going to the beach smells gross it feels


I always just didn't like it until I was

introduced to the world of good

sunscreens my life was forever changed

no for real guys there are some

sunscreens out there that are bomb off

so freaking good and over the past

couple months I've been ordering a bunch

of sunscreens and trying a lot of them

out to see which ones I like best in

order to create this video where I will

be talking about the best sunscreens

that I've ever found that you can use

this summer so let's get into it as I go

through all these products all them will

be listed in the description box below i

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the links that helps to support me and

my channel so if you do feel like

purchasing any of these products I'd

really appreciate if you go down and use

those links but no pressure whatsoever

thanks that's alright so I split these

into different categories the first

being in mineral sunscreens now when it

comes to sunscreens I have a complex

relationship with them because there's

us a mineral USA Chemical Korean

sunscreens and European sunscreens it's

just really complicated so the first

category I will go in is with just

mineral sunscreens mineral referring to

any sunscreens that are formulated with

only zing

oxide or titanium dioxide zinc oxide

being the ingredient that I loved the

most first and this is what I've been

talking a lot about recently and I just

discovered it's the BIOS on squalene and

zinc SPF 30 this one is so freakin good

for multiple reasons first it absorbs

into the skin is so nicely and it has an

awesome ingredient list that actually

makes this function really like a

moisturizer with sunscreen so if you are

someone who has more oily skin I would

say just using this as your moisturizer

and sunscreen is a great option to go

with because it's formulated with that

primary ingredients squalene which is

good for doing what a moisturizing oil

should do making sure your skin is

hydrated and protected buds another

reason I love this sunscreen is because

this is the only sunscreen I can

confidently say works on really dark

skin tones

I was shocked the first time I swatch

this on my roommates because they're

both you know a lot darker a lot of

daughter than my pale ass and when I use

this on both of them I saw no white cast

whatsoever it was insane by far the best

mineral sunscreen for darker skin tones

I've ever discovered which is why I have

confidence recommending it for anyone no

matter what skin tone you are and yeah a

really good one that I've been using

consistently that I love oh and by the

way all the products in this video

except for one are fragrance free I

wanted to save the best of the best for

you guys next and this is the most

recent find that I've been so impressed

with but as soon as I started using it I

was like this makes this list it's the

mdsolarsciences mineral SPF 50 cream

this took me by surprise because I was

shopping against and I was like

let me see if they have any sunscreens

that I didn't know about and I saw this

was online only and there wasn't a ton

of reviews and I was like huh

but when I looked at the ingredient list

I was so impressed cuz it's fragrance

free it's formulated with seventeen

percent zinc oxide which is very high

and it claimed to have a matte finish so

I bought it I started using it oh don't

drop it guys this one is so freakin good

the reason I wanted to include it in

this list is that similar to the

bioscience one it has almost no white

cast I'd say it has a little bit more

white cast than the bioscience one but

still if you have a darker skin tone but

you wear makeup this one would be fine

but I'm most impressed by the finish of

this one it literally leaves your skin

looking so blurred and matte most

sunscreen will leave kind of that shiny

appearance because that's essentially

how mineral sunscreens work they

basically operate like mirrors on your

skin so you're gonna see some shininess

from them but this one left a completely

matte finish and I was so impressed with

it and it's SPF 50 not SPF 30 which is


really hard to find with a mineral

sunscreen so overall I think this one is

great I'm excited to keep using this one

because I'd say it's the one I've used

the least amount but I'm definitely

super impressed by it and then another

recent fine I know a lot of companies

have been coming in clutch with their

sunscreen formulas over the past few

months I've been so impressed and so


it's the weightless liquid mineral

sunscreen from first aid Beauty I really

like this one because it gives the

effect of like a really light tinted

moisturizer the ingredients are great

it's fragrance free it's from first-day

Beauty one of my favourite brands out

there but when my skin is looking like a

little bit extra red I want to have a

little bit of an even tone but like a

matte powdery finish this one is really

good for that I love the experience it

feels very lightweight but it's not like

a tinted moisturizer because the tinted

moisturizer gives too much coverage this

was just a light tone correcting

sunscreen that really helps on those

days you need it then a Korean mineral

sunscreen that I love and I actually

don't have it because I finished the

bottle I recycled it and I'm waiting for

a new order to arrive it's the pure DITA

water gel SPF 50 this one blew me away

the first time I used it it is a mineral

sunscreen that's SPF 50 it's formulated

with only zinc oxide and it's fragrance

free but the reason I love it is because

it's so lightweight on the skin I'd have

to say this one is the most lightweight

out of all of them because this one

delivers hydration this one gives a

matte finish but the purity the one is

just so it feels like this light gel on

the skin there's a little bit of white

cast but for a mineral sunscreen it very

minimal and the last time I talked about

it I was a little annoyed because they

did have one Frager ingredient in it I

learned that since they've actually

removed that ingredient from the formula

so it's completely fragrance free it's

just so good now of course as I go into

this I'm not going to be talking about

us a chemical sunscreens if you want to

know why I will link a video talking

about why I'm personally not a fan of us

a chemical sunscreens but essentially I

find the ingredients to be to

potentially irritating to the skin and

with Korean sunscreens and us a mineral

sunscreens I just think there's so many

other better options out there that it

just doesn't make us a chemical

sunscreens worth it and when I say us a

chemical sunscreens I refer to

ingredients like oxybenzone avobenzone

octo Crowley knocked knock say any of

those us a sunscreen ingredients that

aren't zinc oxide or titanium dioxide

now the next category is drugstore which

I will say I will be releasing the best

drugstore sunscreens video very soon so

I'm not going to delve really deep into

this topic but I will tell you guys

one of my favorites from the drugstore

and it's the sirve mineral SPF 30 now

this one is for the body the reason why

I'm showing you this so you guys can see

what it looks like because I've

recommended this sunscreen in the past

the face SPF 30 and people get it mixed

up with the SPF 50 which in my opinion

does not perform anywhere near as good

as the SPF 31 so it looks like this but

smaller just so you guys can see the

jumbo version of how it looks it's one

of the best sunscreens I found from the

drugstore because it's fragrance free

it's of course sirve so they have really

high quality ingredients it leaves some

white cast that is the downside and

that's honestly the struggle I found

with nearly every single drugstore or

sunscreen out there they just leave such

heavy white casts on the skin I will be

honest guys finding good sunscreens at

the drugstore is a tough trip I'm very

boring in comparison to all the other

amazing formulas that you can find

online but if you only have access to

drugstore I would say sirve SPF 30 is

the best one to go with now moving on to

Korean chemical sunscreens in Korea they

use a lot of innovative UV filters that

are actually way less sensitizing than

us a chemical sunscreens and just so

much better at protecting the face and

there's two that I love first the dear

Claire soft area UV essence I've loved

this one for so long I think this is the

second bottle that I've gone through not

only is it a good size but the reason I

love it so much is that it's so good for

oily skin because it just absorbs into

the skin like that it feels like nothing

it's one of the fastest absorbing

sunscreens I've ever used

it definitely has like a watery gel feel

the only thing I don't like about it is

that it does have some fragrance in it

but this is one of those products where

I'm like the results are so good and the

protection that you're getting is so

good that I justify it if you guys have

watched any of my videos talking about

Korean skincare or sunscreen in the past

you'll know this one I talk about all

the time but yes super good and then if

you have more dry skin I would recommend

the Krays Beauty beet shield this one

even though it is a little bit confusing

because it doesn't say SPF on the

outside if you're in the USA it actually

is an SPF 50 sunscreen so you're getting

the highest protection I love this one

because it's also pretty lightweight the

only reason I recommend it for dry skin

is because it definitely does give you

this glow so if you're someone who

really likes the glow I would recommend

this I personally don't like it for my

skin type the majority of the time

because it's just a little bit too much

for my oily skin but a really good

fragrance free sunscreen that's very

highly rated I recommend it now I have

one recommendation for if you have

really sensitive skin I know a lot of

people talk about how any type of

sunscreen they ever try to use they

always have a reaction nothing seems to

work and I do have one recommendation

for you

it's the Neutrogena sheer zinc SPF 50

mineral sunscreen this one I've used in

the past I don't use anymore because

it's not my favorite sunscreen

experience but it's a bare bones basic

sunscreen that does what it's supposed

to do without overly irritating the skin

it's formulated with 21% nsync oxide

which is the best ingredient for sun


I'm very minimal ingredient list

fragrance free and formulated without

irritating ingredients it's one that I

recommend for anyone who really is

struggling the only downside is that the

white cast is severe severe but if

you're someone who has a good amount of

makeup I'd say this is a great one to go

as a base it's just the best option I

found for anyone out there who has

really sensitive skin finally the best

sunscreen overall my personal favorites

if you've watched most of my videos you

probably know what this product is

because I won't [ __ ] shut up about it

it's the centella unscented SPF 50

sunscreen from beauty though this one I

just keep going back to over and over

and over again it was funny the first

time I tried it I was like oh you know

it's pretty good but like not amazing

and then I left it to the side for a

little while I started using it again

and that's when I was like ho [ __ ] this

is so good I love this one because it's

hydrating but it does not feel heavy on

the skin overall it makes your skin feel

really moisturized and hydrated but it

doesn't leave a greasy heavy feeling on

top of the skin it gives this blurring

smoothing effect to your skin that every

time I use this I'm just like wow my

skin looks poppin today you know it just

kind of gives the skin like that it

doesn't look like blurring like a primer

but it just makes your skin look so

healthy and happy this is a product that

I feel is like the epitome of like a

high quality sunscreen when you use it

and you're like wow I've never used

anything like this before in my life and

I will never go to any others well I

will because I love experimenting but I

always feel confident recommending this

to people because I know that as soon as

they start using it they're just gonna

fall in love with it final reason I love

it is because it's one of those

sunscreens that you just forget is there

which is the ultimate goal in my opinion

for a sunscreen formula we're so used to

feeling heavy a thick layer on the skin

and this is one of those when you apply

it you completely forget it's there it

feels like nothing and has one of my

favorite ingredients centella asiatica

which is good for reducing redness and

sensitivity overall just a great product

and my top favorite pick thus far

oh that was actually so much fun you

guys have no idea how long I've wanted

to talk about these sunscreens because

I've just had so much fun experimenting

and finding the best of the best and I

can confidently say that I'm at a point

now to where I will never go back to the

old sunscreens that I used to use where

I used to hate the feeling because with

this election I will just always be

happy because they're that freaking good

what do you guys think of this list you

have any other recommendations let me

know in the description box below I

would love to hear your thoughts do you

like some of my recommendations or do

you know other good Korean or mineral

sunscreens out there leave them below I

want to find new ones to try out like I

said before if you are interested in

purchasing any of these products feel

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