My NEW Favorite Bible! - Best Study Bible

hey so what study Bible is the best

study Bible out there it's a good

question I don't know if I know the

answer but I know what my favorite study

Bible is in the entire world and it's

right here in front of me and if you

want to know what it is

keep watching oh and better yet if you

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today what we're talking about is what

is the best study Bible out there that

is an amazing question I received a

comment about it and when I got the

comment I had no idea I was like man I

don't usually use a study Bible I have

used the same Bible like the same type

of Bible for years all throughout

college all throughout my ministry I

just used like a normal Bible there was

no cross references there was no

definitions there were no study helps

and I would use all my study helps all

my study helps were behind me right or

on the computer and so when I was asked

what my favorite study Bible was I was

like I don't know but I began to do some

research and I began to do some work

because I hadn't even really thought

about study Bibles like I'd never had

used them and so I bought some books and

I did some research on study Bibles and

one of the study Bibles that were really

I was looking at and I've just fallen in

love with is this study Bible that's

right in front of me

this study Bible has some amazing

features at the beginning of every

single book of the Bible there is an

amazing overview oh my goodness it is it

is like an amazing overview I recommend

that you get you know exploring this

brick shape exploring the scriptures

right here by John Phillips because of

the overview that's there you know

this book right here this Bible such a

good overview to the beginning of every

book like literally it talks about the

Book of Jeremiah the author of Jeremiah

the time that Jeremiah was writing

what's going on at the time the Christ

of Jeremiah like where do you see what

what kind of development do we see of

the Christ picture in Jeremiah keys to

Jeremiah like the key word the key

verses the key chapters to keep your eye

out for and then just a general survey

of the Book of Jeremiah and then there's

even a table of contents to Jeremiah

this is an amazing study help now if

you've watched our how to study the

Bible video you know that that is

something you need to do before you dive

into a book you need to know the

background you need to know what's going

on and this Bible literally this is all

you need you just hold this Bible and

you read through the beginning and you

are on your way to understanding that

book of the Bible but it doesn't end

there there's even more as you're

reading the Bible there's these little

numbers that come up next to the words

right and there are definitions for hard

words in the middle section yes there's

cross references as well but the

definitions you know so instead of

having to have you know your dictionary

all these things open what you can't

have which I still recommend if you're

doing a deep dive into a word that you

do that but if you're just doing you

know your Bible study and you're in the

book of right now I'm in the Book of

Jeremiah or Isaiah what I'm studying

personally and you just need to see what

you know what it means you just jump

over into the middle column and it will

just tell you kind of a another way of

looking at that word right in the column

and so not only do you have the

background but you even have definition

of hard words right in the middle but it

doesn't end there I'm telling you this

has everything that you can need for

studying your Bible for yourself it also

has these little like survey things down

at the bottom so if it comes like a

topic I was in I Isaiah and Isaiah

chapter 6 right here it talks about the

holiness of God and so you're reading

and I say chapter 6 about how the angels

are saying or the seraphim's were saying

holy holy holy and you jump down to the

bottom and it starts to talk about the

holiness of God super super good

that's not all do you need a pause you

need a coffee break I'm sorry if I'm

going too fast but there's so much that

this Bible has that is useful for

actually studying the Bible it's not

just a bunch of stuff but before I talk

about this next part I am NOT a big fan

of invasive Bible studies study Bibles

what do I mean by that where it's just

like three words of the Bible and then

like hundred things of notes I don't I

don't personal like that but that's my

personal my personal preference you

might love that I don't I like it when I

just get an overview of the Bible some

definition in the words and then I can

just enter interact with the text itself

so that's why I love this study Bible

I'm gonna hopefully put some video of

just what it looks like you just get the

Bible in its text oh it is so so good

another good thing is at the beginning

there's something that's called the what

do they call this up here let me see

they have a special word for how they

they call this isn't the concordance

this is a topical index of the Bible how

is that different than a concordance cuz

it has a concordance in the back this is

pretty cool

you can look up different topics and

then it has organized descriptions of

where those are and what it's about so

you say what does that mean hopefully

I'll have a video right here so right

now I'm looking at the word ability and

it gives a definition the power to

perform and then below that it gives

different places that ability is

referenced in the Bible and how it's

referenced and so it says ability letter

A the descript descriptive of material

prosperity emotional strength military

power so if you want to see ability

described in these ways you go to these

references or letter B God's power to do

something to do what to deliver first

Corinthians 10:13 to humble men Daniel

437 you see God's ability to do these

different things or Christ's ability to

do these different things in this letter

C or Christians power to do certain

things and so it breaks down these

topics into like

specifics and gives you a versatile

christ ability to heal

go to this section Christians ability or

power to speak for the Lord look at Luke

21 15 and so the topical index is super

cool if you wanted to a study of a topic

in the Bible for your Bible study but

friends there's even more in in the

middle of the Testaments this is what I

was studying yesterday I was just

looking through this there's this visual

survey of the Bible and it walks you

through the entire Bible with with a

beautiful timeline and it shows you the

big picture of the Bible which is so

good it has these charts as these

descriptions on every single section of

the Bible has a principle and a practice

so what's the principle of this first

part of the Bible gives you principle

and how you can put that principle into

practice but it also has this timeline

that runs along the top and on this


it doesn't just break out the Bible

timeline it also has secular events that

happened in correspondence to the

timeline so let me just show you this

was super cool during the time of the

divided Kingdom Homer wrote the Iliad

and the Odyssey like it just shows you

here these different things are the

births of Buddha during the exile the

birth of Confucius during the exile it's

got all of this cool stuff right in

there and so I can go on and on about

the study ups in the back about the

Apocrypha like what is the Apocrypha and

why don't we use it it's got you know

the different measurements and weights

it talks about with what the feasts are

talks about what happened during the

intertestamental period friends when you

just want to read the Bible you can just

read the Bible but when you want some

study helps it's got all this study

helps that you really need to dig in and

get some good stuff out of God's Word

and so what is this Study Bible my new

favorite Study Bible

I literally just bought one for my wife

it's called the open Bible the open

Bible I asked one of my friends a couple

days ago hey have you ever studied with

an open Bible and that's like wait that

sounds that sounds terrible yeah of

course you study with a Bible open but

have you ever studied

with the open Bible if you haven't you

need to get one I'm gonna leave a link

right on the top of the description for

this exact one that I have right here

this hardcover which I didn't know if

I'd like but I love it it's a soft touch

hardcover here and I love that's gonna

be durable it's gonna last and all my

notes that all right and here will last

because it's a great binding and so this

is something that I I recommend

wholeheartedly I talked to my dad about

it trying to get him one I think my

brother's gonna get one maybe even for

his wife because this I I am passionate

about how I love this Bible so much so

that I switch the Bible that I've been

using for years to this Bible and so

click the link if you want to get this

exact one but also leave some variations

some different links of variations in

the description below ok and now in the

coming weeks I want to talk about some

other study Bibles that you might want

to look into but my all-time favorite is

the open Bible I hope this was a help to

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